Mom Tied me up with Nylons and Forced me

by Mom's boy (San Francisco)

Mom playing around when we were alone wanted to get a little kinky and use her used nylons to tie me to the bed in some gentle bondage play.

I agreed and mom gently tied all my arms and legs to the four posted bed. Not too tightly though, i had a little wiggle room. she then blindfolded me with a silk scarf. "ready to play"? she asked me. i nodded not exactly knowing what was next. mom then cut off my panties with a pair of scissors.

I often wore panties or pantyhose around the house and mom didn't mind. A tall young man, handsome and well endowed, mom had frequently expressed her inner desires to me but never really acted upon them-until today.

Mom let me practice my fetish using her panties and pantyhose regularly. she even furnished me with extra large nylons and very frilly silken panties and expensive pantyhose. little did i realize what she was up to.

Tied up and blindfolded my mom started to use a long feather to tickle me all over. i'm terribly ticklish and i was all goosebumps as mom continued to tickle my fancy. i couldn't get away and i struggled against the nylons holding my arms and legs. i pleaded with her to please stop. she said "not until mommies finished". i was almost 18 and she now insisted i refer to her as "mommy"

I couldn't see what she was doing because of the silk scarf around my eyes. my curiosity was peaked as "mommy" started to torment me.

"You’re mommy's little plaything now"

She made me drink something through a straw. It was very dry and it tasted refreshing. a few minutes later i began feeling giddy and loose. my inhibitions were gone and mommy asked me how i felt. wonderful mommy! i exclaimed

I wasn't certain why all i knew was i was getting aroused and i stopped struggling against the nylons.

"I don't think we will need the bondage anymore" she said. removing the nylon stockings holding me down. mommy removed the blindfold. there was my mom deliciously dressed in bra panties and pantyhose in high heels. her makeup heavy but tastefully done her hands were on her hips.

The drink i gave you should be in full effect by now she told me. my god she wasn't kidding either. i looked in her eyes and it was mesmerizing. i couldn't look away. her look was incredibly sexy and i felt like this was something that had always meant to be. in a instant her body was pressed hard against me. our mouths met and her tongue was searching for mine.

My control was non-existent. i felt mother's pantyhose on my burgeoning erection. "you're mine now" she said with passion. i was powerless to resist. for that matter i simply didn't want to. her will was too strong. a powerful woman, her right hand directed my steel headed penis through the opening in mother's pantyhose. overcome by the effects of the powerful drug my teenage member met little resistance as mommy's vagina was dripping wet

Her mouth covered mine as she grunted and then swooned as i slid inside the silky cocoon of heaven.

Her high heels locked around my waist as she used her strength to take every millimeter of my shaft. "now at last your mine lover" i was overwhelmed and finally i told "mommy" how much i'd wanted her. her luscious breasts were there to suck. her nipples hard she smiled a sly smirk.

I wasn't doing much, mommy was doing all the pushing and clawing. her long fingernails dug into my back. "drive that cock deeply inside mommy's pussy baby"! i was drugged and yet my penis seemed to understand. i knew somehow this wasn't totally right but mommy's voice kept me in total control. "take your sweet time my lover, i want more of this fine young cock"!

Lost in a surreal world of unrelenting lust i felt compelled to obey my mommy's demands. "feel every inch of your mommys incestuous love baby" i heard the word 'incestuous'! it donned on me now through the blur of the drug that word. it didn't matter now.

I had masturbated thinking of my luscious mother's body for years now. the only question was? would anyone ever suspect that i was involved in this atypical perverse act of love? i had developed deep feelings for my mommy. i absolutely adored her.

I needed to continue this loving as long as possible. mom looked at me with unconventional love. but at only 38 she could possibly get pregnant! i didn't care though deep down i wanted her to have my baby! "mom-do you want to have our baby"? she smiled broadly and sincerity took over. "yes, darling i so much want another child"!

I kissed mother against and not wanting to cum yet told mother "we have lots of time to enjoy ourselves"! i removed my penis from mother's vagina and i said "taste yourself mommy"! she carefully and ever so slowly licked her son's erect penis. it was so wicked and totally taboo. i had to taste mommy's delicious vagina for myself. the drug mom gave me made me completely guilt-free and uninhibited.

"Yeah, my sweet son- taste mommy's pussy for won't have to just sniff mommy's panties anymore. the language mommy used influenced me insatiably. i put my head between mommy's nylon clad legs and saw copious amounts of her vaginal secretions all over her pantyhose and pussy. i finally was there... licking and tongue fucking mommy's pretty pussy.

Her pantyhose were soaking wet too. i fingered mommy's vagina with two fingers and used my thumb on mommy's love-nub. my fingers were dripping and i swallowed as much of mommy's juices as possible. mother was thrashing around needing her son's long erect penis once more

I intentionally teased her unrelentingly.

"Mommy, are you wanting more hard incestuous cock slithering in and out of your luscious pussy"? she clawed at me spewing forth unimaginable language of lust. this had gone beyond love to white hot incestuous depravity. I loved it so!"

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