Mom Showed Me How

by Mama's boy (Clovis, California)

My girlfriend was very pretty and undeniably not a virgin like me.

I hadn't been with a girl before and all I knew was I very much had a naughty fetish for mom's panties and pantyhose.

I developed this fetish by my attractive mom dressing and undressing as long as I can remember in front of me. I never knew my dad.

Mom was a nurse and worked in a doctor's office. She wore white pantyhose and a polyester dress just above her knees.

My girlfriend was expecting me to pleasure her and I wasn't expecting her to undo my pants. She undid my belt and pulled down my pants. She discovered I was wearing pantyhose and panties!

She immediately laughed and asked me what I was wearing. I stammered a bit and said I'm wearing my mom's nylons and panties. She told me I was disgusting and never wanted to see me again.

I went home crying and my mom was obviously concerned. Why are you crying son? I told my mom what happened and she immediately consoled me. It's alright sweetheart, she wasn't good enough for you. Mom kissed me and insisted I lay down on her bed and I was so upset that mom gave me something to relax.

I quickly fell asleep in my mom's arms. The pills made me feel wonderful. I felt much better and woke up with an erect penis being slowly stroked through the silky pantyhose I wore by my mother.

The pills had me in a trance. I gave you something to make you feel very special indeed son. Mom had drugged me but I felt so high I couldn't move a muscle. My penis though was hard under mom's panties and pantyhose.

Son, mommy knows about your little fun times in my nylons and panties. Now just let mommy make you feel extra special.... I looked into mom's eye's and a look of expressing her need was clearly evident.

You are going to thank mommy for showing you what love is all about she said. I know you like wearing mommy's silky panties and pantyhose honey... Let me just feel you're sexy legs...

Mom caressed my legs much like I did when getting all excited and touching myself. Is this what you like? She smoothed the pantyhose up my thighs... I throbbed in the silky panties....

Mom! I-I don't- I mean -I can't- please... Please? Please what? Son? What is it? Mommy! I feel so good... Mommy knows son.... Mommy's gonna take you somewhere very, very special.

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