Hot For Teacher

by Anonymous

School was a special education. mommy taught us well. covid-19 was a blessing in disguise. home schooling became necessary as the corona virus pandemic on forever. months became years as school as we knew it became permanently dismissed. yea mommy- does this mean no more school? yes son a way. however mommy will become your tutor and special sex ed teacher.

Mommy, how exactly do you mean my teacher? well mommy is going to start from now on to complete your education. school is out and it is necessary to take measures to ensure that your higher education is not ls lacking. masks are not required because mommy needs lot's of oral attention. did you wash yet son? no mommy not yet. good baby come with mommy to get all cleaned up.

Mommy’s new instructions were specifically designed to offer me her sweet baby a beginning of special education. mommy always knew of my affection. daddy wasn't around much and when he was he wanted to enlist my big half sister in special education too. mommy was feeling neglected by daddy cause he's involved in deep within sissy. mommy began her intense instructions with me on monday morning. starting with the pledge of allegiance to mommy.

Mommy’s voice was very assuring and so alluring. mommy decided to dress in her pretty short skirts showing lots of leg. mommy said pantyhose was required in school so everyone. would wear our nylons. sissy daddy and me didn't mind wearing pantyhose and mommy too loved the look and feel of silky hosiery.

Sissy, daddy, mommy and son were ready for school! mom's instructions were to pay attention always. i was like daddy and sissy dressed in our pantyhose, short little miniskirts and matching high heels. sissy was all ears as mommy said she was very pretty like me and daddy. daddy and me held hands and kisses too. daddy like mommy understands and offers lots of encouragement.

In these uncertain times it's more important than ever to listen to our parents and obey their orders. mommy is teaching us home improvement today. dressed up all pretty we exchanged expressions of affection to our mommy. daddy likes to call our mom mommy too. daddy is so naughty. he often feels me up. stroking my legs in my pantyhose. i giggled and said daddy! my mom encouraged the naughtiness. sissy meanwhile was showing my mother how much she likes to play too.

I’m 18 years old but maybe i'm special because recently i've been learning to use my mom's pantyhose and panties to get all excited about my special purpose. mom takes me shopping on the internet. we also like reading stories and video's too.

Social distancing has no place in our family. we do everything together. we pushed together two queen sized beds in mom's and dad's bedroom. mom also made sure to put pretty white cool satin sheets on the beds. the new normal involved being involved in mom's special education. mom has needs she insists. i found out quickly what exactly mommy means. found out i too had needs. the need to show my mother how much i love her and how a family can cope in this new normal.

After several years of shelter in place our family became especially close. the pandemic mom says meant we would probably be even closer. very very true it turned out. daddy was like me a feminine person. mom encouraged us to express our feelings. living like girls daddy and me dressed in the vast selection of sexy attire mom bought us and sissy and mom. my old bedroom was co converted into a large walk in closet filled with expensive lingerie high heels and girly outfits.

Our parents don't want us to ever get infected because intermingling. with others outside the family could mean certain death. forced to now. agreed with each. other, the incest laws were intentionally overlooked. mom now was still fertile and i was more than ever (even though dressed in hot feminine attire) needing to increase my love making skills by following mom's instructions. mom always was completely assuring and showed me how to be a proper girly-boy.

I still was shy and needed more assertive conditioning by my mother. her intense and thought provoking methods were so incredibly maddening. I was dressed like her sissy. She provoked me. I would cry and mom's consuming lust for her babies young virile penis created a viciously controlling mother intent on making me hers.

Daddy too was being continuously controlled by his daughter and my mother. mom demanded i be a good little sissy and should be more feminine and act like the sissy bitch i was. Offering daddy my lovely. Clitty, he showed my mother and sister how he loves to suck. Daddy was like me dressed to fuck. My sister wasn't as shy and asked mom to help.

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