A Sissies Story: Part 5

by Faye Valentine (Illinois)

This strange beautiful women is very curvy with long dark hair, ultra tight leggings and equally tight tank top, walking me in a leash and brings me into a bedroom that look very feminine.

Almost everything is pink she pulls me to the bathroom she starts the tube and strips everything off of me a tells me "get in the tub filthy bitch."

I get in the tub and she adds very feminine smelling soap into the tub and on me then starts cleaning me deeply scrubbing every inch she even shampoos and conditions my long hair.

She lets me stay in for awhile then hands me a toothbrush and mouthwash so I brush my teeth and when I finish she tells me to get out and starts drying me with the softest towel i ever felt.

She looks me up and down and says this isn't going to do she grabs a nail kit and cleans and cuts my nail and put a clear coat over them.n

Now the hair she brushes it and puts some cream in it and then puts it in a partial ponytail and say "now you look presentable sissy."

"Stand In front of the bed pussy" I do and there is a mirror right in front of me and i can see myself i look actually look very good.

She goes into the closet and rumbles around and finally come out holding a pink thong and a frilly pink top and throws it on the bed "now bitch boy put your clothes on slowly like a good little slut.

I do so I slide the thing up slowly and it feels amazing this soap she used made my skin so much softer and sensitive I pull it up into my ass while i twist and bounce. Then I slowing dance into the shirt. "Great bitch you listen good at least now knee down at the end of the bed".

I do so and she grabs strap and ties my hands over my head to the end of the beds beadboard. She stands in front of me and turns around her large round ass is right in front of my face she bends over while pulling down her legging and then slower pulls her g string that I couldn't even tell she had on because of the size of her ass.

She starts shaking her ass and every now and then her butt cheeks hit my nose "you know what sissy I've been at the gym for hours and stop and grabbed a double big mac on my way home large fry and a large vanilla shake and I think I ate to much my stomach was hurting can you help me?"

I go to say say something but before I get a word out she slams her ass into my face with her hole right against my mouth and let's out a long loud fart straight into my mouth I have no choice but to swallow some of it in and then I start running out of air being buried in her ass she let's me get a quick breath before doing it again she moans and laughs "that's it little bitch I'm going to feed you dinner until your full".

This goes on for quite a bit of time.she then orders me "ok little faggot start licking, lick me asshole until your tongue goes numb"

I start licking her hole slowly so she grabs the top of my head and slams my face into her ass, "get that tongue in my asshole little bitch boy" I start licking and pushing my tongue in and out of her ass she moans then pulls me in as tight as she can bu my hair and let's out another fart while my tongue is still in her asshole.

I can't breathe I'm about to pass out she let's me breathe again and slaps my face "listen to me close your going to suck every bit of gas out my asshole or I'm going to beat you down to you black out understand."

I shake my head yes "that's right bitch now get to it" she spreads her ass cheeks open with both hands and backs her asshole to my mouth I start sucking and I can hear the air coming out of her into me it sound like a monster growling "oh yes baby girl just like that."

I keep sucking and inhaling the women's gas she keeps spreading and letting go off her ass to make her cheeks slap my nose.

After what felt like 30 40 minutes she says "ok great sissy you did such a great job I'll reward you, you must be thirsty" I shake my head yes I'm beyond thirsty all I have drank tonight was sperm.

She walks into the bathroom and I hear the water turn on threw the shower head and then suddenly I can don't hear the water hitting the tube anymore but I hear the water still flowing about five minutes go by she walks out and her lower half is wet and she rubbing her much now larger belly very slowly.

"Ok my little puppy bitch I brought you some water now don't waste it or you know what will happen right" I shake my head yes nervously "ok good girl" she proceeds to put her ass in my face again mouth against her asshole l "lick it bitch earn your reward" I stick my tongue out to lick it and before I start licking she pull my head in by my hair and let's water shoot out her ass into my mouth.

I have to keeps swallowing it as fast as I can I'm gulping it down so it doesn't drowned me "oh yes yes it's so good" she says while laughing.

There is to much its spraying out everywhere but I'm still doing my best to swallow as much as I can.

She finally stops, "that was amazing I'm empty I cant believe you did it you ate one sick sissy faggot and laughs now give my ass a kiss and I'll clean you up" I do as I'm ordered and she washes me again them gets a pair and panties and a matching bra out she dresses me.

You can sleep in hear until my man gets back I crawl into bed and it was like laying on a cloud she walks up to me and pulls the pants up into my ass and spanks me hard then hand cuffs my wrist and legs with fuzzy pink hand cuffs and pulls the blanket over me she walks to the door turns the lights off and says "have a good nap your going to need it!"

I close my eyes and pray that I wake up and this was all a dream. I fall asleep!

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