Getting to Know my Neighbour

by Anonymous

I was feeling extra horny this morning so dressed in my lingerie and stiletto high heels to do the housework. I was mopping the kitchen floor when I heard tapping on the window. It was my neighbour and he was pointing to the back door. I was so embarrassed by being seen in my corset and stockings that I froze on the spot.

He said quite loudly, NOW BITCH! I obeyed without thinking. Trying to run in 3in heels is awkward but I did the I could. I had no idea why I was doing this or why he wanted to come in. I opened the door and he gently pushed me and went to the lounge room and sat down. I closed the door and followed him but when I was about to sit he pointed to the floor at his feet and said sit bitch and I tell you a story.

I asked him what he wanted and he showed me a pic of me dressed in a skirt and high heels. I knew this day would come one day so I sat at his feet to hear his ultimatum. He started by saying he has been watching me for days and now it was we got to know each other better. From now one you are my bitch or the neighbourhood sees more pics like this one. I nodded my head in acceptance, it could have been so much worse.

I was given a list of rules and told that I must obey or I’ll be punished. As his bitch I am expected to as I'm told. I must be submissive and accept the fact that he is my Master. I will be given 4hrs notice to be dressed and kneeling on the floor and my head down when he opens the door. I am to stand when told and put my hands behind my head then turn slowly so he inspects the goods.

If I’m not dressed exactly as I have been instructed, then I will be spanked until I apologise for being disobedient. I’m to put my mouth where he points and suck when told to suck, I am to start and finish a sentence with master. He asks me if I understand and agree to his terms? I answer him by dropping to my knees and my head at his feet. Since that day I have trained to take his cock and cum in my throat, been gangbanged by his friends and other strangers he has selected to use me.

I am constantly reminded of my use to him as slut whore and slave for whatever pleasure he wants, no matter how embarrassing or degrading it is for me. I have never been spanked or paddled so many times and enjoyed every minute of it. I wear the corsets and other slutty lingerie he has bought for me and I walk in 4in heels now. It’s embarrassing when his call me ben’s whore or slut but they don’t know the halve of it. For my master I am a complete slut.

He is the only one to use my throat and dump his cum dump as fast as I swallow it then lick and suck whatever cum I didn’t get in my mouth so his cock is nice and clean for the next time to enjoy it. Sometimes he will push a plug or tie a dildo into my arse to give me more insensitive to do a good job on his cock. It’s embarrassing for me when I have to answer the door in my maids uniform or a short skirt for friends but not as much if I’m already tied up and a big red ball gag is in my mouth and a dildo is protruding from my arse when he introduces me as his fuck slut and I am there to be used as they want.

He sits back and watches videos of my past experiences as his slut while his friends fuck me. Sometimes they sit back and watch the video just to humiliate me and give them more ideas on how they can use me. I am only allowed to suck or spread my legs when my Master nods approval. We always finish my gangbang by him fucking me while he calls me all sorts of derogatory names . I Know when he cums deep inside me I can feel his hot cum being pumped into me then running down my chin or the inside of my leg.

The gag is put back into my mouth and I am pushed to the floor where I have I to remain until further ordered. If he has finished with me, he will push me onto my stomach by his boot and untie only my hands and I am not to move for minutes after he leaves, sometimes not closing the door. So I am still under his control ever after he has left. Sometimes I think he may have left door for one of his mates to find me and quickly tie my hands again before I can get free.

I can only hope there is more punishment and pleasure to come so I lay perfectly still, pretending to be unconscious and give no resistance when I feel my hands placed on my back and tied securely. I have become totally submissive for anyone to use for whatever sexual purpose. When my master learns I have been used when he wasn’t there I will be punished.

I hope it’s not going to be that big dildo that’s going to take ages to be all the way in me then tied to my waist so I get it out without touching it, which I am not allowed to do. Then to make sure I have my lesson I am told to walk around the room with this big dildo in me while he laughs at my awkward attempts to walk in high heels. It’s harder to squat for his amusement because that dildo is pushed further into my arse which of course it makes me moan every time I move.

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