'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 15

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 15: Patty’s A New Girl

On the walk home Brenda kept falling behind and giggling. This was annoying and I kept telling her to keep up, Amelia’s going to be home soon and I have to change (I’ve got to get this bra off). I was walking so fast that my tits were ‘jiggling up and down about 2”. Finally reaching Bob’s house I ran to our room, stripped my dress off, and removed my new bra. Looking down at my new tits (they were huge) I was wondering how I could hide them from Amelia.

That’s when Brenda walked in and exclaimed ‘WOW, their big. How are you going to hide those monsters’? It’s worse than that Brenda, if I wear a bra they stick out even farther. Now, with the immediate bra problem, I forgot all about the ‘baby juice’ in my hair (but it would come back with a vengeance later). At last we decided that there was no use in trying to hide them, I would just wear the bra and explain to Amelia that the girls played a trick on me.

I had just finished putting my dress back on when Amelia arrived home. Hello my Lovely Sissy’s where are you? In my room mom, Brenda answered, we’ll be right out. Brenda took the lead and I followed ‘sheepishly’ behind. Amelia grabbed Brenda and gave him a big hug saying ‘oh son, you look so beautiful’, then looking at me she ‘pursed’ her lips and then slowly smiled and said ‘oh what have we here, you must be a new girl, what’s your name Honey.

Dropping my eyes to the floor, I said in a voice barely audible, you know me Amelia, I’m Patty. But my little sissy Patty didn’t have a set of ‘hooters’ like that dear, you can’t be my ‘Patty’. I tried to explain that the ‘girls’ gave me this magic bra and that it was their fault. Then I showed her, I pulled open my dress and revealed the bra with cups overflowing with my huge ‘boobs’.

Wow Patty, those are nice! Why don’t you let them ‘out of jail’ and let’s look at them. Brenda got behind me and pulled the top of my dress down to my waist, and unhooked my magic bra. As soon as my boobies were ‘free’ they ‘dropped’ down 2”, and at last I could breath. Amelia said ‘now isn’t that better dear? I could see your bra was way too small’. Well jugs like that must have gallons of milk in them, let’s try them.

Amelia got on one side of me, while Brenda got on the other, and each one grabbed a tit. ‘Wait a minute’ Amelia said ‘I forgot something, reaching for the counter she grabbed two cups, there we’re ready now’. They started ‘milking’ me, and I was surprised, it didn’t take long to fill the cups. I almost didn’t want them to stop it felt so good (so good I almost shot a load in my panties). Then they stopped, lifted the cups, and toasted me, ‘too our sweet milk maid’ giggle.

They downed the cups not even thinking about me (I wanted some of my own milk). Oh how sweet his milk is (and they giggled again). ‘Want some dear’ they asked ‘we’ll milk you again’. Oh, if they only knew how much I liked it when they milked me, yes, yes, I said, I want some (after all it was mine). And again they pulled my teats filling both cups and then a third. This time all three of us lifted our cups and toasted my huge ‘milk jugs’ and giggled.

I was becoming addicted to them milking me, but we all wanted some more of my sweet milk, and they milked me several more times until my ‘jugs’ were dry. When they were done with my milk they made me walk around the room just to watch my boobs bounce (I didn’t mind, it felt good to give them some air (giggle). After about 15 minutes of that I realized that I had better put my bra back on or I would lose my massive mounds (remember, bra 1 hour on to max size, 1 hour off back to minimum size). Brenda helped me hook it in back (I was still having a problem there) and Amelia adjusted my boobs in the cups.

Their attention was making me really ‘hot’ and I was about ready to ‘pop’ a load when Amelia noticed ‘something’ in my hair (oh oh, Brenda’s ‘baby juice’). What’s that in your hair Patty? Amelia pealed some of the dried ‘baby juice’ off and handed it to Brenda, looks like ‘potato chips’, and they both took a bite. That tastes good too, kind of salty and sweet, Amelia said as she pulled another ‘chip’ from my hair. But Brenda, realizing what it was, left the room ‘snickering’ to himself (somehow he couldn’t eat his own ‘baby juice’ (giggle). The rest of the day was uneventful as we talked ‘girly stuff’, had a taste of my ‘chips’ (giggle) and another cup of my ‘milk’, and before we knew it, it was bedtime.

Putting on my babydoll caused another problem, it wouldn’t fit over my ‘EE’ sized ‘tit’s’ so I had to leave the top down. Then when Amelia inspected us she noticed that my bra had cup hooks and she exclaimed ‘Wow, you’ve got a Nursing Bra’ Patty! She let one cup loose and dropped my boob out. Calling her sissy son over she lifted my tit to Brenda’s mouth and said ‘Suck’ sissy, which he eagerly did making a satisfied ‘slurping’ sound. In bed, he wouldn’t leave me alone, sucking one tit dry, and then the other, all night (his lips on my nipple felt so good, ohhhh so good).

At breakfast I almost fell asleep with a ’doggy dick’ in my mouth. Wake up Patty, we have to go downtown, I want to show you off (giggle).

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