'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 11

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 11: A Date With Bob

For the next few months Karen, Sandy, Kathy, Louise and I had become real close friends. We spent hours trying on each other’s clothes; it was a lot of fun. They had Poodle Skirts, Square Dance Dresses and Petticoats, Tight Skirts and Full Skirts, and even some Suits (I really liked Sandy’s pink one).

The only items that wouldn’t fit me properly was Sandy’s and Louise’s bra’s (Sandy had ‘C’ cups, Louise had ‘DD’s, and all I had were little ‘B-’s). By now I had been naked in front of them all and there were no secrets.

Louise really liked it when I cupped a breast in both hands and sucked her nipple ‘hard’. And I loved it when they all ‘gang mauled’ me, taking a tit in each mouth and sucking my little ding dong, they made me so excited that I shot a stream of hot steamy cum down someone’s throat (I never knew who had the ‘Dong’ duty). Oh those were the carefree days.

Then one day after school we were all playing ‘Dress-up’ in my room when my mom knocked on my bedroom door. Son, Bob’s here and wants to see you, OK mom, I’ll be right out. In a panic, I quickly changed into my ‘boy clothes’ (Bob didn’t know I was almost a ‘girl’) and went out to see Bob.

‘Hi’ Bob what’s up. Do you know a girl named Patty? She told me she lives somewhere around here. Oh sure, she’s my twin sister, but she’s not home right now. She’s out somewhere (that was fast thinking, patting myself on the back).

Would you tell her I came by? Oh and would you come by tonight and we talk about Patty, and we can play some cards or something. I sure will (I’d do anything to be near Bob). Great, I’ll see you at 7 then, and he walked off.

I couldn’t wait to tell the girls I had a date with Bob that night (I didn’t tell them it was Brian that had the date, not Patty). The girls had a lot of questions; where are you going? What are you going to do? Are you going parking? Are you going to go all the way? They were still asking questions as I eased them out of my room, and out of the house. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow my sweets (Giggle).

At 7pm I started walking to Bob’s house (it was only a block away) and I let my mind wander from the great time I had with him at the Cotillion Dance, to what was I going to do as a boy (if I had only known what was in store for me).

Wow, I was already at his door and he was on the steps waiting for me. Come on in Brian, my folks won’t be home for another 3 or 4 hours (his folks both worked at the same factory as my mom) so we’ve got the whole house to ourselves (an alarm should have sounded in my head).

I followed him into the kitchen and we both sat down at the kitchen table. Well Sir, Bob started right in on Patty. He told me of all the fun he had at the dance with her (I just smiled) including the part where he felt her up. He told me how nice and firm her boob was. I just looked and listened to his story as he continued on about my (Patty’s) virtues. When he was done he asked me to do the ‘ground work’ for him to get another date. Sure Bob I’ll do my best for you (smiling a knowing smile).

Ok Brian, now how about some cards, do you know ‘Poker’, oh of course you do. I’ll get some cards and a rack of chips. Bob came right back, set the deck and chips down, and offered me a drink. ‘How about a ‘Coke’ I said. He said ‘No, I said a drink, like rum and coke, or whiskey and 7up’. Oh sure, I’ll have a Whiskey and 7 (well I was almost 15. It was time).

Getting the drinks, Bob handed each of us $25 in chips, and started dealing, saying ‘Stud’ is the game. Well stud is a fast game and it didn’t take half a hour for me to lose all my chips. Bob said that really sucked, there was no sense of winning, or losing. We need to try something else, how about strip poker, there’s a looser there. OK I said with a smile. We relocated the game to Bob’s bedroom where we wouldn’t be disturbed.

Over the first 8 hands we were pretty even, we had both lost our shoes and socks. Then Bob had a losing streak were he lost his shirt and pants. I was amazed at the size of the bulge in his shorts (Bob noticed me staring and smiled) wow, I muttered.

Everything seems to go in cycles and I lost my shirt (literally). Now my tits were out in the open air for all to see. And Bob was looking, boy was he looking. On the next hand I lost my pants. So there we were, Bob sitting in his shorts, and me in my Pink Panties. Bob was drooling he wanted me so bad (and I wanted to give it to him).

OK, Bob said, put your shirt and pants on, this time there’ll be a penalty, whoever loses will have to put Amelia’s clothes on and walk around the outside of the house. Ok I said and the challenge was on. Again my shirt was the first to come off. And out came Amelia’s 36DD bra. It was a little big but Bob said I’d grow into it (tee-hee).

Next I lost my pants (this was Bob’s night) and out came Amelia’s full slip. Bob slid it over my head and down (I almost had an orgasm when that silky material slid over my body). Ok outside bitch. But Bob what about a dress? You don’t have anything to trade, so no dress, out bitch.

Walk down to your apartment and back. Walking down and back I could see everyone in their living rooms, and if they looked out, they could see me also. Back at Bob’s he said well I guess it’s cold your nipples are sticking straight out.

Oh Bob, I’m so excited, walking down the street in just a slip (giggle). Then Bob grabbed me and gave me a ‘Deep Throat’ kiss, I was automatically sucking his tongue (like it was his dick) and kissing him back. He led me to his bedroom, got out of his clothes (OMG it was huge), laid me down on his bed and he got on top of me.

We kissed and he played with my tits, he even sucked my nipples making me moan like a whore. Then getting up he placed his huge cock on my lips and I automatically opened my mouth (this was my first time) and in it went.

Oh, it was so big (about 5” around, and 8 or 10” long) and he slid it right in and down my throat. Oh, it tasted so good, my first man-meat and I loved it. He started ‘pumping’, pulling it almost all the way out and then back in, he pumped till it started to throb and I knew he was filling me with his ‘Baby Juice’.

When he pulled it out it gave one more ‘squirt’, some went in my mouth, but most went all over my face. We both laughed at that (what a sight I must have been covered in his ‘Baby Juice’).

Well ‘Patty’ how about wearing a dress over next time Love. I’ll do that Bob, we’ll have fun (fun for sure, we’ll both have cum snacks). We got Amelia’s clothes put back just in time as we heard the car doors slam, they were home. I kissed Bob goodnight and left as they were walking in.

I smiled all the way home.

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