Encounter on the Farm

by Stevie (Ohio)

Home from college I needed some extra cash so I found a job on a local farm. I stated work initially Saturdays and Sunday mornings to see how I managed the little job looking after the farm shop. Albert a 45-year-old very nice guy managed the chickens, eggs etc. He was tall lean well-kept with long hair and appeared spotlessly clean and smelt very nice.

We got on very well and on the 2nd weekend he patted my butt a couple of times as he walked past me and smiled, it felt nice and friendly, on the Sunday morning it was very hot so I wore shorts and tee shirt and so did he. I noticed a large bulge in his shorts and kept peeking when I could and he noticed and smiled, he asked me to help in in the back room and while I was helping him he had his tee shirt off and when he bent down I noticed the top of his underwear poking over the top of his shorts only they were silky looking womens.

I smiled and he noticed he said oops and readjusted them and when he came past me he patted my butt again only this time he left his hand there and said it is time to finish , and asked if I would like a drink as it was very warm so I said yes and we went to his flat at the rear of the farm. When I went in it was lovely in here and so spotless.

I asked to use the toile and told me it was down the hall next to his bedroom. His bedroom door was ajar and I could see in , it was beautiful just like a ladies bedroom a lot of pink , his bed was covered in a pink silky duvet the curtains pink chiffon like and his pillows all pink and frilly and there was a full standing hair dryer and on the dressing table a box with curlers in it .

I thought wow a bit feminine and smiled to myself. On the way back from the toilet I looked in and there was a lovely full pink double layered silky sheer nightie hanging on a door hook, wow I thought. Albert saw me looking and said are you ok I smiled and said yes. I sat on the sofa and there was a coffee table with some magazines on it , i looked and they were womens I picked one up and looked through it, some very sexy stuff in there. I picked up another and it was a transvestite porn mag, wow I thought and Albert said are you ok looking at that I just nodded and smile he asked me if it bothered or shocked me I smiled and said no it was sexy.

He asked me if it turned me on as you have a big bulge in your shorts now and smiled and said yes it did and I had stopped on a page with a guy fully dressed in a pink sheer nightie in stockings and suspenders and bra with his hair up in curlers and a sheer pink chiffon scarf and wearing pink heeled mules with feathers on. He had the most huge cock and the topped by the most huge massive mushroom head, unknowingly I had let out a little moan.

Albert said you like that do you I just nodded he sat by me and put his hand on my now solid cock, he said you really do don't you I nodded , come he said get on your knees in front of me which I did easily looking at the bulge in his shorts, he took my hand and placed it on his cock it appeared very large he said slide my shorts off which I did in a flash.

He was wearing a very big pair of pink sheer what I know to be grannie knickers and I could see his cock clearly I put my hand in the leg of the big panties and stroked its big lovely softness and the head formed into a massive mushroom I felt the urge to kiss it bent forward took his lovely cock out and put it between my lips and tasted it , my first cock I thought and so excitingly huge.

The head was like velvet so huge soft and smelt divine as I rubbed it all over my face in my eyes up my nose I wanted it everywhere as I slid it into my mouth savouring it , what a feeling as I wanked his huge shaft and sucked the lovely mushroom head losing control my head was bobbing up and down and the noise as I sucked it and the glans made a popping noise as the glans slid past my lips each time I bobbed up and down.

Albert said wow you love my cock don't you , i cried yes but I can help the feelings going through me like never before, ooh Albert I want you to come in my mouth, he said are you sure as you have never do ne this before have you, I said no but I can't help myself as I wanked and sucked him like crazy then I felt his cock pulse and a huge warm jet filled my mouth , mmmmm I cried followed by another then another, I was swallowing but my mouth overflowed as his lovely spunk dribbled all down my chin, then I took his huge cock head out of my mouth and let him shoot the rest all over my face and wherever else it wanted to go.

I could not help it as I rubbed it all over me completely overcome with his cock. Albert said I cannot believe on your first time you reacted like that but I hope there is more to come with you, he said that was a lot of cum as I have not cum for weeks. He said do you want to work more days I nodded and we smiled and he lent forward and kissed my cum splattered face passionately.

Then he dropped to between my knees slid my shorts of and said you have quite a big cock too and sucked me of until I came in his mouth and we shared it. My parents were away in Thailand for 3 weeks and he said why don't you stay here for a few nights I cuddled into his arms and said ooooh yes please I want more of that cock, so I went home and packed a few things and returned.

Albert showed me all his attire he liked to wear and my cock stiffened again he said would you like to dress up also I admitted I had before when my mom was away at weekends. That evening we both wore pink stockings suspenders and big sheer grannie panties , bra with lovely real like breast forms then as I had long hair he said would you like to wear curlers I just cooed , then he tied my hair up in another sheer chiffon scarf just like him, then he sat me down and applied make up on me finished off with red lipstick.

By now we both had big erections so we went to his bedroom he eased me backwards on the bed as I slipped across the silky pink sheet she had my head over the edge of the bed and said open your mouth darling I swooned as that huge mushroom head cock eased into my lips once again slowly he fed it in back and forth until it was down my throat and his lovely huge pendulous balls draped over my face as he rocked back and forth, I thought I was in heaven as he lifted my legs over my shoulders put y big cock in his mouth as he caressed my butt hole.

That was a new sensation as I squirmed underneath him. I had a new feeling like never before as He probed my butt with his tounge, i cried oooh Albert I want you to fuck me with your beautiful cock, we adjusted our positions and Albert said bend over so I put my butt high in the air Albert put some lube on his fingers and worked them in and around lovingly and said I will be gentle my darling as this is your first time.

I was almost crying with emotion as I felt the head of his huge cock touch my butt hole it was like electric, oooohhh fuck me fuck me daring as he slowly eased forward and the huge head eased in very slowly then back and forth. Each time he eased it in a little further then let it stay for a minute so my anus got used to his huge size. All the while Albert had his hand inside my grannie panties slowly wanking me in the huge tented panties , then he resumed to ease it in and out until it popped passed my sphincter as I let out a loud oooohhh as I started to ease back onto it craving for more of his beautiful great cock.

Inch by inch he fed it in until I had it all as we both began to thrust to meet each other, I almost screamed as a huge wave swept through me as I orgasmed for the first time in my butt, I wanted more and more as we fucked for ages when I was satiated I got up bent Albert over then for the first time slid my cock into Alberts lovely round butt in turn then we changed and got into a 69 and sucked each other until we filled each other's mouth. We were both covered in each other's lovely spunk as we shared it and cleaned each other with our tounges and passionate kisses. Wow what a fantastic beginning to a new life as we both realised we were in love.

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