Mother's Sweet Baby Boy

by Kim Cummings (Clovis, Ca, USA)

My dearest mom loved me probably too much. Cuddling and often stating how cute, adorable and pretty I was.

Everyone agreed with her of course. With blonde hair and blue eyes, tall and beautiful both boys and girls alike admired me. The older boys tried to get me to play at their house. Often having sleep overs.

We sometimes had contests when we would see how high we could shoot our cum into the air. The older boys offered to reciprocate oral cock sucking provided I agreed to give them a nice long lick/suck.

One of my friends sister's had a drawer chock full of sexy lingerie and nylons and hot feminine attire. He said if I wanted, we could borrow some of her gorgeous things and kind of enjoy trying on.

The nylons and dresses and bras and things. My penis twitched and stiffened glancing at the large selection of girly gear. He smiled as my eyes widened and my boner was quite noticeable.

"Take a look at these satin panties, they are so smooth and feel absolutely sensational on your cock,! Wouldn't you love to slip these silky panties on"? Unzipping his pants, he showed me he was already wearing a baby blue pair of satin panties.

"Aren't these bitching"?

"Here, feel the material"! I ran my hands over the incredibly soft nylon panties and they felt so silky!

"Why don't we close the door and change into the lingerie"?

"But what if someone finds out"?

"Don't worry, every one is gone and it will be a lot of fun"!

"I can tell you really want to"

"Here, put these on" My hands shook as I quickly slipped on a pair of nylons and a nice bra. I was so excited, my penis was erect and were squealing and breathing hard.

He said that I had a nice cock. Reaching over, he ran his hand over the silky panties. Ohh, that feels good!

"Feel my panties too"! I reached over and he got excited as I caressed his hard penis through the sensuous material of the panties. The pantyhose also felt smooth and I thought how hot feeling they were on my legs.

"Don't the nylons and panties feel great"!

"Yeah they do" I exclaimed.

"I'll tell you what, let's rub our leg's against each other" He was older than me and I was so turned on I quickly agreed.

We lied down and grinded our silky legs against each other's. Soon he rubbed my panties causing my penis to ooze out pre-cum. I returned the favor and soon was squealing as I shot my copious load in the panties.

"Your turn" I brazenly took his penis in my mouth and he quickly came.

"Will your sister find out we borrowed her things"?

"No he told me. We have a special relationship and she already knows about my fetish, in fact, she thinks it's kind of hot."

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