Sordid Affair: Part 1

by Malcolm (UK)

My wife was away for the week so I was free to indulge in my secret life. I brought the old suitcase down from the loft and laid out my female clothes.

I took a shower and shaved myself all over. I often did this so my wife wouldn't find it unusual on her return. I dried myself and put on a matching purple floral bra panties and suspender belt.

I opened the packet of brand new tan colored stockings and slid them up my legs. I stepped into the short floral dress and with a bit of a struggle managed to zip it all the way up.

With each item of clothing my female persona took over. I was acting more daintily as I moved about. I sat before the mirror and began putting on my makeup.

I had practiced this before, viewing videos online, and was getting quite proficient. Once I was satisfied I took the wig and carefully fitted it in place letting the auburn curves fall about my shoulders.

I had dressed many times before getting more adventurous even going out in the car and taking a stroll. This time though I had something new.

A secret smart phone. I turned it on and used the camera to take some pics. I added a necklace and a couple of bracelets. Once I had a few good ones I signed into craiglist.

There was my profile as Carol looking for men. I had received a few looks, but no messages. I uploaded the best of my pics and set the phone aside. I put on my heels and practiced walking about the house enjoying being female.

When I checked the phone there were a few messages. It felt good that I had guys saying nice things about how I looked, answered thanking them.

Some suggested meeting up but they were far away. Then a Derek messaged me, he was only 10 miles away. He was aged 66 divorced and able to accommodate.

He was almost twice my age I was 36, but in my fantasies I had always imagined older men. He was a builder and rather on the large side, but strong looking too.

He asked if I was dressed now. I told him yes I had only just taken the photos. He asked if I wanted to go to him.

I didn't answer straight away. I felt conflicted I was a married man, it had just been fantasies so far.

But the thrill of it, the naughtiness, the desire to experience a man.

I picked up the phone, there was a new message from Derek one word "Well?"

I replied "Ok, what's the address?"

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