Aunty asked me to do her a Favour

by Stephen T (Bristol)

I went to stay at my 70-year-old aunties bungalow for a weekend as my wife had gone to Scotland with her job as she likes me to visit. She is a very fit 70-year-old and never had children so she still has a good figure and is very up to date and still has her looks but lives alone.

We settled in nicely and was sat on the veranda admiring her country views as she lives in a secluded spot and we were having a glass of chilled wine. Aunty said would you do me a favour darling, I said of course whatever it is, well she said I need you to let me use you as my mannequin as my old one has fallen apart as it is old.

Aunty is the same size as me roughly so I agreed and she said follow me and we went to her craft room. She pulled out this beautiful silky floral flouncy dress that needed altering a little and she said slip out of you clothes so I did down to my silky briefs and she smiled, you will have to wear this slip underneath the dress if you don't mind now raise your arms and put the slip mover over my head and let it fall to its full length.

I shuddered as the super soft silky slip caressed my body and aunty noticed and said you liked the feel of that slipping down over you didn't you I just nodded a little red in the face. Then to my embarrassment my cock started to stiffen and slowly rose to its full length making a huge tent in the slip , then she said turn around I said I can't, why she asked then looked at my very red face then she moved to my front and saw the very big tent in the slip, my she said you did like the feel of that sliding down over you and what a huge tent you have made in my slip.

Don't be embarrassed she said then got the dress and slid that down over my arms also. Luckily the dress was so flouncy it did not notice so aunty set about making the adjustments, my cock was rock hard and now leaking lovely precum profusely, turn around she said and the dress swished around me and she could see I was enjoying this new experience she had introduced me too.

You like being dressed in my clothes don't you she said I smiled so would you like me to dress you properly I nodded so she led me by the hand and led me into her bedroom and said stand there as she opened her drawers and pulled out fabulous large silky full sheer panties and said a man's first panties should be pink and a matching suspender belt.

She dropped to her knees and said take of your undies raise your foot and step into theses pretty pink suspenders and panties which i did happily and she slid them up my legs up under the pink slip my cock was bobbing up and down throbbing, she looked at it and said you have a beautiful cock and you are wasting all that lovely juice.

She said wait a moment then pulled out a lovely pair of fully fashioned tan stockings and raised my foot and rolled them up my hairless legs, the feeling was electric and I moaned as she slid them up my legs and attached the suspenders. Then she found a pair of white stilettos that fitted me as we are the same size everywhere, now she said your face and hair and sat me on her stool and set about making me up and finished it with bright red lipstick.

Luckily I have always had long wavy hair so she brushed it nicely then said what about a nice silky scarf that matched the dress and bundled my hair up and fashioned the beautiful scarf in a turban. There sha said complete now look at yourself in the mirror, I turned and what I saw made me breathless as a lovely 30 something year old woman was looking back at me.

I walked away and turned and swished the dress sexily, aunty said you look wonderful and boy you are relishing it as your smile is radiant and you look so sexy. Now there is just one more thing I need to do as she came to me kissed me passionately and said I need to suck that beautiful cock of your and sat me on the edge of the bed.

She raised the dress and slip, slid her hands up my stocking legs then took hold of my cock, she said wow it has grown so huge and opened her mouth and took the huge mushroom between her lips and licked the precum then sucked the head moaning as she did.

She looked lost as she slid my cock into her mouth gobbling and savouring it, the sounds wonderful as she sucked and wanked my huge cock then she said it's no good I have to fuck that big monster now got up turned around slid her very wet panties of and put them over my head so her gusset was at my lips now lick that while I fuck that wonderful cock of yours and slid my cock right up her as she started to bounce on it moaning loudly all the while.

She shuddered as she came then said I want it up my ass she applied some lube then proceeded to sit on it again slowly pushing it up her ass until she had it all in and bounced away again until she came again. She got off turned and dropped tom her knees again then sucked it again until I came like never before filling her mouth then she got up kissed me passionately as we shared my cum.

She laid back on the bed and said lick my wet fanny clean so I lapped at her fanny until she was completely clean and she had cum again. Wow she said after all this time I never realised how sexy you are. She said you can stay dressed like that all weekend if you want and I have many other beautiful things you can wear any time .

We went to bed both dressed in fabulous soft silky full nighties and big silky panties with silky scarves tying our hair up , wrapped in each other's arms loving each other, shame I had to go home. We repeat the same whenever we can as she has made me her sexy sister.

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