I Guess I Was A Cocksucker All Along!

by Kimmie (Clovis Calif)

I used to dream about wearing my mom's undies, you know, her nylons, her silky panties...then as a child I did. I wore them. Later on, it wasn't enough...If I was going to dress like a sissy, it was only right to act on my impulses.

I found a nice pair of my mom's pretty hot pink panties and a nice pair of her Legg's Sheer Energy Pantyhose, ( all sheer) and after a nice close leg shaving, I slipped them on. The pantyhose were support so they kind of hugged my smoothly shaven legs.

I'm kind of tall,6 Ft 7 Inches, so I put the satin panties on over the nylons to help hold them up. I ran my hands up and down the sheer nylons...it felt so sensuous ! Pre-cum was on the pantyhose and my cock was erect !

There was a certain adult movie house where some people went to see who was wearing what and who was willing to suck nice hard cock and even take some cock maybe up their sissy cunnie. I walked in the theater and the place was dark and at first I couldn't see so I went into the men's room.

At the mirror a tall stunning transvestite was applying lip gloss. She was wearing a leather mini skirt and silk top with 6 inch high heels! Hi she said to me as I walked over to her. My name's Sissy, do you come here a lot? I told her sometimes when I'm in the mood.

Are you in the mood now she asked. I told her what do you mean? "I see you have on pantyhose because you are not wearing socks". Yeah, sometimes I like to wear nylons, they feel nice on my cock" "Your what" she asked. "My cock" I undid my pants and my erection was jutting through the wet nylon."MMMM, let me see that".

She pulled up her skirt and started to grind her erect cock in her nylons against my nylons ! "OHHH !The silky pantyhose made a swishing sound as our cocks erect and clad in sheer nylon rubbed together.

I nearly came... I pulled back and said:" I'm not gay" She said she didn't used to be either but then her girlfriend suggested that she dress him up in her things and be "his mommy". After that, he started wearing women's attire and wanted to be submissive to others who like him enjoyed the look and feel of silk and satin, nylons clad legs and makeup.

"Would you like mommy to show you all about it baby, come on that hard cock says yes..." She clicked over and took my hand and led me into a stall. I was surprised how clean the place was.

She put out four lines of what she said was coke and snorted two lines through a hundred dollar bill. Here, try some -it's good stuff .. I snorted the lines and the next thing I remember, I was sucking her cock while sitting on the toilet.

"Yeah, baby...that's it suck it good, use that naughty tongue too" We were French kissing as she rubbed my hard on through my pantyhose! "Come on baby -let mommy make you feel good" "Ever thought what it would be like to be with your mommy"? I don't know what I snorted, but I was into her but good!

"Let mommy take you there" "Oh momma, yeah, take me there" I was enthralled,she was feeding me her long girly cock and I was doing my best to pleasure her. I had never been so turned on before by such a beautiful looking specimen of a woman.

Her breasts were so luscious too- "Suck mommy's teats sweetie-I complied stating "Mommy I'm gonna need some hot 'loving" "Yes child, bend over" I poked an opening in my nylons and she fed me her instrument of love.She wore a rubber with lube on it. My "pussy" accepted it with glee. I squealed out as she invaded my tight sissy fuck hole.

"Yes, oh yes, Fuck me". She hesitated and turned me around and pulled my nylons back up.

"Not just yet bitch", pulling out a hypodermic needle she found a vein and mainlined a dose of I don't know what up my arm. I'm not sure what happened then, my head was spinning and all of a sudden three erect cocks were in front of me-all connected to absolutely gorgeous women.

"Look at the little sissy, she's drooling more cum" My face was covered in white sperm, I remembered how it tasted 'cause dad told me all boys should learn how to please there daddies. Dad was my first, he was gentle and told me I could fuck mom if I sucked him real nice. "Mother, our little cock sucker's gonna need his mommy now." Mom welcomed me to the family....

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