Mom Knew Her Son Was Now Hers

by Mama's Boy

Convincingly my mom continued to tease me after finding me wearing her expensive lingerie. Son, these are your mom's best imported European undies! They are so expensive! You have continued to ejaculate in my silk lace panties. And my nylons are all wet too! My Italian high heels have sperm on them as well.

Why do you like wearing mom's pretty things? "Mom, it's because they are so soft and so smooth and pretty". Mom grinned and suggested we go shopping for lingerie more befitting my size. I had been wearing my mom's silky nylons, lingerie and even her high heels for months now and mom was angry that her beautiful attire was frequently inundated with my spunk. Her nylons too had been damaged.

Although she told me she understood, if I wanted to continue to wear women's lingerie and high heels it was alright with her but insisted we find my sizes in the items I most enjoyed wearing.

Mom was completely supportive of my cross dressing. Mom was a tall woman with size 11 shoes. At 6 Ft.2 inches she was awesome looking. In her 5 inch high heels, she was 6 Ft 7 inches tall. I myself was tall at 6Ft 5 inches. When wearing mom's high heels I was over 6 Ft 9 inches.

Certainly too tall to pass as a woman. It didn't matter though as I was determined to dress in feminine clothes full time. I had visited a psychiatrist for over a year and was given a name change along with conjugated estrogens and progesterone. Mom scheduled me for breast augmentation and counseling. About a year later, my breasts had healed. They were the perfect size- 38C.

My Adams apple was reduced and my figure was given a more feminine look with plastic surgery. We decided to keep my penis as I would be able to inseminate my partner. I felt like a lesbian although I had experienced sex with feminine looking men. The experience of finding feminine attire was expensive. We found a tailor who was very good at sewing my outfits but were not cheap.

My high heels could be found online as were my hosiery. Mom was wonderful and so understanding of my transitioning. She became my best friend too. The feminine hormones however had a deleterious side effect, it was increasingly difficult to obtain a good erection.

Mom asked the Dr about getting me some Cialis. The Dr (a female) insisted on measuring the amount of ejaculate and performed a prostate examination. Mom wanted to watch the procedure. I consented. The Dr gave me an injection that made me giddy and immediately erect. I was being probed by the Dr with a long instrument.

My penis was very erect and I was excited as the Dr instructed my mom to assist in the process of allowing my ejaculate to spew forth into a collection beaker. I was extremely high and the Dr told my mom to put on a glove and apply a generous amount of KY jelly to my erection. My mom knew how close I was to ejaculating so she slowly and carefully slid her slick hand extremely slowly with the utmost care. The Dr was probing my anus. It felt so incredibly erotic. "Your daughter is responsive" the Dr stated.

I was in heaven. My feminine penis fully erect, the Dr slapped it causing it to go flaccid. "We aren't finished just yet sweetie" The Dr had other ideas. Mom was obviously in heat rubbing her panties. The Dr also was showing signs of needing relief. The Dr was wearing above the knees nylon dress, showing the tops of her stockings. Her nipples, like mom's were hard.

The Dr had me lay down with my legs apart in the stirrups. I was wearing pantyhose and my high heels were in the stirrups. The Dr took a pair of scissors and removed the gusset in my pantyhose. I wasn't wearing any panties. Mom and the Dr whispered to each other. A nurse walked in and administered another injection. The Dr told my mom it would help relax your daughter.

The Dr asked me to count backwards from 100. Mom again put on a glove. The Dr did as well. I started counting 99, 98, 97.... My feminine penis again was getting erect. The Dr was telling me too just relax and breathe normally. The Dr's fingers were probing my opening. The feel of her two fingers were so nice. My mom oh so slowly used her slick fingers on the tip of my boi clitty. I remembered squealing from the Dr's stimulation. "Excellent" the Dr said. "She's very very responsive to the stimulus" The drug was making me excited and desiring more stimulation.

Before I knew it, the Dr was deeply inside my boi pussy with a lifelike strap on phallus. My mom was nodding as she tickled my boi clitty gently. "Dr is she responding properly?" "Oh yes, most definitely Mrs Morris!" "Perhaps you want to feel your daughter's fine erection inside you?" "Oh Dr. Do you think it's alright?" "Oh of course Mrs Morris, we are completely alone here. If you like I can show you how to take her phallus inside you".

The Dr hopped on the gynecological table and eased her erect feminine phallus between the Dr's vaginal labia majora. The semi-conscience patient easily accepted the feeling of the Dr's slippery grip. The mother was so happy with the therapeutic outcome as her daughter was squealing and completely overcome with the Dr's juicy vagina giving such incredible joy and pleasure to her daughter. The mother's own vagina was drenched.

"Is it alright Dr.?" May I now pleasure my daughter as well"? "Here at our clinic we don't judge people, we offer only therapeutic outcomes that benefit the patients" The mother nodding removed her damp panties leaving her nylons and high heels on. "Mrs Morris, it's times like this that makes my job so satisfying"! The mother slowly straddled her daughter's feminine phallus and lowered herself on to the head of her daughter's clitty.

"Slowly feel her hard clitty as you help your daughter fulfill her sexuality. The mother was overwhelmed with a sense of wellbeing never before felt. Tears of joy fell from the mother's cheeks. The Dr. Used hypnotic suggestions to the transsexual female "Your vagina happily accepts your sweet lovers sexual needs and desires." The Dr. unfinished, required a bit more of the "girl" Hiking up her dress, the good Dr. Positioned herself to receive some nice cunilingus from the willing mouth of the girl.

She pummeled her mother with a happiness that was obviously so very much overdue. The mother was beside herself screaming and asking her daughter to not yet orgasm as the mom wasn't nearly completed in her enjoyment of her sweet daughter's loving. Neither was the gynecologist. The Dr. was working on her 2nd orgasm. The daughters tongue was used to flicking clitoral areas as instructed by the fine physician. After 20 minutes the pace slowed. The daughters feminine phallus still erect due to the overabundance of long acting Cialis continued to now slowly glide in about her mother.

"My son's cock is also very amenable to his mother's vaginal pleasures. "True, technically it's incest- but our family never makes that distinction" "You should feel honored and so very proud you can avail yourself of her "special purpose". "Mrs Morris, are you tired? you wish to continue"?" The mother feeling frisky, asked the Dr. If it would be permissible to accept her daughter's still erect member a bit longer. The Dr. was still enjoying a tongue lashing and had 20 minutes before her next patient.

"We of course will have to schedule another appointment for Friday Mrs Morris". "Yes Dr. I'll be here early" "Oh, Mrs Morris, I'll write you a prescription for some Desoxyn- it will prolong the duration of your now well established performance and your daughter's.


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