Taking Her Place

by Janae

It all started when my best friend Bruce caught me crossdressing. He was married to Tina and we all knew each other. I knew Bruce had a touch of bisexuality in him and that proved true.

Bruce caught me in my apartment. I had on a princess blouse with my C cup falsies and bra. A denim skirt, coffee pantyhose and a cute pair of wedge pumps. I was in full make up and had my hair in curls.

Bruce took pics of me and blackmailed me to have sex with him. He had me start by making out with him on the couch. We made out like two horny teens. Having Bruce feel me up and running his tongue deep in my mouth just about made me pass out.

But then I was placed kneeling between his legs. He took my head into his hands and filled my mouth with his cock. My mouth was being used for him to masturbate and he used his phone to video it.

Bruce stopped and stood me up. He reached under my skirt and pulled off my panties. I was put on the floor in a doggie style position and felt Bruce push his cock inside me. He fucked me for a few minutes and I heard him groan.

Suddenly I felt a hot liquid filling my insides. Bruce had cum inside me! He laid with me and kissed me for a few minutes. Then told me I better keep this quite and he had to get home to Tina.

Well Tina wanted to know where Bruce had been and he made lies up. Tina checked his phone when he was asleep and found the pics and video of me. She went ballistic. She told Bruce he was going to move in with me and they would divorce.

She wanted to punish me as well and her and Bruce's sister Barbara came up with a plan. While Bruce was at work they came to our apartment. I was put in bondage for several days until I agreed with their payback.

I was told I was to become Tina. They began by calling me Tina all the time. Over the next few months, I was made to act,dress and behave just like her. I had the exact same wardrobe as her. Did my makeup and hair like her. I ate the same food as her.

I was taught how her and Bruce had made love and was videotaped to assure success. Finally, I was made to go and get a driver's license in her name. I took her Birth Certificate to the DMV. I told them I had lost my license. They did not even check the old picture and I soon had a driver's license showing I was Tina.

The real Tina got fake papers and went to live in Europe with an old friend. Barbara had it set up that Bruce and Tina had gotten back together and were getting remarried. It happened in a small ceremony and I was wearing the same wedding gown the real Tina had worn before.

So Bruce and I were man and wife with me completely taking the place of Tina. Barbara even trained me to become a secretary. Now I work in the same office as her as one of the girls.

I never could have imagined being married to Bruce as Tina and working as a secretary. I am now best friends with Barbara just as Tina was and we go shopping and cruising around like girlfriends.

Bruce treats me so nice and I love sucking his fat cock and having him fucking me just like a loving wife wants. I have totally become Tina.

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