Submissive Husband Turned Sissy Boi

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

I 66 years old new and my wife has been the strong one in or marriage our entire time together! She is the real bread winner as she does software development and that pays so much more than my accounting job.

Susan and I have a good relationship though she has always been the dominant one in all of our business transactions, raising our children, and of course in our sex lives!

All of her girlfriends think I am the perfect husband (in their definitions) because I do the cooking, house cleaning, laundry and the purchasing of the groceries. I do it first because I love Susan and second because she has had two back surgeries and none of them have ever cured her of any back pain!

So let’s describe the “perfect definition of a good husband”. First according them, Susan shares; it was because I have accepted my natural role as a submissive husband. She always chooses to be on top during sex, that is until lately, but I will speak to that later.

Secondly her friends say that I treat each of them with respect even if they don’t always show it to me! Thirdly, Susan tells me that I never complain when all of them want to take a “girls trip” thus leaving me at home alone!

Finally several of them, at times, have chosen to spend the night or several nights or a month at our house and they like how I treat them; just as I treat my loving wife Susan. I might be wrong but I see nothing wrong with them asking me to do their laundry along with Susan’s or to shop for various feminine products they need.

I do wish thought that Susan would speak with a couple of them, namely Teri and Katy about how they interact with me. Both of these woman think it is totally funny to come into our master bathroom when I am taking a shower, open the shower door and point at my penis saying how tiny it is.

First thing that I noticed out of the blue I found women’s full size panties in my underwear drawer. When I asked Susan about it, she laughed and shared that the girls are just having fun with me and bought you panties to wear with your tiny penis. Now after a shower I will find that I only have these big girl panties to put on since my boy underwear seems to have gone missing.

Also since Teri is a nurse, she has access to all kinds of medicines. Teri thought it was freaking funny to sneak birth control pills into my pill boxes to help this little girl get the required amount of the female hormone estragon. Susan didn’t even know this, as it turned out, since she always made our pills each week, but Teri would sneak in later that first day and insert the hormone pills.

Teri also thinks it is fun to tell me to “hand wash” her panties especially after one of her dates and the crotch is just loaded with cum! I know what cum looks like and taste like, I mean Susan has always tells me to go down on her after we have sex and suck and lick any cum I might have gotten into her pussy. I admit, my cum whether it is in her pussy or in her panties has never been as much volume as in Teri’s! Teri has even laughed telling me that all that cum is just from ONE of her men friends, again teasing me!

Another time I wasn’t pleased with was after Susan and her friends attended an Aphrodite’s Workshop, one where they learned about strong women in history and even in Greek Mythology. Turns out that Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love.

Susan shared a little about that weekend and when the teacher found that Susan was the dominate one of everything in her groups lives, especially our sex lives, and that she never shaves her body hair, anywhere, ever she focused on her as a true leader of women!

Susan also shared that the teacher asked her about other possible leadership qualities and said that was when several of them spoke up and said, since Susan is dominate over each of us, making us submissive to her always, even in sex the teacher was thrilled! Now I have known that Susan has taken all of her friends as lesbian loves over the years so none of these statements surprised me any.

What really troubled me from this workshop was that Susan brought home a large strap on dong, one with three different size cocks on it. The largest one, in front, was of course to fuck with. The second one was smaller and sticking straight upwards, was to go into Susan’s pussy while was fucking someone and the third cock was the smallest one and was meant to go into Susan’s asshole during the fucking also.

So two of the three cocks were there to give Susan please and the largest one was to fuck someone else which also gave Susan pleasure! I loved hearing how Susan used it to fuck all of her friends during the workshop, along with the teacher, the teacher’s daughter and husband! Now the part I wasn’t thrilled with was that Susan shared all of this information as she was fucking the shit out of my asshole.

Up to now all Susan had slide into my asshole was a couple of her fingers. This three way strap on was a fucking machine and driving home the idea that Susan was the dominate one now and forever. The second and last part of this that I for sure didn’t like was that Susan fucked me in front of her girlfriends.

It might have been better if I had just been lying face down on our bed, but no, Susan had purchased a massage table and it had a cutout that showed my penis from the bottom. Each of her girlfriends, driven on by Teri and Katy, were on the floor next to the bench touching and pulling on my penis.

And during this entire “let’s fuck Bob event” all I was hearing was first how much Susan like this strap on and how it was really opening me up to possibly newer ideas, secondly how I had such a tiny penis and thirdly how the women were amazed at how much pre-cum and cum was dripping and then running out of my tiny penis from being fucked like a little boi sissy.

Back to Teri, again being a nurse, she kept bring in tubes of vaginal hormone cream, of course with estragon, and squeezing out all of the KY jelly Susan was using for her strap on dong when she fucked me, and reinserted the vaginal hormone cream so that it would get worked up into my asshole, and beyond, where it could and would be absorbed fully! Let’s just say that many years later, I truly have a micro penis, fully withdrawn into my body, no ability to make sperm, and of course no ability to have an erection!

Since then my life has never been the same. Each of the girlfriends has their own name for me like Tiny Bob, tiny boi, tiny sissy, and worst of all Tiny Little Girl. I admit I have never been a Hulk Hogan by no means, I have never been in a fight with another man, and I admit I don’t cuss at all!

Another change since that workshop weekend is that now Susan is totally open having her lesbian sex with her girlfriends right in the house, with me there! I admit most often I am told to just set in our living room while Susan and whoever is in our master bedroom going at it! But just this last month the real difference began as another man was brought along as a token boyfriend. Right from the start he stripped down and set back on our couch. Then he told me to get between his legs and to suck his cock.

Of course his cock as 10 times bigger than mine, which actually scared me a little, because I had never ever sucked another man’s cock before and I didn’t know if this had been arranged or if this boyfriend was just taking advantage of having me in the room by ourselves. I admit I was a little afraid so I did what he told me to do and crawled between his legs and took his cock into my mouth!

Turns out I began to enjoy sucking on his cock and also enjoyed its taste and even how he was treating me. This man wasn’t being mean to me, wasn’t cussing at me, and wasn’t calling me name or anything. He did have his hands on top of my head and was pulling me towards him a little all the time telling how good I was doing and how good this blow job was making him feel.

Not to my surprise while I was still sucking his cock, Susan and, this night Teri, came out of our master bedroom and both had their smart phone’s aimed at me. I knew they were both taking pictures and even making a video of my new skill! Susan was very happy when she saw his load of cum push out around my lips and then saw me lift off, shallow, and then begin licking up any cum that got away from me. I heard Teri complement me on what a good cock-sucker I was and then remind her male friend; didn’t she tell him he would get his rocks off if he came with her to this party!

From then on, usually a couple of times a month, Susan would tell me she was holding a party and that there would be a few boyfriends that would attend. While she never told me outright, I knew I would be sucking cock during those parties and eventually even became the party fuck boi taking their cocks up my ass!

Susan has told me she has actually seen a few videos online with me as the star cocksucker! She told me she would bring up the files on her smart phone if I wanted to watch but I have told her no; that I have lived it and while it really isn’t that bad I would just as soon not relive any of those nights!

Things have progressed for me so much that now some of these men, and even others I’ve never met, call and tell me they will be coming by for sex. Susan tells me I should be proud of my accomplishments and to enjoy being a boi girl of desire. She said some men were even leaving money when they leave for services rendered!

I really do miss making love to my wife but she is way too busy with her lesbian strap on sex to even miss me.

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