Bill Mom's Waiting

by Anonymous

Dear Bill,

Mother is dressed to please! She’s wearing your favorite outfit along with those "fuck me" high heels. Her vagina is nice and wet, your own penis erect you are in a pair of mom's panties and pantyhose she conveniently left you.

Her door is open and you are along with your horny mommy. She loves to be called "mommy". Her voice is whispering your name, you know it's wrong but you are hard and mom's calling you.

Your penis is tenting the pantyhose and you are also wearing the pretty high heels you found that look so sexy. You look incredibly hot and so feminine.

Mother likes you to look pretty for her, the cravings are undeniable, her needs too are well known to you, you desire the inevitable conjunction of the mother-son connecting.

Her voice is now demanding you to go to her, you can't ignore it any longer, you click into her room in your high heels. Mother is smiling and her finger is pointing to her vagina, her satin sheets are so inviting as you slowly get into her bed.

She caresses your nylons are you need her now more than ever, her pretty panties are soaking. She tells you how lovely you look and it excites you. "mommy i love you so" you tell mommy she's so luscious.

Her soft hands run all over your nylons are pretty panties.

"Son, kiss mommy"! Your lips meet hers and her tongue is meeting yours, you can't fight it. Mommy spreads her nylon clad legs, you slid smoothly on top of her silky torso.

The thought of this action gives you pause, this is so twisted and perverted, incest is so very unreal so incredibly forbidden, mother tells you to do what you must do.

"At last son now's the perfect time"! Your penis is feeling so lusciously hard in the panties, you smell the sweet scent of your mom's vagina, her scent just like her panties you often sniffed beforehand, mother now is thrashing about and is absolutely inconsolable.

"Son, please don't tease your mommy"! You wrestle with your conscience.

She's insatiable and your will to resist is now nonexistent as you grind your silky panties and pantyhose against hers.

You feel the exquisite material bringing you to a premature climax and immediately stop the rubbing of your penis with your smooth lingerie.

You crave the delicious taste of your mom's pussy, pulling her panties to one side you finger her wet vagina, you taste her secretions, your mom is spewing filthy expressions of lust, her word's excite you further, there's no stopping now....

"mommy gonna fuck your sweet wet cunnie"!

"yes, son! Fuck mommy now" you rip her pantyhose after removing her pretty panties, your own nylons are tented and you poke a aperture in the gusset.

she's wildly insane with the desire to have you deeply inside her, the rest is almost history as you wipe your erections in your mom's creamy slit-ready to culminate the act you have needed as much as her.

Satisfaction of the most incredible kind, mother and son incest! Mom’s hot and you offer her your young hard cock. She feels it go in and coos and coyly smiles an evil grin of knowing full well she has you exactly where she wants you.

You feel a magnificent triumphant jubilation of great joy and feel her soft cunt wrapped around your penis.

"Mommy i have wanted this for so long"! Mom’s nodding and again her language is so profane and she's saying you are her personal little sissy boy who is her mother fucker. You admit to the name she's given you.

"I am your little sissy mother fucker"! You want more acceleration of this juicy affirmation of her defiling you as a sissy and a pantyhose wearing mommy's boy. You dip into her needful pussy as she says you are mommy's now and you will only fuck mommy"!

You couldn't be happier as she is reminding you of how sexy and pretty you look, the vitamins mommy gave you were not vitamins- they were Viagra and Adderal. They start to effect you as the stimulating effects make you a jackhammer.

Mother is pleased and tells you just how much of a hot sissy mother fucker you are. You smile and tell mommy you need more hot incestuous pussy.

"Mommy will be there for you whenever you want"!

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