Mothers Little Helper

by Mama's Boy (Clovis, Ca, USA)

Mom seemed to protect me from any adversity or perceived harm or unhappiness. Always coddling me, even at age 4 I was seemingly cuddling and mom's kisses made me feel special.

Dad left long ago so it was just me and mom. Slim and girlish with long blonde hair all I had to relate to is my older sisters. At about age 10 I got so curious about the opposite sex.

Mom always let me sit on her bed as she would apply her makeup and slip on her nylons. My sister's too thought nothing of strutting around the wooden floor clicking in high heels and skimpy lingerie.

After a time they treated me like "one of the girls" Often doing my makeup and dressing me up in hand me downs. I began to enjoy the sexy silky attractive attire and pretty makeup.

Mom told me I was to get my shots and special pills to become a "real girl" At age 18 my breasts started getting nice and perky. My sisters often were touchy freely and as I learned all were lesbians by the time they were teens.

The older boys made me suck their cocks and I was told it was the proper thing to do. My boi pussy got plenty of use as one boy sucked my sissy cock as another deeply corn holed me.

Mom found out and protected me from further molestation. Soon mom was finding her panties full of my sissy cum. Confronting me with her wet cummy panties and pantyhose, she demanded to know what I thought about when wearing her nylons and using her expensive panties.

"Do you think of your mommy when you use my panties and pantyhose"? "Well, what is it"? Y-yes ma'am. I admitted. My cock was jutting out of my mom's pantyhose as she realized she was as turned on as I was.

Her panties wet with secretions, she rubbed her soaking panties with her index finger. A sly smile across her scheming face she pushed me down on the bed.

"You like mom's panties do you"? Get down between your mom's legs and taste it for real"! I resisted and defied her attempt to save me from being a fag and her attempt to teach me how to be a real man.

"You are going to learn how to be with a real woman if I have to show you myself"! She was relentless and made me take some pills she had again. They made me feel all wonderful and happy to be alive and with my beautiful mom.

My mouth started sucking mom's nipples as she uttered "Yes, suck them you sissy pervert"! My head was now between my mom's muscular thighs as she swooned.

"Eat mommies juicy cunny like before" The pills made me want to do this taboo act more. My cock in mom's nylons was grinding against hers. My mouth wet with mom's yummy juice. We pressed our lips together like before and then our tongues dueled.

"Son, it's time to put your sissy cock exactly where we know it belongs!"

I scooted up and my sissy cock was clad in nylon as I pushed it just inside my very own mom's vagina. Only being 18 years old I had already learned from mom where to put my sissy cock.

"My son, my sweet lover, yes put it...." My incestuous penis hard and insanely determined to now take charge slid ever so slowly millimeter by millimeter inside the place I entered this world and I was giddy and squealing with glee as mommy's pussy was tickled with the nylon surrounding my preteen cock.

I learned from mom about a woman's clitty and diddled the hard love bud. "Deeper you little mother fucker" Mom was in heat and I was pleasing her well as before.

"Mother, am I doing it right"? "Shut up and fuck mommy's pussy baby"! The pills that mom gave me encouraged me furthermore.

"Oh mommy, your pussy feels wonderful on my sissy cock!"

"Fuck mommy son-you love your mommy don't you?"

"GONNA fuck your pussy all night!"

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