'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 10

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 10: The ‘Cotillion’ Dance

Everything was normal the next two weeks (you can call registering a boy as a girl in high school ‘normal’). And believe it or not no one was even talking about me, the talk was all about the Cotillion Dance next weekend and what they were going to wear.

So all I had to add is what I was to planning to wear. When I told the girls I had a ‘real’ ball gown, with an 8’ hem, I really floored them. Oh Honey, I’ll bet you’re beautiful in it too. If you’d like a preview you all can come over to my house and I’ll show it to you.

I’ll even model it for you if your nice (giggle). That sounds like fun, they said, we’ll follow you home from school. The rest of the school day was uneventful; all I could think about was modeling my gown for Kathy and Louise and the fun we would have.

When the ‘bell’ rang at the end of school, I almost ran to the front door to meet Kathy and Louise. To my surprise Kathy and Louise were already there and waiting for me. On the 3 block walk to my house we talked about fashions we had, and wished we had.

Kathy offered to let me wear some of her clothes, but I declined saying she was too small for me. Then Louise offered, saying that she was more my size, which I happily accepted. We all ‘Giggled’ at that.

Reaching my house we went straight to my bedroom. My mom had decorated my room with flower wallpaper, placed decorative dolls on my bed, and on my dresser and make-up table. Oh your room is so pretty Patty, and I love your dolls! Play with them for a minute if you’d like while I change (I had to distract them for a moment, I didn’t want them to see the bulge in my panties). Slipping out of my ‘A‘ Line (ass hugging) dress I easily stepped into my petticoat. But my dress was another thing, I had to ask for help to slide it over my head.

The girls were glad (giggle) to help me as they picked up the hem of the dress and placed over my head. As they slid the gown down they smoothed it all the way, I had to giggle when Louise smoothed it over my breasts and gave my nipples a little tug (smiling as she did that. She knew what she was doing to me).

Then she whispered in my ear ‘I know you like that Patty, we’ll do it again later dear’. I whispered back ‘I love it Louise, oh yes, we’ll do it again Honey’. When my dress was appropriately arranged the girls stood back and looked at their ‘work of art’ (giggle). Let’s go to the living room, or better yet outside, where I have some room to walk. I had to pick up the hem, and hoop, just to get through the doors.

Outside I strutted my best ‘girly stuff’, walking back and forth wiggling my hips, and swaying my dress ‘seductively’. Well what do you think girls, is this dress it, will I get asked to dance by any boys? Oh Patty it’s beautiful, and look at the hem, it’s at least 8’ wide. You could hide two boys under there (or girls I thought (giggle)).

‘Nooo’ I said in disbelief ‘OK, why don’t you two try to hide’. Before the words were out of my mouth they were both under my dress, ‘can you tell we’re in here Patty?’ But before I could answer I felt a hand rubbing my upper thigh, then in my panties (Oh my ‘Ding Dong’ was ready to explode) ooohhhh ‘I muttered’.

Coming out from under my skirt Kathy said ‘see Patty I told you we could hide’. And Louise added ‘you liked that too didn’t you ‘sissy’ (my secret was out, but Kathy didn’t know, she must have been in back and couldn’t see what Louise did). I have to admit that was fun girls, I can’t wait to ‘hide’ some boys there (Giggle). We all laughed at the thought. Then it was time to change so we went back inside and they helped me out of the gown.

That was Tuesday we still had 4 days till the dance and Kathy and Louise had become my ‘best girlfriends’ and we were making plans, not only for the dance, but for weeks after. We would do all sorts of ‘girly’ things, including a ‘sleep over’ (which I really looked forward to), and my ‘coming out’ party (Louise must have told Kathy I was a ‘titty-boy’).

Now it was Saturday, the big night was finally here! I got dressed, with moms help, and applied my make-up with extra care (it had to be ‘perfect’). Just as I finished I heard a car horn, I looked at mom and then she told me ‘a girl can’t go to the dance unescorted’ so I made arrangements with Emilia to have her son ‘Bob’ take you Dear.

Mom!!! I started to object but mom continued ‘he promised to be a perfect gentleman, now go have fun Honey’. Resigned, I walked out to Bob, who was standing by his car with the passenger door open. Luckily he had a convertible with the top down so I had plenty of room to adjust my gown (8’ hoops take a lot of room). Driving the short distance to the school we didn’t talk too much other than to say ‘Hi’, but we made up for that inside.

Of course, Bob asked for the first dance, a waltz, which I gracefully accepted. When Bob puts his arms around me and started to dance, I was all of a sudden in heaven. Let me stop here and tell you a little about Bob: he is two years older than me, a graceful dancer, 6” taller than me with a slim build, and lived just down the road (we didn’t socialize).

Back to the dance: He was holding me close and whispering in my ear ‘why haven’t I noticed a pretty girl like you before Patty?’ I was just a ‘little girl’ to you (I lied) playing with dolls.

We danced almost every dance together with the exception of a few. The other boys seemed to know ‘what was Bob’s, was Bob’s, hands off’ and they kept their distance. So Bob and I had plenty of time to ‘talk’.

Toward the last dance he was getting a little randy and his hand slowly rose up to my breast. I was enjoying the evening so much that I didn’t realize what he was doing until it was way too late.

‘Stop that’ I yelled so loud the whole hall heard me. Then I gave him a ‘slap’ that almost knocked him over and ‘stormed’ out of the hall (wiggling my hips so he would know what he was missing out on).

I walked the 3 blocks home, the whole time thinking about Bob touching me and hoping I hadn’t made a mistake. But I was a ‘Lady’ and expected to be treated accordingly.

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