Best to Just Submit

by Donna (Las Vegas)

When younger (in college) my best friend and I lived at opposite ends of our street. We would get into his father’s girly magazines and enjoy reading the stories to each other. The more often we did this the more aroused we got.

One time I read to him about a man that would let his wife have sex with a neighbor and let him leave his load in her and leave immediately. One time he had forgot something and returned to the neighbor’s house and found the husband going down on his wife.

The neighbor told the husband that if you like the taste I left in her you should get it directly. The husband started sucking his neighbor off.

After reading this I could see we both had raging hard-ons. He was slowly stroking his cock when I offered him to taste mine.

We both played with each other’s cocks and started sucking each other off. This went on for a few weeks but only when we were at his house alone.

We had begun to wear his sister or mothers bras and panties while we were satisfying each other.

One day we got to his house and went right to the laundry hamper for panties and bras. Once we were dressed and sucking each other off I heard a swishing noise and looked up to see in horror, his sister and her BFF standing there.

I was terrified and could say anything but as I tried to pull my cock out of his mouth he kept trying harder to finish me off. Since he didn't see them I just let my load go and he swallowed every drop (as usual).

It was then he got startled when his sister said "what a good cock sucker you are my dear brother. You took it all down.

We had to agree to whatever her demands were or she would tell our friends and our families what they just caught us doing.

His sister made sure she and her friend dressed us in their underwear, clothes and even made us wear makeup.

The two of them would watch us suck each other off and make us eat them. He was not allowed to fuck his sister but he did eat her out after I did.

This had gone on for a year or so and then when his sister got her car the two of the girls would pick us up from school and drive us strait to the house. We had to change into girls clothes in the car on several occasions.

The turning time for me was when his sister picked us up made us change in to "special clothes" including pantyhose and high heels. We were both dressed as if going to a prom. That's when she told us she had a surprise for us. As we got out of the car she wouldn't tell us anything else so we went inside and found both their boyfriends there waiting for us.

She said to the boyfriends "see I told you they were good little sissies. Her boyfriend stood up, dropped his pants and stuck his cock in my buddy’s mouth. Her BBF's man did the same to me. His cock was very hard and large. I loved the taste and when I heard him groan then tense up as he came in my mouth. He unloaded so much I almost choked.

Once my buddy was done with his sister’s boyfriend, they looked at us then each other and said it was time for us to become real girls. They stood us up, told the girls (that were still watching us) to match us up.

I ended up being bent over a chair while his sister’s boyfriend fucked me hard. It hurt at first but after a while it felt good. I took his load in my ass and was told to kiss his cock on the head as a good cock loving sissy.

We had to treat the two girls as if they were royalty and be the sissies on command at their command. I did learn to love the feeling of being a girl and enjoy being treated as one.

There is no better feeling than a big hard dick in my mouth while getting fucked hard by another cock.

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