My Sister Helped Me Become A Gurl: Pt 3

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Debbie laid down beside me and took me in her arms. She was crying now and kept holding me tighter and tighter! “Sweetheart I am so sorry!” Debbie said still crying, “What Fred did was wrong . . wrong and even mean . . I am so sorry he pushed his cock into your mouth . . and shit I can smell cum . . he shot his cum in your mouth . . that asshole . . I am so sorry honey!”

“Debbie,” I began to speak, “please don’t cry . . yes me put his cock into my mouth . . and yes I sucked it . . it was sort of ok . . I mean while I was sucking on it I thought I was you . . you know . . when you said you wished you had . . well you had sucked dad’s cock that time . . you remember right sis? And he was pinching my clit and . . well I pushed out some cum . . and he liked it . . Debbie he put his fingers in his mouth and sucked them!” Debbie still held me very tightly and she too began to rub . . well she actually was pinching my clit like Fred did . . but I think in a good way . . right . . sure she was being nice!

Less than a week later Debbie and I were in our own apartment! It was much nicer than back home or even staying with Mrs. Thompson and Becky! Debbie was being so nice to me as she continued letting me smelling her pussy; licking it and drinking down her cum! But the best part of about a month after we moved in together she told me she had a present for me!

“Bobby you remember when I spoke about a man putting his cock into a woman’s pussy,” Debbie began sharing, “well for you to have that same feeling . . I mean to know how it feels to be fucked . . oh shit Bobby come in here and lay down on the bed.” This time I didn’t need to strip because around our apartment we both were naked all the time! Lie on your back and bring your legs up to you butt! “I purchased what is called a dildo which people . . both women and men use to fuck themselves when that don’t have a real man around with his cock . . you know naked and hard!” She said and then told me to relax as she rubbed grease into my asshole and then she pushed this dildo into me!

“Honey I’m going to go real easy so you can get used to the feeling of this cock . . well dildo in your asshole,” Debbie began instructing me, “And Bobby we can call it your pussy because that is where you are going to get fucked my either a woman using a fake cock like I am or a man using his real cock . . does that make sense sweetie? Bobby I truly feel the only way you’ll be happy is to live like a girl . . I mean sweetie . . only as a girl . . that’s what you really want to be . . right honey!”

Debbie actually gave me over a year to answer her question. Each night we would make love to one another her allowing me to smell her pussy, to lick it and kiss it . . she even allowing me to drink down all of her cum she produced. In addition to her kissing me on my lips she would kiss and lick my clit making me hard . . but only when she would fuck me with the dildo she purchased . . then I would push out cum from my little clit!

Debbie would style my hair as it grew long and begun purchasing beautiful dresses for me to wear around our apartment . . she told me how beautiful I looked in them and many of her friends both female and male paid me wonderful complements as to my feminine appearance!
Finally on my 21st birthday Debbie held me in her arms and asked me to answer her questions!

“Yes I understand what you are asking me and it does make sense . . I mean everything that you have allowed me to enjoy and all that you have allowed me to feel . . it has been wonderful dear . . truly wonderful!” I shared with her.

“Bobby I want to share with you some important next steps for you need to . . steps that will change your life and continue to bring you more and more pleasure!” Debbie said embracing me with a deep wet kiss! “Sweetheart I have learned so much about helping you fully embrace the woman you desire to be . . so I will guide you through this entire process love!”

Debbie pulled out a small bottle that had some liquid in it and then picked up a syringe with a needle attached to it!

“Bobby this is pure Estrogen, which is a powerful Female Hormone that will help your body quickly transition into a woman! You will develop breasts and you tiny testicles will become even smaller . . so much so they will no longer be in your way! This wonderful medicine will even make you clit more sensitive to touch and make your orgasms even larger!” Debbie explained.

Over the next many months I continued receiving my Estrogen shots twice a day and just as Debbie has promised I had grown breasts which filled a 34B bra . . fully! She had also purchase a new accessory for my pleasure . . I think. . a large Strap-On Cock . . it was so beautiful especially when Debbie would wear it and put the tip of her cock against my lips for me to kiss! She took me from kissing this cock to sucking on it and how sexy I looked having this cock in my mouth! Soon she began talking to me in such a sensual way when I was sucking this cock and then . . with my eyes closed . . Debbie would withdraw this cock and then reinsert it with the most amazing smell and taste! She would tell me to suck this cock clean and to enjoy this taste as it was my new favorite in my life!

“Bobby doesn’t this remind you of sucking Mr. Thompson’s cock sweetie,” Debbie asked me, “can you taste Fred's cum again . . you remember how it tasted . . right young lady . . I know you remember . . oh yes sweetest . . oh yes!” She asked as she fucked me mouth harder!

What I didn’t know was Debbie had a couple of her man friends provide her with their sperm which she was feeding me by dipping this cock into those fluids! After I had cleaned this cock she would have me lie on my back and she would lift my legs . . with love . . well some wild look in her eyes she would fuck me with her cock . . I mean the Strap-On cock!

On my 22nd birthday Debbie purchased for me an entirely new wardrobe including everything from new panties and bras to new dresses and shoes, I mean everything a girl could every dream of! That evening set sat down with me and continued sharing such wonderful knowledge.

“Sweetheart now that you are a woman I think you should have a new name . . one that matches your sexy body! How about Barbara . . love what do you think?” She asked me.

"Oh Debbie I think that is a wonderful girl name. Will this name allow me to go out and truly live like the woman you have helped me become dear?” I asked almost with a moan!

That Saturday evening one of Debbie’s friends arranged a large party which we attended. So many new people and every one of them seemed to be staring at me . . yes me! Finally the band began to play and this charming man approached me and asked me to dance!

“Yes I would love to dance with you sir!” I told him.

We danced to so many song and he held me as I had dreamed I would be held . . pressing my breasts against his chest and his right hand properly placed just on my buttock! I could see others watching us dance and they had such smiles on their faces . . I knew I had truly become a woman!

“Barbara,” Sam whispered, “would you like to get out of here sweetheart? I have a special room reserved just for the two of us . . yes so special dear!” I left with him and we drove such a short time before he pulled into a driveway. Of course he opened his ladies door and walked me to the front door.

“Sweetheart, if you will allow me I would love to help you celebrate your Cumming Out Night . . just as Debbie has allows planned for you.” Sam helped me out of my dress and my high heels . . then lead me to this beautiful bed with rose petals all over it! As I laid there . . looking up at him . . I watched as he released his beautiful cock . . so large . . so black . . oh yes I thought!

“Barbara it give you a choice . . sweet lady . . I would love to enter your pussy with my cock . . or young lady . . you can suck upon my cock first . . you getting to more in the mood . . well . . my cock or your pussy?” He said with a big smile! I reached out and pulled him down on me and felt him push his cock deep inside of my waiting pussy!

“Oh yes . . please Sam . . don’t stop love . . oh your cock feels so wonderful . . so warm . . God yes!” I was screaming now as I felt his hot cum shooting so deep inside of me! Sam was such a good man . . as he made love to me two more times . . filling me with his cum . . before he pulled out and gave me a kiss good night!

“Sleep well Barbara . . I wish you the best dreams of your life . . sleep well!” He whispered to me. The next morning Sam and I showered together after he had fucked me twice more! After we enjoyed a wonderful brunch . . he drove me home.

Debbie met me at the front door and gave Sam a sweet kiss goodbye.

“So sweetie,” She began, “how does it feel to be a woman . . good right . . I suppose you won’t want that silly old Strap-On Cock anymore . . do you love?”

“Debbie I don’t know that I have words yet,” I started replying, “his cock was wonderful . . oh he knew how to use it . . he drove it so hard and so deep . . it was pure bliss! But dear sister . . I have been and I will always be yours . . to love . . to kiss . . and yes dear . . to fuck . . now and always . . please fuck me . . fuck me right now . . oh yes with your cock!”

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