'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 3

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 03: Karen Gives Me ‘Barbara’

The very next day I ran home from school. I just couldn’t wait to see Karen and see what kind of surprise she had in store me. Oh, the anticipation was killing me! I ran into our apartment and right into mom’s room to get my favorite bra and panties.

They were ‘snow ball’ white, a ‘Virgin’ color (Well I was a Virgin, wasn’t I?). The panties were ‘Bikini’ style, and the bra was a full cup style. I had the same problem hooking the bra as I had yesterday (soon it would become second nature) but I still made it out in record time.

I was knocking on Karen’s door 5 minutes after I got home. The door opened and Karen said ‘Well hello Sissy, com’on in’. Smiling like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland I followed Karen to her room. She was smiling also but for a different reason.

She had noticed the ‘bumps’ in my shirt. In her bedroom she picked out a full skirted plaid school girl dress, a full slip and petticoat, bra and panties, and a pair of Mary Jane shoes. Then looking at me again she put the bra and panties back in her drawer. ‘I see you won’t need mine, you’re wearing your own.’ she stated.

Now get out of those ‘yucky’ boys clothes. Her voice was commanding and I did as I was told. She held out the full slip and petticoat and said, in the same tone, ‘OK sissy here we go, put these on’.

Placing her slip over my head and raising my arms I let the slip slide down over my body. Feeling that silky slip sliding down my body, I almost came in my mom’s panties. Ohhhh, it felt so nice, cool and feminine I actually thought for a moment I was a girl.

Next came the petticoat which I stepped into and pulled it up to my waist. I couldn’t help myself; I started ‘swishing’ the crinoline from side to side like a little girl. Stop playing, Karen yelled at me, we have a lot to do today Sissy. Karen then took me to the bathroom and pushed my head into the sink. I started to protest but she stopped me.

Then running warm water over my head she applied shampoo and washed my hair. Finished she then applied a half dozen curlers and wrapped my head in a towel. Looking in the mirror, I smiled at the girl looking back. I thought I looked like an Arab (Tee-hee). Now don’t you feel better Sissy, nice and clean? I had to admit I did feel good (I felt just like a ‘Sissy Girl’ all ‘swishy’ inside).

Next came the plaid schoolgirl dress which I slid into with ease. Karen helped straighten the hem, which was hung up on petticoat net. When she finished she stood back and looked at me. She smiled a satisfied smile and said ‘Almost done dear Sissy, just Mary Jane’s to go’.

Sitting me down she handed me my shoes and commanded me to put them on. WOW, Karen was getting mean I thought to myself. Oh oh, a problem, I couldn’t see my feet past the petticoat. OK I’ll just pull my dress up show some ‘leg’ and I’ll fasten them that way. That done, Karen told me to stand up and turn around for her approval.

Satisfied, she told me to sit so she can take my curlers out. Taking the towel off she proceeded to remove the curlers and brush my hair. She brushed until she was satisfied she had ‘the right look’ for a little girl. Standing back she exclaimed ‘Oh what a pretty little sissy you are honey. And I just love the ‘Pixie’ hair style dear’. Looking in her mirror there was in fact a beautiful girl looking back with a big smile on her face. Oh I was a living doll and it only took an hour to do. Still plenty of time for us to play.

Karen had all her dolls arranged on her bed. Walking over to them she asked ‘Which one do you like dear’? I looked them all over and picked a ‘baby girl’ doll. Good choice Sissy, a baby. Now we can continue your training. Karen gave me directions on what to do to be a good mommy to my doll.

Now cradle ‘Barbara’ (that’s the baby name) in your arms and open the top of your dress. Now slide a bra strap down so your nipple shows. Place the baby’s mouth on your tit and feel it suck. Karen’s doll really did suck and it felt so good. I couldn’t believe how good it felt, oohhhhhhhh!

But all good things come to an end and it was almost time to go home. Reluctantly taking Karen’s dress off I gave her a kiss and promised to be back tomorrow. Karen handed me Barbara and told me to take her to practice with at home. Oh I was definitely in heaven now.

Saying goodbye, Karen left me with this ‘I’ve got plans for you Sissy. Don’t be late dearest’. Oh, she’s going to make me into a real sissy (giggle). I love you Karen (I thought to myself). I tee-hee’d and giggled all the way home just thinking about tomorrow.

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