My Mother's Needs are Finally Met

by Mama's boy (San Francisco)

I was a bit of a mama's boy covertly wearing mom's panties and pantyhose. Mom found out quickly and provided me with my own feminine wardrobe. I guess she found her panties and pantyhose all inundated with cum.

Mom hadn't been with anyone except me for years now. Her husband, my dad had left us sometime ago. Mom wasn't doing well because dad didn't pay support. Forced to live in a one bedroom apartment I got used to sleeping in mom's bed.

It was cozy and cuddles with mama felt comfy. Even as A teenager I still slept with mama. During the covid crisis we were locked down and I didn't go to school at all dropping out of high school my junior year.

Mom inherited a large sum of cash from her father's estate. We were now comfortable and life was better. Something was missing though. I had not married and mom wasn't interested in anyone but her son. I sensed this because mama seemed to cling to me.

Her panties often were soaking wet and I was using them to masturbate with frequently. Her kisses too were getting longer and involved her tongue snaking into my mouth. Mom started to dress very sexy and believe me she had the body for it.

At only 38, she looked more like 25. With the money we inherited mom got her boobies done and bought a expensive mansion in rural Montana. Far from the staring eyes of others we were isolated miles from anyone.

Mother explained to me about sex and the natural act of love between men and women. How wonderful and fulfilling it could be. I didn't understand what she meant exactly though until she produced a pair of her panties fresh full of my semen.

"Sniffing mommies panties are we"? I admitted I had taken her soiled panties and pantyhose and wore the nylons and inhaled her sweet juices.

"I always knew you had a thing for your mother, now you little pervert show mommy what you can do.... "I was erect now as I was hypnotized by my mother's locked eye contact. Come to your mother... Come closer... I couldn't resist.

Mom was dressed in nothing but panties pantyhose high heels and bra. Her panties were spotted with a coating of vaginal secretions and her mouth wet as she licked her lips. I had earlier that day taken the pills mom gave me and was feeling giddy and my penis was jutting in my panties.

I had worn a pair of silky panties that morning instead of my regular undies. I had increasing been wearing panties and pantyhose since finding them in my room. I guess mom knows about my erotic little escapades and was using it to seduce me.

I had been sniffing mother's sweet panties for over a year now wanting to explore my naughty thoughts about how sweet mother's vagina would taste and even how perhaps my 18 year old penis might feel smothered in mother's pussy. I didn't know why but the excitement was intense.

My courage bolstered by the pills mother had given me. "Mom, those weren't vitamins, what were they"? "Viagra and something to get you all hot and hard for your mother"!

"Mother, I feel so wonderful, I think I understand now"!

"Of course you do lover"!

My mother's hands rubbed my erection through my silky panties sending a jolt of high voltage through me.

"Oh mother, that feels so good"!

"Come with me son."

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