My New Employers

by Janae

Tired of our boring marriage my wife had started becoming interested in other men. I was short at 5' 7" and only 155 pounds. I was actually a bit smaller than my wife. She had been discussing her thoughts with her best friend and that sealed my fate. Her best friend and husband did not like me at all.

They both called me wimpy and my wife had confided in them about my crossdressing. Her friend told my wife she should teach me a lesson by letting them feminize me. She told my wife that she would be free to date and experience sex with a real man again. Being we are retired my wife agreed and gave her approval for my feminization.

My wife told me we were going to her friends for dinner. I did not want to but went along anyway. Once there we ate and had a few drinks. That is all I remember. When I woke I was in a bed and felt cold. That is when I noticed I was dressed in a women's nightie. I also had on tights.

My wife’s friend then came in all smiles. She told me I was in for the time of my life. Her husband came in wearing only boxers. I could see his cock was bulging against his underwear. He sit in a recliner and told me to come to him.

Being he is 6' 2" and 120 pounds I walked over to him. He grabbed me and put me over his knees. He pulled down my panties and began spanking me. I could not help from crying and heard his wife giggling as he continued reddening my ass. I was then pushed to the floor and told to get on my knees.

I was staring right at his huge erect cock. He told me to tell him I wanted to suck it. I refused but was told the spankings would continue. I found myself on my knees in between his legs. He grabbed my head and I felt his cock pass my lips filling my mouth. He groaned as he began pumping my head ferociously fucking my mouth.

It only took a couple minutes and I felt him tense up. I heard his wife tell me I better eat it all. Then he exploded in my mouth. I was not expecting such a volume of cum. His ejaculation sent most of it straight down my throat. The rest remained in my mouth. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to show him the remaining cum.

I opened my mouth and felt the goo that still remained. He told me to swallow it. I closed my mouth and did just that, opening my mouth to let him see it empty. He told me I was a great cocksucker. He told me to tell him I loved sucking his cock and his cum was delicious. I did.

That is when I noticed his wife had filmed the entire blowjob. Over the next couple weeks I was transformed into their housekeeper. They had a very large house and I was kept very busy keeping it clean. I wore a very traditional maids uniform and served my Lord and Lady around the clock. I was put on hormones and treated to permanent make up.

After 6 months I had become unrecognizable from my old self. I also had submitted to being their maid and was very efficient in my task. That also included giving my Lord blowjobs. I started looking forward to sucking such a beautiful cock and savored the taste of his cum. I could now deepthroat him and swallowing his load was no longer an issue. His wife has many videos of me with my mouth full of cock.

One day the doorbell rang and when I answered it I was shocked. There stood my wife with some strange man. She smiled at me as I let them in and presented them to my Lady. For the next several hours I found myself serving my wife and her boyfriend as a maid. The looks she gave me made my skin crawl as I could see she enjoyed every minute of it. Her man had his arm around her and kissed her passionately several times.

Other than the looks I was nothing to them but a common maid. My wife’s boyfriend had no idea the cute little maid serving them was actually her husband. When they were leaving she handed me a note and smiled. My Lord and Lady gave me their approval on my serving technique and gave me a fresh set of chores. I read the note my wife left. She said she was divorcing me.

I was being reported as missing and her lawyer made it look like I had left her for another woman. The court awarded her everything. So now I was alone, broke and stuck working as a maid for this domineering couple.

My now ex wife’s final sentence on her note said, you deserved every bit of this. You make a very cute maid! After reading the note I heard my Lord calling me from his study. When I entered he was sitting with that beautiful cock at attention. I fell to my knees and crawled right on over.

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