Aunty Uses me as Her Mannequin

by Stephen T (Bristol)

My old aunt ex seamstress uses me as her mannequin as we are the same size, it started a few months ago as we discovered she loves sex after living in a sexless marriage and after she discovered my crossdressing.

My wife was going to Cornwall for a week so I went to stay with my aunty for a few days, she asked me if I would be her clothes horse to do her seamstress activities and I agreed, I always wore lingerie she buys me. She was a little embarrassed I found out she loves silky directories voluminous knickers I said why be embarrassed I actually love the feel of them so she bought me my first pair in pink.

She said only very old boring women like them which I did not agree with , they felt amazing over my cock and you can see my stockings through them as they were opaque. I wore a full very silky full slip, stockings, super soft bra with a full false very lifelike breast form she had bought me on the web you pull over your head, they were very big and heavy like hers and white stilettos.

She put my long wavy hair in curlers and fashioned gorgeous silky on my head in a turban and applied my make up. Then she put her lovely silky flouncy dress she was altering on me and set to work on it, she laughed as my cock was sticking out like a great flagpole in this silky heaven and said Iam going to gobble that lovely big cock when I am finished put her head up under the dress and started to wank my cock in the directories, I was squirming trying to keep my composure then she said you will have to wait a while and carried on with the dress.

Finally finished I took off the dress which I loved wearing, she got up and kissed me with those lovely red lips, she was terrible at kissing as her husband and her did not kiss so she had forgotten how important a sensual kiss can be so I taught her the art of kissing again and she now loved the sensuality of it.

She dropped to her knees and rubbed my cock in the super soft nylon and it was getting very wet with my juices and she said I need to taste your juice slipped my throbbing cock out of its silky confines.

She pulled my foreskin back up squeezed my cock until she had a large pool of my juice pulled my foreskin back so it coated the whole of my huge mushroom headed cock and slipped it between her big red lipstick lips slowly she fed it into her mouth savouring its taste and lovely slippery head she was moaning loving sucking my cock, I loved watching it go in and out of her mouth glistening with saliva and precum.

She said the way you are looking at it makes me think you would like to suck it also I nodded, come she said and laid me on her bed then she got hold of my legs and helped lift them back over my either side of my head and said open your mouth darling and guided my lovely big cock into my mouth.

I love the taste and feel of my cock as she rocked me slightly back and forth easing my cock further and further into my mouth until I had it all go on suck that lovely cock and cum in your mouth as she was sucking my balls, licking my butt Then she lubed my butt and rubbed her big black dildo around my butt hole and slowly inserted the head and let it settle then slowly eased it in further and further to the limit. I was groaning and slurping as I was lost in the moment as the dildo made me cum and my mouth filled with my lovely cum.

She took my cock out of my mouth to drain all of my remaining cum into her mouth then we kissed passionately sharing my lovely cum then she put the dildo in my mouth to suck. We changed and I put her legs over her head and savoured her oozing big lipped fanny sucking her now huge clit and lips until she writhed in ecstasy cumming and cumming.

She said you can stay dressed like that all day as nobody will come and she took the curlers out and made my hair look fabulous and feminine then she tied it back in her silky scarf as she knew I Ioved the feel.

We kissed for ages after then she said I have bought you some new silky nighties to wear this weekend with your directories, I was looking forward to bedtime to wear them. the rest of the day whizzed by kissing every now and then.

Bedtime came, I took of my stockings and my lovely nylon attire and aunty said raise your arms as she slipped the super soft sheer full nightie down over my head and let it fall to the ground it felt heavenly and she said raise your feet as she slipped a gorgeous pair of sheer big directories up me and over my now erect cock and she stroked it in the nylon then she got another scarf ,black sheer slippery soft and put it right over my head and fashioned it tied behind completely covering my face there she said I think you will love that my cock did as it was throbbing.

Tell me something I know you love sucking you cock and I love helping you it's so exciting, do you ever feel you would like to suck another man's big cock and I nodded, I thought so she said we will have to see what we can do then got up planted her big wet fanny on my face and took my cock out and sucked it again until we were spent and we just drifted off to sleep dreaming of sucking somone's huge cock.

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