by Janae

Debbie and I had been dating for several months.

We were both in our 20's and from upper middle-class families.

Debbie's mother had passed away leaving her living with just her father Larry.

Larry did not like me as he said I was arrogant and spoiled.

Larry ran a trucking company and I knew he had the payroll at his house.

I attempted to steal a couple thousand from the payroll one evening and almost made it out when Larry grabbed me and knocked me out.

Debbie was out of town with girlfriends so I was really in a jam.

When I came to I was tied to a chair.

Larry was really mad and showed me the video of me stealing the money.

He told me how much he disliked me and wanted me away from Debbie.

If I did not want to go to jail I would do as he says.

I was to live with Larry's older sister several states away.

That did not sound as bad as jail so I accepted.

Larry's sister Lori took me in.

She lived in a expensive house and was well off from a divorce.

I knew right off something was wrong as I felt delusional every day.

Lori was drugging me.

Being drugged and weak she began changing me.

I was given a full body wax.

My long hair was colored blond and given a permanent.

My face was completely adorned with permanent make up.

CC cup implants were added to my chest.

I was given female hormone shots daily.

I was dressed as a girly girl every day and taught how to act, talk, and behave like a 20 year old girl.

Then after weeks of this training the most intense humiliation came.

I was taken to an underground doctor.

I was first castrated.

My penis had shrunk to less than an inch and erections were impossible.

My penis was pushed up into my body.

My now empty scrotum was pulled up and around the head of my penis and sewn in place.

It looked like I had vaginal lips and just the very tip of my penis was sticking out.

This gave me a flat crotch and also forced me to urinate sitting down.

After I healed Lori made me apply for a waitress job at the local Diner/Truck stop.

I had to wear a pink waitress uniform, coffee colored pantyhose and 2" pink pumps.

Lori had me wearing a Spanx body shaper which really made me curvy in the uniform.

It was hard getting used to my new position but after a while I became very good at it.

Also the truckers were notorious about pinching my butt.

My boss said it was just part of the job.

Lori kept all the money I made and made me do all the housework at her home also.

She had turned me into quit the girl.

She had continued to drug me and I unknowingly was becoming far less smart.

I found myself giggling a lot and wanting to wear pretty dresses.

Lori has told me I will be getting a second job.

She has a friend that runs an escort service.

I will be spending evenings with gay men as their date.

Lori also told me that I will be spending time with hard cocks in my mouth and ass.

My life is now pretty clothes and working as a woman.

I will never see Debbie again.

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