Give Anything To Be My Mother In Law's Daughter

by Jessi Lyn (USA)

I met my wife at college, as time went on and holidays were approaching she took me to her family's home. I met her family and grandparents, my wife's grandmother and I instantly bonded.

My Mother in law took a few years before we made a solid connection, as she was worried that I would get her daughter pregnant before she could get a real chance to begin her chosen career.

After a year of dating my wife and I became engaged and married 2 years later, moved to a warmer climate as I was always willing to help my wife's family and Grandparents we were getting very close as a family.

I so enjoyed helping my wife's Grandmother and Mom in anyway possible, even when going through good and bad times of life.

As the years passed my Mother in law began treating me like I was one of her children, which made me feel so very comfortable. We began having to taking care of my mother in law as she was suffering from congestive heart failure and diabetes.

My Mother in law was beginning to need more help as her health was deteriorating, since my wife was a nurse and I was a caregiver we began having conversations about how we would be able to help her.

My wife and I decided that being she makes more income than me that I would have to quit my job and take care of her. We had a conversation with my wife’s Mom and discussed that if this was to happen, I would be taking care of her and asking her questions if she would be ok with me helping her as her caregiver.

Yes Mother in law said being that we have gotten close and that she thinks of me as one of her children, in a private conversation between my Mother in law and I, she mentioned that she wishes she could change things in her life. I asked her to please share with me her thoughts, her answer was that she would have loved to been my birth Mother.

I told her that I was truly honored she loved me as one of her children and with tears in my eyes I told her my deepest desire would have loved to be her biological child and if I could change my life, I would give anything to be your daughter. We hugged and she kissed me on the forehead and lips and I asked her what she would name me if I was her biological daughter? Mom said that she would have named me Jessi Lyn.

It has been years since she has passed, I know in my heart and soul that given a chance for another life in the future, I would be so proud to be her Daughter.

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