Mother In Law Helps While My Wife is Away: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

“Well yes mother and it has just kind of happened. As you have seen when giving me my daily shots my cock has gotten even smaller … I mean much smaller. Sometimes mother when I reach down to grab it to pee I can’t find it … I mean it is missing and when I sort of dig around I find it has gone up inside my body like it is hiding. See even right now … please just look mother. Even you can see that it is inside my body. I just don’t understand what is happening to me! It is quite embarrassing … shit even father is looking at me like I am some girl walking down the street … you know starring at my breasts.”

“I understand Bob and well your father and I have chatted and … well yes he has shared with me that he is finding your new breasts interesting and quite attractive! I’ve asked him not to stare at you but he says you’re just to cure not too. And Bob please don’t be shocked if you notice that sometimes he is even getting an erection when he is looking at your breasts now. Call me crazy but I think he finds you sexier than I am.”

“Mother I have seen father’s erections but I thought he was just horny for you dear. I think you are quite sexy but anymore now there is nothing I could do about it! Please don’t be shocked but even while Susan was still here … I would look at you and get erections too. I tried to keep them hidden but I always thought you gave Susan the credit for them!”

“Thanks for the complement Bob. That is so sweet of you. But you understand that a woman can be pleased in many ways without having a cock involved. I hope I am not shocking you dear but even I am finding you quite attractive with your new breasts. You have to admit Bob your breasts are nice and large now and any woman would be proud to have them. Call me crazy Bob but you could let you hair grow even longer … you know well past your ears … even to your shoulders and I think you it might even help you be more comfortable when you are out in public and people see your beautiful breasts.”

“Wow I never knew you and father were so interested in my new breasts mother. I do feel like a son of yours but to look even more like a daughter … I’m going to have to really think about that! I understand why you suggested for me to wear a bra now … yes that makes sense even to me. And yes mother back to my panties I too have noticed that during the night and even sometimes during the day they are wet. At first I thought I had peed them … well more like leaked pee you know. But then I noticed a shine on the end of my penis when I was pulling him out of me and … well I brought it to my nose. Shit I even tasted it and it was pre-cum or even cum I don’t know. But it was and is now just leaking out of me mother. Is that because of my breasts … you know the hormones in my body going crazy?”

“I don’t know Bob but I too see the wetness around the end of your cock … well maybe we should start calling it your penis now that it has gotten so small dear. It sure isn’t a big cock like father’s cock is it? I know you have seen his large cock … it is quite impressive isn’t it Bob? But well yes … I too can see it … and it does tastes like pre-cum son. That’s not cum … no way but yes it is pre-cum. And pre-cum Bob is much more like my pussy juice that runs out into my panties too sweetie. So I guess with your new breasts you are now also starting to leak your own penis juices … well like you now have a pussy son.”

“Can you see how it even runs down on my balls and between my legs? It is also starting to hurt … you know kind of rubbing me raw in the cracks between my legs mother. What can I do please?”

“Well son why don’t you lie back on your bed and let me get some tissues to clean you up. There there … yes I can see the mess down on your balls and down inside your thigh cracks. Here let me get closer and see just how bad it really is.”

With that his mother … really is mother in law … was right up to where is cock … well penis from now on should be sticking out and being there she opened her mouth and began sucking on where it was to be.

“Ooooh mother … what in the world mother … my god that feels so good … we shouldn’t be doing this mother. What would father say if you saw us?”

“Sweetheart you mustn’t worry love. As I shared before your father and I have talked about you … well you breasts and well I have even shared with him about your penis getting so much smaller. As strange as it might sound to you … well he loves your breasts sweetie and thought that your penis getting so much smaller … even pulling inside of you was even sexier. Bob you have to understand that he has an extremely high sex drive and I have never been able to keep him satisfied! I’m afraid that you have become something that he desires love. Don’t get me wrong … your father isn’t gay by no means … but now with your breasts and well with no penis showing at all in your cute little panties … he is seeing you as another woman in his household. I hope you find that fact a sign of love dear.”

“Ralph dear, I had a fun encounter with our little Bob today. He was complaining about the size of his breasts and even the fact that his little penis … more like a little girl clit is leaking stuff into his panties making a mess. You know that I have kept him in Susan’s panties since he became sick. And dear he still has no idea … I mean none at all that the shots I am giving him are in fact Female Estrogen Hormones and thus having nothing to do with keeping him well! Isn’t that amazing love? We have another little girl in our home and she has the most beautiful breasts. You just have to see them dear. So I’ve been thinking that I need to go on a short trip … you know like to my sisters and you and our sweetest Bob can be here alone. Then you can give him is daily shot and of course while he has his panties down you can tell him I asked you to keep him clean from his little penis leaking. The find a new set of panties and its matching bra and once you are finished with him redress him. And when I mean finished with him dear I mean you should remind him just how large your cock is … you know taking it out and telling to have a good look. Then take ahold of his head and just push your cock into his mouth. I know you can work up a good size cum for him and watch him swallow it down as you pump it into him. Then you should roll him over and spit on his little asshole and give him the fucking that he needs to badly! Doesn’t that sound good to you love?”

“You are reading my mind dear wife. As I have watched her new breasts growing from the hormone shots I have had so many erections just thinking about fucking her. I can’t thank you enough for getting those shots from your OBGYN. She thinks you need them for your pussy and instead it is giving our sweet Bob his new pussy! I know your asshole is tight but her little brown pucker has to be like a little walnut! I think the two of us can enjoy our new daughter from now on … especially as we bring her along have sex with the two of us. I’m sure you can get her to go down on you too sweetie. You know he was eating out our sweet daughter Susan … isn’t that what you shared with me. So he has to be missing the smell and taste of her pussy. Shit you even shared that he was jerking off in her dirty panties. So why don’t let your panties get nice and nasty and then share them with him. You could take them off right in front of him so he … well she can see your beautiful pussy … nice and shaved just for the taking. And if we plan it correctly … we can fuck right before you go to her and then she be eating your pussy juices and my cum all at the same time!”

Jackie shared with Bob that she needed to visit her sisters but father would be there to help take care of him. She also told her to trust his father … that anything and everything he might do and ask would be in her best interest. And that he was there to care for her so let him do everything she had been doing in the past.

“Well Bob how you doing today sweetheart? Jackie explained everything that needs to be done so don’t worry dear I will take care of everything. First off why don’t you slip your panties off and I’ll give you your shot. I hope it doesn’t hurt you … I mean I know that your little butt cheeks are quite tender for sure. Wow Bob … I had no idea your little ass looked so good. Has Jackie said anything to you love?”

“No father … she has just been giving me my shot every day and … well because my penis is leaking so bad she has been helping clean me up. I know this has to be a pain for you to take care of me. I mean me being another man and all father.”

“Don’t you worry about a thing Bob … we both love you just like we loved Susan. And now that you‘ve got your shot please roll over and I will begin to clean you up. Oh my … Jackie was so right … you don’t really have a penis anymore dear. She told me it had shrunk so little and was now actually inside of your little your own pussy. Why yes I can see how your sweet pussy has leaked all over you. Your panties are a mess … I see how wet they were. Now I understand why Jackie says she has to soak them clean … getting all of your sweet pussy juices out of them. I mean Bob I can only assume that your pussy is sweet … I know Jackie’s is. You will have to try her sometime. The taste and flavor will get you hard … well I mean will make you leak even more dear. Why don’t I just take a quick taste for myself? Jackie has shared that she went down on your and thought you tasted just fine sweetheart. Here we go … oooh yes honey … my goodness your pussy tastes so good. No wonder she was such a great fuck that day after she ate you out love.

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