Miss Alice's Lingerie Shop: Part 1

by Peter (Greece)

It's difficult to know where my story really begins. It was back in the mid 1960's when I became aware of my, shall we say, penchant for ladies underwear. I was still quite young and had a sister nearly three years older. We attended the same Grammar school, her by this time being in the upper sixth form. School uniform was of course obligatory, blazer and slacks or shorts for the boys and blazer and grey pleated pinafore dresses for the girls. With black stockings! Yes! Before tights became popular.

Black stockings and suspender belts. Now in spite of the age difference, my sister and I were similar sizes and were often mistaken for twins. Both blonde haired, pale fair skin and slim too. So one day, when I was putting some clothes into the laundry basket in the bathroom and noticed some of her underwear in there as well, curiosity took hold of me and I lifted them out. The black suspender belt, quite plain, by Playtex I noticed, elasticated with a three 'hook and eye's fastening. And I wrapped it around my waist....just curious....but it didn't feel right with trousers on. So....

Now I knew mum was out and dad was at work but my sister was knocking around somewhere so I closed and locked the door. Quickly I dropped and removed my trousers then my 'Y' fronts too. Wrapping the suspender belt once again round my waist I fastened the hooks and slid it around until the little black bow was to the front. I looked in the mirror hanging behind the door. I looked...well...almost girly!

The stockings! Must try them too. Oh god! The sensation as the nylon slid up my legs was indescribable. Wonderful. Sensuous. I struggled to fasten them up, never having used suspenders before but eventually I managed. Then looked in the mirror again. Oh wow! From the waist down I looked like a girl! A naked girl....except for my little cock, now rock hard and jutting up my smooth stomach. Where's the knickers? I must try the knickers! I went back to the laundry box and found them. Just ordinary black cotton knickers, panties if you like, but the crotch felt moist. I raised them to my nose and sniffed, intrigued.

It was like a rush of blood to my head! Urine, stale urine, my sister's piss. I inhaled deeply! Then my tongue slid out and I tasted! Salty, sour and just beautiful. I was back in front of the mirror, cock in hand now, wanking furiously, sucking the crutch of my sister's dirty knickers and I started coming. Long spurts of my still, milky white spunk splashing on the mirror. And the gentle tap on the door and my sister's voice asking ''Are you in there Peter? Are you OK?'' only made it seem, well...better, ruder, filter! She's talking to me and totally unaware that I'm sucking stale piss from her dirty knickers, dressed in her suspender belt and stockings, and coming like an express train.

''Yes, I'm on the loo!'' I croaked ''Be out in a minute.''

I heard her move away down the passageway and quickly stripped her undies off and shoved them back in the basket before dressing, flushing the toilet and opening the door. She was stood, waiting, arms folded, fingers tapping impatiently.

''Come on! I'm bursting!'' She said and pushed past me hurriedly. The door swung closed...then opened again suddenly.

''What you been up to!'' she asked. ''What's this?'' pointing at the mirror behind the door, where my spunk was trickling down the glass to drip from the frame onto the floor. ''You'd better get this cleaned up before mum finds it. Dirty little bugger!'' Then laughing as she closed the door again.

I stayed outside, ear pressed to the door and heard the sound of her pee splashing into the toilet. I was hard again and scampered off to my room.

In five minutes she's at my door, pushing it wide open, then leaning against the door frame, sort of grinning slyly.

''What you been doing with these Peter?'' holding up those same black cotton knickers. ''These are all wet! Here...round the crotch. As if someone has been..er..licking them! And these,'' holding up her suspender belt and stocking, ''they're still warm! As if someone has just taken them off! That wouldn't be you? Would it? Peter, was it you?''

I was scarlet faced now, tears of embarrassment forming in my eyes, realizing I'd been well and truly caught.

Then she threw the undies onto the bed where I was sitting!

''Come on then! Put them on again! Lets see what you look like dressed up! You dirty little boy..or..little girl! Haha! Come on little girl! Get those boy-clothes off and put my undies on. Or I'll tell mum what you've been up to!''

''Please Sam!'' She's Samantha. ''Please don't make me...''

''Shut up!'' she hissed, ''Do it! NOW!''

Meekly I obeyed and started stripping off.

''All of them! Shirt and vest! Get naked! I want you naked!''

''And turn round! Stop hiding! Let me see...Oh Wow...you're hard! You're loving this, aren't you, you little tart! I wish I had some of my school mates here to see this! You're dripping! Your cock's dripping! And you're not even wearing my stuff yet! Come on! Hurry up!'

I think I showed my inexperience dressing and she came close to help me, kneeling at my feet to ease the stockings once again up my trembling legs, fastening the suspenders correctly, then totally surprising me as she dashed to her room and returned with a pair of her high heeled shoes, black patent leather. We were both amazed when they fitted.

''They'll give your legs more shape.'' She explained ''and here! You might as well put this on too!'' Handing me one of her old, black training bras and whispering ''You've got no breasts but we'll pad them out a bit!''

''Oh! And here you are! I've just taken them off! Sorry the gusset is a bit wet but I started peeing my pants waiting for you to open the bathroom door. But I'm sure you wont mind, will you..eh? Sucking some more piss from my knickers. Like you did before..eh? And wanking too..eh? While big sister watches you? Let me see you come again! Like before! There was lots on the mirror, wasn't there! I enjoyed licking it off. My little girly sisters spunk! So tasty.''

By now I was wanking again and Sam knelt in front of me, gazing enraptured, leaning forward from time to time, her tongue lapping up the copious clear pre-come oozing down my cock!

''Come in my mouth you dirty little slut'' she moaned ''Give me your spunk!'' And tilted her head back, mouth agape, tongue sticking out and my spunk jetted over her lips and tongue, her cheeks and eyes, splattering her hair as she gulped and swallowed what she could.

Later, cleaned up, me back as a boy again, we sat and she cuddled me to her, something she'd never done before.

''I was serious about some of my girl friends coming to see you, dressed sexy of course, maybe help you get dressed if you'd like..eh?''

My cock was hardening again....

''And you come so much there's plenty to share! You'd like that, wouldn't you?''

Fully erect now and a wet patch in my trousers...

''But I think you need some undies of your own. Fishnet stockings, crotchless panties, maybe a full corset or...or...a Basque! One of those sexy French ones! Oh! And make up, and a wig or let your hair grow long! It's the fashion now!''

As she talked gently I started to picture myself as a girl, a naughty girl, a tart, a whore for her friends and her to use...her hand softly rubbing my aching cock through my pants...

''I'm going to arrange for you to meet Miss Alice. She has a lingerie shop in town and I think she'd be absolutely delighted to see you. You're just the type of young cock she's looking for!''

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