Lil Mother Fucker's Club

by Mama's Boy (Clovis, Ca, USA)

My Jr high buddies all had a club that turned into something extra special. We would get together for sleep overs at each other's homes. One friend Dennis had a room separate from the house. His sister was older and sometime stayed in the room we were using that night.

He said: "Take a look at this" He opened a trunk and inside was a vast array of colorful lingerie. Countless satin and nylon panties, mostly with lace. Pantyhose and thigh highs, slips girdles,bras,even high heels.

My cock hardened immediately.

Bitchin' huh? he pulled out several pairs of satin panties,pantyhose, and high heels and layed them out on the bed.

'I know you like them -how 'bout we try them on and see how they look and feel?"

I said: "You've worn your sister's things before?" Sure he said, sitting down on the bed he had already began slipping some sheer pantyhose on his legs. They were green Legg's Sheer Energy Pantyhose.

"'Cmon put these on!" I hesitated at first but after he had on his sister's pantyhose his penis was erect under the silky nylon and spandex. I couldn't resist. I quickly had on the shiny nylons and we were both enjoying the smooth fabric against our legs and erect cocks.

"Let's rub our pantyhose against each other's hard dick's -it will feel really nice -I promise-I've done this before".

We layed on the bed next to each other and felt each other's hard cocks through the sheer to the waist all sheer pantyhose. Soon precum was leaking from our nylons and our cocks at full erection.

"Let's see what else my sister's got in here" Soon we were both wearing bras, slips, panties, pantyhose and high heels. Under the bed he found some make up too.

"Pretty nice 'huh" he said. Yeah, I agreed with him. The nylons and silky items felt so exciting on our naked bodies. I never had experimented with trying on girls clothes except my sister's and mom's.

"Ever sucked cock before"? He asked me with a smile on his face already his lips shined with lip gloss. He applied some to my lips. It tasted good. Soon our lips met as we giggled and rubbed each other through the nylons and satin panties.

"Let's pretend we're two sexy girls-lesbians-" I shook my head yes and soon we were in a "69" position. I was overcome with excitement as our cocks bathed each other's in saliva.

"Ever been corn holed"? No, I lied.

"No, but I always wondered what it would be like-but I'm not queer"!

"Listen, you don't have to be queer to enjoy the feeling of silky nylons and cumming as you are being a little sissy. You are aren't you -a little sissy?" Your dick is hard in my sister's pantyhose and panties isn't it?" You want me to fuck your little sissy pussy don't you?"

I thought back to the time when I was young and I was being fucked in my sissy pussy by older neighbor. I came in my mom's panties and ever since had been his little sissy for his pleasure AND MINE.

"Yes, I'm a little sissy and I need your cock in my 'Lil boy cunny!" I submissively spread my legs for Dennis as he said:" You're gonna enjoy this!".

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