by Peter (Greece)

Being slight in build and quite small I was always worried that I didn't compare to most of my contemporaries. Only 5'7'' blonde hair worn long, as was the fashion then and very slim I never thought I'd meet a girl like Sandra, or that she would, almost instantly fall for me!

She stood nearly 5' 10'' on her bare feet and was quite truthfully gorgeous. We married after the proverbial ''whirlwind'' romance and settled easily into a perfect relationship. I'll mention here that I'm really quite well endowed, nearly 9'' and really thick which had earned me the nickname of 'Alcock and White' a reference to Alcock and Brown who first flew the Atlantic ocean.

Our sex life started wonderfully, several days a week and sometimes two or three times a day.

I didn't really take much notice at first when she'd make loving remarks about my beautiful smooth pale skin, or my cute 'girl's bum or how shapely my legs were and how she'd ask me to rise up on my toes because it gave my legs and bum more shape.

Or how she suggested later that she'd just try some of her make-up on me. Just to see how I looked?? Only a little foundation she'd said and pale blue eye shadow and your eyebrows are too light and just I tiny bit of crimson lipstick and Oh! your eyelashes don't reallyshow so hold still while I put you some mascara on!

Then look at you! You look so pretty! Here look in the mirror. And I looked and looked and was gob smacked.

Maybe next time I'll do your hair too, she said, hinting then it wasn't a one-off.

To tell the truth I quite enjoyed it and she sort of chuckled to herself when I confessed I'd love to stay made up for a little longer.

It seems so obvious to me now but back then it was only sexual experimentation for me, a desire to please her so her seemingly innocent suggestion that I remove all my body hair; it was pale blonde anyway and hardly visible so I said I'd borrow her lady shave.

But no, I've some cream here, much smoother, no cuts or knicks and I'll put it on you and then wash it off. And it's under my arms and all down my legs and my cock and balls and even between my bum cheeks. She showers me and even washes my hair.

She appears terribly excited now and has me sit while she blow dries my hair in a sort of bob! Then the make-up again, heavier this time and how gentle she was sticking on those long black false eyelashes.

Now, my pretty girl, I've a real treat for you, and hands me a pair of her pale pink silk panties.

Go on! Put them on! She's a bit sterner now, not quite ordering but more insistent. My cock is rock hard now and the feel of those silk panties over my bum cheeks is so lovely.

Here she says, try this suspender belt, pink too and frilly round the edges and she's got me standing in front of the full length mirror in the bedroom. Stockings too my sweet and gives me a pair of light tan seamed stocking and as I struggled a little she knelt and helped me slip them up my legs and fastened them to my garter belt.

My cock was now even more rigid and leaking pre-come like a tap!

You love this, don't you? Tell me how you feel my little girl. She's eased the silk panties to just under my balls and standing behind me, she's gently grasped my swollen member and is wanking me slowly. The sight of this in the mirror, of a slim blonde girl with a huge engorged cock being wanked off proved just too much and I'm suddenly cumming, huge jets of spunk splattering onto the glass, my hips involuntarily thrusting into her hand. God it was just fantastic.

Look at the mess, you naughty girl! You'll have to clean that up. And when I said I'd get some tissues, NO! Kneel down and lick it off.

So I did. And I’m running my tongue up the glass in reflected behind me I can see she has her skirt pulled right up around her waist, her panties down to her knees and she's finger fucking herself furiously with four fingers and her cum in trickling down the insides of both thighs. And she's cumming like a freight train watching me swallow my own spunk!

Things did seem to change then. Actual fucking was gradually reduced to around once a week, then maybe once a month and I'd have to be dressed like a girl and I'd always have to lick her cunt clean afterwards.

She just liked having me dressed up, getting sluttier, more whorish, wearing basques and black silk stockings and crotchless panties and then she'd wank me off, slowly introducing me to her finger up my arsehole, then two fingers and gradually the candles were used and large carrots then whopping cucumbers, 12'' or more. Oh! And I loved it.

It was some time later, maybe a few month when around 5pm one Sunday afternoon, I'm showered and freshly depilated, wearing my favorite red corset, the one with black lace edging, black fishnet stocking and my make-up is really tardy, when I'm expecting to be stood in front of the mirror that she tells me instead to stand in front of the bedroom window.

Then, for Christ's sake, she pulls back the curtains. Now even though we're not overlooked from outside, only about 15yards away is next doors bedroom window. Their curtains are pulled together however and as she once again starts her slow wank of my aching cock I see next doors curtains twitch and open slightly, maybe a couple of inches. My hands instantly shoot down to cover what's happening but she says, quite firmly, Hands behind your head.

But.....but someones watching, they can see us...

Yes I know she replied. It's Dianne from next door. I've told her all about you and what you like and how you love what I do to you and she's intrigued and thinks it's so so filthy that she asked if she could watch. You don't mind do you? My little girl, having another woman watch while I wank the spunk out of you and fuck you with this! And she held up an enormous cucumber which must have been 14'' long and about 3'' thick and held it up to the window while she coated it in Johnson's baby oil.

I could feel my face hot and blushing. I felt humiliated. Ashamed. So fucking horny.

My wife gently moves my legs apart, her oil covered hand grasps my cock and her other hand starts to force, and I mean force, this huge vegetable up my hole.

Next doors curtains are pulled apart and there stand Dianne, totally naked, fingering her shaven cunt. My wife's fucking my arsehole so hard she's almost lifting my feet from the floor. When my orgasm hit I can't remember ever cumming so much or for so long.

I think the biggest turn on was the feeling of shame and humiliation. Someone else knew my secret, our secret and my darling wife was to make sure it got better and better.

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