House Clearing And The Benefits

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I love it when University splits for the summer holidays.

My friend and I were hired by a local Landlord to clear out various of his properties vacated by recently graduating students. The job itself entailed numerous black rubbish sacks a great degree of housework and a paint job to the more careworn areas. The pay was good and my mate Dennis and I had many a good laugh at some of the abandoned items we recovered, including unserviceable vibrators, dildos, cast aside used condom's and more doubtful apparel.

Out of five house we collected sixteen sacks of clothing and items that could cause embarrassment to parents or customs officers during a search. But what Dennis and I both appreciated was the collection we hung on to, numerous pairs of knickers, panties, stockings, brassiere's of varying sizes and one of two articles of dubious usage, cordage, leather restraints, several riding crops and three pairs of handcuffs.

After we sorted everything into separate piles for bagging and recycling, Dennis drew my attention o some of the underwear and how stained and fragrant they were, both he and I indulged ourselves sniffing the gussets of varying knickers and we both reacted by mutually growing very substantial erections, and both of us being very horny we were soon retiring to Dennis's bedroom for some pretty hefty mutual wanking and spunky spending.

I suppose it was the fact that we had so much feminine clothing that prompted me to dare Dennis to join with me in dressing up as girls. Giggling with embarrassment we slipped brief panties on, slung brassieres around our shoulder and stuffed them with other stuff and then drew on some stockings or tights.

It was a great laugh of course and we inspected ourselves in a mirror where things went a step further. Standing there, dressed as we were, something, whatever it was, made me put my hand on the bulge in Dennis's panties, he gasped, looked at me and followed suit and we both fondled each other, releasing our cocks from our skimpy undies. Dennis pressed himself against me and his body felt good on mine, our hands began roaming over each other, paying plenty of attention to soft smooth round arse.

I suddenly felt very daring and I sank slowly to my knees, I looked up at Dennis who strared back at me wild eyed. Next thing I was gently grasping his are cheeks and lightly kissing he tip of his rearing cock already weeping tears pre cum. He groan and he held my head and I opened my mouth to slowly take his hot hard phallus inside.

Dennis staggered slightly but I held him fast and took as much of his cock as I could without gagging and above me Dennis was whispering "Oh FUCK! Jeeeeeeezus that feels soo fucking good, so good" and so encouraged I suckled him more energetically while fondling his soft incredibly smooth bum cheeks and tentatively probing his tightly clenched anus, at which he gasped loudly and pushing hard into my face.

It was over before we really got started because Dennis grabbed my head hard and tried forcing his cock down my throat as he obviously on the verge of cumming. I managed to pull back enough before I felt my mouth filling with my friends warm sperm as he erupted, groaning and dragging his ragged breath. I gagged but still managed to swallow my friend’s creamy load and feeling strangely happy and elated.

I did think that Dennis would return the compliment but sadly his desire had gone after his orgasm. He consoled me by collecting all the lingerie items and asking me to come with him to his bedroom. We strewed the undies over the pillows on the bed and still wearing our knickers, bras and hosiery, we both lay down together, reveling in the feel and odors from our finds. Then I got my first shock.

Dennis leaned over me then lay half on me and planted a kiss on my lips, a full on passionate kiss. The shock was momentary before I found myself responding and soon the two of us were kissing wildly and writhing together in welter of colorful fem underwear, breathing hard and delighting in the sensuous feelings devouring us. Sense and sensibility had flown and all we both wanted was those ecstatic sensations to build until the climaxed in an explosion of delicious orgasmic agony.

Dennis and I cavorted for a while, enjoying the feel of our bodies on each other and soon our bras were discarded in favour of some nipple sucking. I never knew just how sensitive mine were until Dennis got o works on them and it made me absolutely rampant. I paid similar court to his of course and had him gasping and insisting I did not stop. Our hands had found their way to each other’s cocks and after some sensuous fondling Dennis shuffled down to take mine in his mouth.

My world swirled thrillingly as he consumed my engorged baton, his swirling tongue probing my pee hole and drinking down the pre cum. I held his head humping gently when suddenly he stopped, slithered up my body and kissed me deeply, his tongue dancing on mine as I responded. He kissed my neck and then my mouth again and we strained against each other lasciviously our hands grasping and squeezing each other arse cheeks and dipping into the hot sweaty crevices of our puckered anuses.

That’s when my friend whispered in my ear, his ragged breath hot and his words filled with urgency.......

"Fuck me....stick your cock in me and fuck me...I, I want you to honestly, I’ve always wanted to get you like this, be my lover, please Bryn it would make me so happy, do it to me I’m going mad for you, get inside me Bryn, fuck me, rape me, force your cock up me and shag me till you shoot your spunky load deep inside me......"

I was gob smacked at this but my brain was screaming YES YES DO IT. Dennis took the initiative, he knelt between my legs and tore my panties off, letting my cock rear up and beat hard, he struggled out his panties and straddled me, his lovely rounded bum slowly rubbing on my cock shaft.

Again he took the lead and reached to lightly grasp my throbbing dick and before I could even take a breath he was introducing the slippery knob end to his softly puckered cock socket and then moaning softly he sank own on it and took me into his body until his balls rested on my pubic bush.

How I did not cum eluded me but the feeling of our two bodies welded together as they were just made me stare up at my friend and lover to be in wonder. He smiled down at me and began rocking gently, making my cock dance inside his arse, I grabbed his hips, his fingers teased and tormented my nipples and our frenzied love struggle began.

We humped and fucked madly breathing raggedly, Dennis whispering "Oh God YES, at last....I love it...I love you..Fuck me my sweet Bryn, fuck me....harder, harder, make me scream, ohgodohgodohgod Yes yes yes....." at this, spunk streamed from his as his orgasm struck, it spattered my chest and my face and mouth and I licked what I could of it while he ground to a long "Uuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrgggggg!" until his crisis was over.

My own orgasm had been verging and now I released myself of the terrible tension and with a howl I erupted deep inside my lovers arse, cumming in convulsive spasms and relishing the explosion of colored lights in my head as the thrills seared through my body.

Afterwards and after we collected ourselves and cleared everything away, the only evidence of what had transpired was some damp spunk stains on Dennis's bed to which he smiled and said that it remind him of our tryst and that he meant what he had said about us becoming lovers.

We did.

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