Change of Color

by Sandy

My girlfriend brought an older black man to our apartment one night. I took it he was just a friend. After a couple drinks and some weed he became very bossy towards me. I am not very big and felt intimidated by him.

After I refilled his drink several times at his request he called me a sissy. I was surprised my gf just sat across from us smiling. He told me to come sit next to him on the couch. I sat down and he put his arm around me and pulled me right next to him.

Then he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. I had never seen anything so big. He began stroking it and looking at me. Then he told me to stroke it. I was shocked and again no help from my gf. I took his cock in my hands and began stroking it.

My gf told me this is what a real man feels like. She said I was a worthless wimp not worthy to be with any woman. Then she told me her and this black stud had been dating and fucking for weeks. As I turned to look away from her I still was holding that black cock.

Suddenly I felt a huge hand grab the back of my head and shove me downwards. I could do nothing about it and felt my lips part as this huge black cock filled my mouth. He grabbed my head with both hands and began forcing my head up and down on his shaft.

I could hear my gf cheering him on. Telling him to fuck my girly mouth. I was unable to get away from him and eventually gave in. My head and mouth being used to masturbate this huge black cock with no resistance.

My gf's voice full of excitement as she told her black stud to finish me off. Not long after he began twitching and suddenly he was having an orgasm in my mouth. My gf was yelling "swallow it bitch". There was no way. I swallowed but cum filled my mouth and ran down my cheeks.

After his black cock was removed from my mouth my gf used her hands and scooped his cum up. I was then made to lick her hands clean. Her new lover told her I was a great cocksucker. He told me to go with my gf and get cleaned up. She took me and cleaned me up.

I do not have much body hair and had been letting my hair grow out. She put me into SPANXX panty girdle which held my little dick and balls up inside me. She then made me put on black tights.

A short denim skirt, one of her bras filled with socks and a lacey princess cut top. She used her hot iron and put a few curls in my hair along with some quick mascara, eye shadow and lipstick. A pair of her 3" open toe pumps completed my feminization.

She presented me to her lover and he liked what he saw. He took several pictures of me. He also made a video on his phone of me. On it I was made to say I love black cock and need a black man to feminize me. I no longer have a gf. I live as a room mate.

We have separate bedrooms and when I am home I am dressed as a girl. My only male existence is at work and some of the girls there have noticed my panties under my clothing.

At home I have become my ex-gf and her black lover’s plaything. He brings black men that seek to mentally and physically reprogram me into a loving devoted woman. And it is working. All of us will drink and smoke together.

Myself dressed so feminine and snuggled on the couch with my date. My ex and her lover snuggled as we all watch movies and make out. I feel so weak and controlled when my black lover holds me and kisses me.

Running his tongue deep in my mouth and exploring every inch with it. I have become an excellent cocksucker and truly enjoy looking into my lovers eyes as he fills my mouth with his cum. Also being taken to bed excites me.

On my stomach with my ass raised being pounded by huge black cock is awesome. Feeling my insides becoming full as he unloads his seed deep into me. My ex has nearly transformed me into a black man’s bitch.

With the weed, constant verbal barrage, pretty clothes, and the sex my mind has been melted. My manhood is nearly erased and I am a woman who loves black cock. My ex's new lover now is in the process of having me change jobs.

He knows of a little bar lounge close by that is need of a cocktail waitress. They both are demanding I apply for it. That would complete my journey and I would live and work 24 hours a day as a woman. And a black man’s bitch.

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