Begging For Mommy's Attention

by Mama's Boy

Mommy started out seducing us as adolescents. The Mr. Bubbles bath time was always our favorite time (except bedtime)

Mommy always took time to carefully instruct the kids, my brothers precisely how to shave mommy's legs (and sometimes even around mommy's cunny).

Later on, about age 18 we started sprouting leg and underarm hair. Mommy got us some gel called "liquid silk". Also, mommy got something called depilitory. Nair I think. It was smelly but the stubble didn't grow back for a week.

Later mommy started us on "special vitamins". I found the container and it said: Premarin conjugated estrogens. After awhile I didn't have to shave as much. Also I noticed my boobies were nice and perky.

Mommy always loves sucking my boobs. The other drugs too had a nice effect. She said: These will help keep you good and stiff so mommy can pleasure you longer. I found out that it was 100 mg Cialis tablets.

The Adderall mom gave us kept us going. It made me and mom so horny and we were able to go for hours at a time. She dressed me and my baby brother in silky pantyhose and matching bras.

Mommy said it feels so nice on the satin sheets she had. Oftentimes Mommy would use a nylon stocking or real silk panties on her hand and caress or legs and especially our pretty panties.

Whipping cream was applied to Mommy's boobies with chocolate syrup too. Mom put some on our "clitty's" and flicked her tongue on the tip of our sissy clitty's. Mom knew all along exactly how to get us all "hot and bothered" she said.

Usually, she started out by reading us pages from a book entitled "Mom's Loving Children". A taboo tale of a family who took loving literally.

Bubble bathes led to the inevitability of the "Fashion Show" that Mom had us do for her satisfaction and ours too! Mom always made sure that our fingers and toenails were nice and perfectly groomed.

Snagging $50.00 pantyhose was frowned upon. Mom likes hot pink nail polish. I have to admit it IS VERY SEXY! We all have many choices of pretty lingerie and luckily mom and me share many of the same sizes.

I quickly learned how to walk in 6 inch high heels too. When mommy buys us new high heels she excites us by insisting we try them on immediately. The pantyhose helps the high heels slide on nicely.

As a rule, mom has us wear sheer to the waist pantyhose-without reinforced toes. The panties and bras always match. We strut around the house in our things and sometimes mom doesn't even close the drapes! Prancing like Princess's we act like "Diva's" as mom compliments us on our feminine manners.

After a while we got good at impersonating girls. Our auntie offers suggestions on just how to be Perfect "Prissy Princess's. She tickles us and we squeal and giggle.

Mom and auntie whisper about how things are going to go in the "Special Place" where we usually watch hot video's. Tonight we are going to watch: "Mommy and Their Boy's".

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