'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 6

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 6: Ohh That Was Good

Again I was running home (seems I’ve been doing a lot of that lately) from school in anticipation of showing off my new Girl Scout Uniform to Karen. It took me almost 10 minutes to put the uniform on; getting my new seamed nylons straight was the hard part. And in my rush I almost forgot the ‘butterfly’ (don’t worry it’s now safe in my panties).

Grabbing Karen’s dress, slip and petticoat I ran to her place. Karen was waiting for me at the front door which she opened before I knocked. Hi Patty, aren’t you just a cutie today. I handed her dress, slip and petticoat to her and thanked her very much. Oh yes, Karen noticed my uniform alright (she was smiling from ear to ear) and ‘giggling’.

Oh Karen I have so much to tell you. My mother caught me in your dress when the zipper stuck and I couldn’t get it off. When she unstuck the zipper and took my dress off she found me wearing her lingerie and there was hell to pay for that. As punishment she gave me a bubble bath, shampooed me and put my hair in curlers.

After that she put red nail polish on my finger and toes. She combed my hair out and told me how pretty I was. Now get this Karen, and then she pulled this Girl Scout Uniform out of her closet and told me to put it on. All this because the zipper stuck on your dress. Karen had been listening intently and now had a huge smile on her face. Oh I almost forgot, my mom and I have a fashion shopping date next Saturday.

Then Karen said ‘Isn’t your 14th birthday coming up pretty soon Patty. What do you think she’ll get you?’ Karen I forgot all about it, wow, it’s next Friday. I’ll be 14 and in high school next year! What’s she going to give me, I have no idea. Maybe she’s going to turn you into a ‘proper’ girl not just a sissy.

She wants a daughter and you’re it Dear. Look how nice you look in your Girl Scout uniform. Is Barbara still sucking on your boobs, I’ll bet their getting larger. I really hadn’t noticed any difference Karen. Patty I’ll bet next month you’ll have ‘A+’ cups and growing. Yep, your mother wants a daughter all right.

I thought about that for a little while, just looking at Karen and not saying a word. Finally I came out of my ‘Sissy Trance’. I don’t know how I feel about that Karen. That would mean I’ll have to date boys, and kiss them and only you know what comes next. Yes Patty you’ll have to date, go parking, and have to put up with their ‘Roaming’ hands all over you Patty.

Wow Karen I hadn’t thought about that, but that doesn’t sound all bad. Remember Patty I’m almost 2 years older than you and I’ve seen it all. Karen, will you always be there for me? Yes Patty, my ‘Princess’, I’ll be here for my ‘Virgin Sister’.

I was so happy that I couldn’t contain myself. I started kissing Karen and unconsciously I started ‘petting’ her nice little tits. But to my surprise Karen was kissing me back and I could feel her hand on my ‘nubbie’ little tits. Ohhhh, I whispered in Karen’s ear, ooohhhh. You like that don’t you, follow me and I’ll give you a preview of what the boys will try.

Karen headed for her bedroom with me following. She sat on her bed and motioned me to sit next to her. Closer Dear, pretend we’re in a car, parking on the top of a hill overlooking a picturesque lake on a summer night. Ohhhhh, I muttered. Then slipping my ‘Merit Badge Sash’ off she gave me a big, sloppy wet, kiss.

Then, while still kissing me, with her right hand around me holding me close, her left hand was unbuttoning my blouse. I was moaning in ecstasy and didn’t know she had her ‘Roaming’ hand inside my bra until she ‘tweaked’ my nipple. But before I could stop her my ‘butterfly’ went off. Slowly at first and gradually faster until I yelled out ’Ohhhhhh’ and let a load of cream go in my new panties.

There Patty, did you like that? Oh yes, yes, dearest Karen, I most certainly did. ‘I wet my panties Karen’ I shamefully admitted. Oh I’ve got a ‘fix’ for that Patty and she moved to her dresser, opened a drawer and pulled out a ‘Kotex Pad’. Returning she handed it to me and directed ‘put this in your panties Slut’.

Karen you’ve never talked to me like that. That’s the way boys will talk about you after you give them ‘some’ Patty, just go with it. If you don’t want to ‘put out’ that night just tell them you’re ‘on the rag’ and they’ll leave you alone.

It was getting late in the day and it was time to go home so I kissed Karen, and got one last feel of her nice tits (and she was feeling me up too, oohhhh it felt so good) and I said goodbye.

On the short walk home the Kotex between my legs was driving me crazy (in a good way). Smiling to myself (and giggling) I opened my door only to find mom home early. Well hello my little sissy I see you’ve been playing in your new dress. Then she came over and gave me a big hug (pushing her ample tits deep into my chest, oohhhh) and an open mouth kiss (WOW, what a kiss).

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