Luscious Lingerie From Mom

by Anonymous

Mmmm. Luscious lingerie from mom.

Mother knows exactly the effect smooth silky lingerie has on her sweet boy, her damp panties and pantyhose left so very conveniently to sniff and slip on their hair free legs.

The boy's already are getting hot and hard for each other, mother realizes this but further encouraged the boys to explore their sexuality.

Mother expanding her wardrobe includes new "fuck me" high heels.

Her updated lingerie is mostly nylon panties, lacey and colorful the silky panties are now put in the boys dressers along with a nice selection of expensive pantyhose, slips, bras, shoes, and even wigs and makeup kits to encourage her boys to explore and feel more comfortable with their mom's acceptance of the new dimensions of androgynous unisexual experiences.

Mother grows impatient knowing her boys sperm is being withheld for each other. mother craves the milky silky seed of her sons creating.

Those testicles are full of my personal sperm, my boy's delicious cum. my mouth needs the tasty succulent seed, the hard cocks of my son's must find their rightful place in mommy's pussy.

The mother's pretty panties are frequently found full of her baby boys sperm, the vital liquid should be better deposited in her needful vagina. the teen cock so virile, so very erect, the mother's vagina so wet, so inclined to accept their youthful appendages.

The brothers grow increasingly inclined to each other's smooth hard cocks in their own mouths and now finding solace in the tight confines of the sissy pussies they've discovered.

The mother's lovely lingerie was so entirely exquisite. The mother now grew far more erotic and daringly exciting to the staring eyes of her cross dressing boys. Her boys that became engrossed in each other now wanted something more.

Cock was great and tight boi pussy fine but mom was strutting her stuff in her 6 inch high heels, her silky thighs rubbing together, her luscious breasts heaving. Her wet lips so pouty and needing something to suck. Her panties so moist and willing.

The boy's now were competing for their mom's affection. the mother was cognizant of them, their youthful cocks jutting out of her panties and pantyhose she provided them. the mother's seductively luscious long legs and wet panties were affecting them.

They lusted for the taste of their mom's tasty vagina. Her nipples so inviting. Her wet panties full of mom's essence. Each inhaled her damp deliciousness. The mother needing to sample the leftover sperm in her panties, to lick it, to smell it.

Her son's now wanted to explore a new and more depraved behavior. The lust for their mom's equally needed desires became the next in the relentlessly desirable pursuit of all out fervent incestuous wanton activities.

The boy's already found that experienced women were better suited to their needs. They had talent. They were able to offer sexual favors that only mom's knew of. They also knew what boys want.

The boy's staying power was legendary. Aunties panties too were so very delicious. Mother had a favorite sister you see. The boy's heard mom and their aunt having incestuous sex. So very perverse so sinful so very satisfying....

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