I wish I was a Girl

by Jade (Ireland)

I met the girl of my dreams and told her that I loved dressing up with full make up and fuck me boots.

She was delighted and arranged a hotel room.

She brought everything a gurl sissy lesbian needs and we played dress up all day.

I was her baby and she was my mommy. Then we were schoolgirls. Then we were lipstick lesbians.

She also brought a dildo and a strap on with her. I was in heaven.

I had hidden this need in me to dress up as a gurl since I was six and now here, I was living out my fantasy with a beautiful woman who adored me for what I was, and still am.

I have no idea why I want to dress up and be a gurl but I love doing it and I am so glad I'm like this I'm sixty-six now and still a very pretty sexy lesbian sissy gurl.

Maybe my mom wanted a girl, I don't know but ever since I can remember I wanted to be one. I used to watch her putting on her lipstick.

I remember she put nail varnish on me when I asked her once.

I started feeling her clothes in her room when I was six and then one day I tried on those clothes.

My dad walked in just as I had removed them and I kicked them under the bed and ran out naked. It was never spoken about.

I progressed to wearing my sister's clothes as a teen. One day when everyone was out, I got dressed in full girls' clothes for the first time.

Never before had I worn panties/nylons/boots/bra/blouse/beret. I combed my long hair to the girl's side. Put on some make up and finished off with my mom's red lipstick.

I walked over to the mirror with my eyes closed and when I opened them, I saw this very beautiful girl staring back at me. I was dumbfounded. Shocked.

I couldn't believe it was me.

Eight years later I was married and dressing in my wife's clothes. It was only a matter of time till she found out and I confessed all.

She asked me to stop as it wasn't natural. I said I would but couldn't.

Then I met my beautiful lady. That was twenty years ago.

We had/have a wonderful affair and still play lipstick lesbians in secret.

Well, I'm all wet now so I'm going to finger my boi pussy till I cum in my knickers.


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