My Dream of Being Pegged Finally Came True

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

I have been reading online Husband Pegging Sex Stories from multiple porn sites until I realized one day the only way to get this to happen to me, was to ACCIDENTALLY not clear my Search History and to leave open one of those Husband Pegging Porn sites showing the husband blind folded, tied up, and bent over the arm of a sofa chair. This scene would show a Dominant Wife standing behind him with a large Strap-On Cock fastened around her waist and then showing her fucking the ever loving daylights out of the only Sissy Boi in front of her!

So with everything in place, I left the computer exactly on the Porn site with the man having dirty panties shoved in his mouth and the woman shoving a very large Strap-On Cock into his asshole! So this was what I had planned and now just had to wait for my wife to get home.

I knew she would be late, so I went on to bed, but made sure I slept naked tonight! Sure enough when my wife crawled into bed; she hugged me but sadly turned over and went to sleep. I was pissed now; how could she do this to me! I mean she always checked her email before she came to bed so she HAD TO SEE the PEGGING PORN SITE I had left opened!

What I didn’t know is that our daughter Karen got home first so she was the one that got on the SETUP COMPUTER just as I had left it! It was Karen that saw the multiple pictures of various men, with their asses being royally fucked by a Dominant Wife wearing a giant Strap-On Cock fucking his Boi Pussy! I had no idea that my daughter might see these pictures or read multiple stories telling of how husbands wanted to be pegged hard and often! Anyway Karen took lots of notes and then closed the computer as it should have been NEVER FOR MY WIFE to have a clue what I wanted her to do.

That Saturday, I got a text message on my phone, I didn’t recognize the number but the message told me I had been a Bad Little Girl (WOW little girl) and that she would be back soon to take care of me, signed by my wife! So I followed the instructions and stripped then put on my big girl panties I always kept hidden, then placed a blindfold over my eyes and laid over the end of the guest bed, with . . of course my Boi Pussy waiting!

Sure enough in just a short while, I heard someone come into the guest bedroom and quickly I felt a pair of panties being forced into my mouth! They were wet with piss and I could even taste some cum and especially taste fresh shit! Next she tied my hands behind my back and then reached between my legs and tied a loop around my cock and balls and pulled them back quite hard! Then I felt her push the Strap-On Cock into me, OH YES the monster Strap-On Cock I have been dreaming of, into my Boi Pussy!

More gently than I had expected, but still shoved it into my waiting pussy and man did she take off fucking me! I never thought a cock could be shoved into my asshole harder than this one! Shortly my breathing increased to a pant and I felt like I was about to cum, but Karen noticed my excitement so she yanked on the rope she had tied about my cock and balls and yanked hard!

I screamed loudly and felt like I was going to pass out! Then WOW I heard a second person cough over to the side of the bed! I knew it had to be a second person, because the first one was still fucking my Boi Pussy! I tried but couldn’t speak with the nasty panties still in my mouth so I laid there letting this wonderful fucking take place! I started to wonder WHO my wife had brought with her into the bedroom to witness my Forced Pegging taking place. Then it all became clear, much to my fear!

“Becky go on and zoom in on her face while I bury this cock deep into her pussy!” MY DAUGHTER SAID!!!! “So Daddy, I had no idea that you really was a little gurl that wanted her pussy fucked my some big bad man! Guess who saw your Sissy Boi Pussy sites you left open on the computer DAAAAAADDY?”

Karen, my sweet daughter, had in fact seen all that I had only wanted my wife to see and it was in fact Karen that was fucking my asshole right this moment! Oh God, I wish I could just talk to her and explain that this was all just one big mistake! Just when I thought I was going to be allowed to speak, the panties came out of my mouth but they were replaced with another pair equally as nasty! As they were pushed into my mouth the fresh piss actually flowed down my throat! I felt the Strap-On Cock pull out of my asshole and then they yanked back really hard on the rope they owned me with! My poor cock and balls felt like they could fall off me! Within a couple of minutes I felt that cock being pushed back into my asshole!

“Mr. Hall,” Becky said, “You know me quite well, since I have been coming to your house since Karen and I was in First Grade together!” I had never actually even heard of SISSY BOI PEGGING until Karen told me about your favorite websites and showed me a couple of videos of little girls, just like you sweetheart, having their little Boi Pussies fucked by some big bad man! I know you’re enjoying me fucking your pussy and you will get to enjoy it quite often too, trust us dear!”

Then I felt her pull that Strap-On Cock out of my pussy again and quicker than I expected I felt it being rammed, no forced back into my pussy! I screamed again as this time it felt even bigger, my God, had they brought more than one Strap-On Cock I wondered!

“So honey how do you like felling a real man’s cock fucking your sweet little pussy?” A man asked? “Karen told me how much you wanted to give you sweet little boi pussy to a real man so she invited me over here today!”

“Daddy this is one of my good friends who just happens to be known around town for enjoying Bi-Sexual fucking, that is fucking new little gurl’s pussies!” Karen told me. “Sweet daddy, we’ve been filming this entire event just for you, and whoever else we might show it to!”

“Daddy I guess the most important thing is for you to decide today is if you want mother to see this film and if you want me to share your sweet little pussy desires with her, or if you want to continue to share your sweet pussy with all my friends!!” Trust me daddy, I have lots of friends and I am quite sure I’ll have even more when this film gets shared around town, hell even more when I posted on it the internet and start taking reservations for the MULTIPLE MEN that want to fuck your little girl pussy!” She said laughingly! Then she pulled the nasty panties out of my mouth and I waited a couple of minutes expecting to feel another pair returned in their place!

“Oh Karen, I am so sorry,” I sobbed, all the while with this he-man still behind me fucking my Boi Pussy with all his might! “I only wanted your mother to see those pages, I mean I only wanted her to, oh shit Karen I never thought you would find out my desire to be fucked like the Pussy Boi I desire to become! You see you mother really has no desire for sex anymore and I do, so I was hoping, you know . . .”

“Yes daddy we know as long as you can get your sweet little Boi Pussy fucked by real men; you will be the happiest little girl in town!” Karen replied! “SO here is what you are going to do! First you need to rent a nice town house in a nearby city, then finish it to the max and have it fully stocked with all the liquor and beer there is on the market! Then I’ll set up the webpage giving all the instructions, details, pictures and PRICING for everyone that wants to Schedule Dates to come and fuck your cute little Boi Pussy! Of course I get all the proceeds from your whoring activities and if you are smart you will not let on to mother in any way shape or form! Got it sweetheart? How about we call the new company HALLS P INC to show up on all the credit cards!”

“Karen could he stop fucking me so we can talk? I asked.

“Daddy you had better get used to working and talking at the same time,” I told him, “also we can’t have anyone finding out it is your Boi Pussy they are fucking so I will have a Designer Opening made into a bedroom wall with a bench inside for you to lie on. You can go in to your room, then climb up onto the bench, and slide your legs through the hole leaving your more than ready Boi Pussy hanging out ready to service the masses! We’ll schedule the dates in the evenings and only four nights each week. This way you can tell mother that your new job has you traveling every week and you’ll be out of town. I’ll get you a nice headset you can wear so you can take your calls, especially from mother on any evening you’re out of town on work! Daddy this is going to be so great!”

I started to reply as I felt this guy’s, quite nasty cock push into my mouth!

“Daddy suck him off real good, there is a bit of your shit on his cock and he can’t go home dirty, you get right to it daddy?” Karen instructed me! “Becky make another note, we’ll need to make sure she has a douche every evening before her dates arrived so she will be nice and clean! This needs to be a top notch operation if we’re going to get a 5 Star rating by the Greater Midwest SISSY BOI RANCHES of America!

“Karen, do you think we might be able to branch out to service two types of clienteles?” Becky asked. “Your daddy can service all the men that want to fuck Boi Pussies and down the hall we could have another room with its Designer Opening where different ladies could take turns getting a GOOD FUCKING!”

“Becky, you little whore,” I called her, “What a brilliant idea for sure! I know you will want to be one of them that services the REAL WOMEN HOLE and oh yea there are several others that would like to be FUCKED WELL without anyone knowing who’s pussy they are fucking!”

“Hell Becky, maybe we could even get mother over here, drug her, and let them take turns fucking her pussy!” I said, “Hey daddy what do you think, maybe that might help mother get back into having sex with you . . . hell maybe even with me . . . hell Daddy has mother ever eaten pussy?”

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