Encounter at Hotel

by Stephen T (Ohio)

I was working away from home for a few weeks in the summer and one evening as I came into the reception area a guy in front dropped a folder he was carrying band all the papers were spread over the tiled floor and he had his hands full so I bent down to help pick the papers up.

He was a bit red faced then he put everything down an picked them up also as he was bent right over right over in front of me I noticed his trousers had slipped a bit exposing the top of a pair of pink full panties and the waistband of a pink suspender belt.

I said out loud wow by mistake as they looked very pretty and I pointed with my finger to his wardrobe malfunction, he said sorry and looked embarrassed, i said that's fine with me and we went to our separate rooms.

I showered and went to the restaurant the guy was sat at a table also and he said thanks for your assistance earlier he said are you on your own I nodded and he said join e if you like so I agreed and sat at the table we ate drank and chatted for 2 hours then sat in the lounge I noticed the tell tale bumps on his slacks of suspenders and smiled reached out and touched the bump and he said does that bother you.

I said on the contrary I also like to wear stockings and suspenders sometimes when I am alone he reached forward and touched my hand looked me in the eye and said would you like to now I said yes. He said I am going to my room and told me the number, give me 30 minutes then get 2 glasses and bring them to my room as I have wine in my room.

I quickly went to my room and changed into my lingerie I had brought with me and my tracksuit and went to his room. I knocked on his door when he opened it he was dressed in fabulous pink matching voluminous silky panties, suspenders and stockings, bra with a large false breast form, flowing pink layered silky nightie and pink heeled mules.

He was fully made up with a lovely blond wig with the hair tied up in a pink chiffon scarf in a turban, he looked just like a women and his big sheer panties and nightie were tented by a really huge cock. He took my breath away, I said you look gorgeous and he lent forward and kissed me on the lips, no man had ever done that to me before as I responded passionately.

I could not contain myself and dropped to my knees put my head up under his nightie and put his beautiful huge slippery glistening cock head in between my lips and lustfully sucked it, that was a first for me. I moaned aloud as I sucked slurped and gobbled his lovely great cock. I stopped for a moment and slipped out of my tracksuit down to my stockings and lingerie.

He said lets slow down and make this last and said would you like me to make you up properly ooh yes please I said so he did then produced another wig and put it on me. I said I wish I had a lovely nightie like that then he came back another one then said raise you arms and slid this wonderful nightie down over my head then produced a lovely silky scarf and said would you like me to put your hair up like mine and I nodded.

I had to take that lovely big cock back in my mouth as he tied my hair up and he said my you love sucking my cock don't you as my head bobbed up and down on his beautiful cock, then he said come your cock looks fit to burst laid me back on the bed with my head hanging over the end then fed his huge cock into my eager mouth then sucked my cock also.

I thought I was in heaven as he fed inch by inch of his 10 inch monster down my throat until his huge pendulous balls were draped right over my face then he slid his cock out and I sucked his huge lovely balls one by one as I wanked his lovely cock. He said I am going to cum in a minute so would you like my cock back in your mouth again, I said oh please please I want to taste and drink all of your lovely spunk and don't want to waste a drop.

He put his huge mushroom head cock back in my mouth as I sucked it as his first huge jet of warm spunk filled my mouth it was wonderful as I savored his taste then had to swallow as jet after jet filled my eager mouth then I came loads in his mouth as we sucked each other clean. We then changed position and kissed very passionately sharing our cum for ages.

Then I said I want more of your cock a need deep inside me I have never experienced before is saying I want you to fuck me with that lovely cock and I slid down and took his limp cock in my mouth and sucked him again and slowly his cock rose again, I said please be gentle as this is my first time, he kissed me again then said bend over the bed as he lubed his mammoth cock head.

I raised my butt high as he rubbed his lovely cock around my bud slipped his finger in for a minute then pushed his glistening great cock head slowly in, I winced at first then he let my flesh get used to it then slowly lovingly pushed it in further then stopping pulled it out a bit then fed it in a bit further each time, it was wonderful then when I was ready I began to thrust back at his massive cock until I had it all and his lovely huge balls slapped against my butt. I never wanted it to stop.

Then I said I want to impale my self on that beauty so I laid him back on the bed facing him took hold of his lovely cock and slowly slid down on it then began to ride it bouncing up and down its whole length while he wanked my cock until I felt his huge cock spasm and jets of cum filled my insides for the first time in my life and realized I was hooked on his cock and wearing lingerie.

He said he had never met anyone as sensual as me and did not want it to end so after staying with him a few days we have become lovers and I stay at his place in Ohio regularly at least a few days each month living in lingerie heaven with lots of cock included.

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