'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 7

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 7: My ‘Private’ Birthday Party

Mom and I became friends over the last several weeks. More like I was her daughter that her son (she had me in a dress more than jeans). But let me back up now and tell you about my birthday and our fashion shopping trip.

My 14th birthday was Friday the 5th of July, 3 weeks ago and a nice sunny day. I hurried over to Karen’s to borrow one of her fancy dresses (of course I had my bra and panties on under my clothes). She pulled out a Pink Dress with white lace trim and asked ‘Is this OK Patty? Oh its beautiful Karen, can I try it on? Of course silly, but I think you’ll need a slip too.

In my haste to borrow her dress I had forgotten all about a slip. Can I borrow one of yours Karen, please? Certainly my sissy friend you can have anything I have dear. Putting the silky nylon slip on got me excited and made my ‘tool’ stand up (that was becoming a problem). Then I slid into the pink dress, zipped it up, and turned to Karen for approval.

Oh Patty you’re adorable darling, I could hug you, kiss you and if I could I would fuck right now you dear. We both giggled, and hugged, with tears of happiness running down our cheeks.

Well Karen I’ve got to head home, moms coming home early and I want ‘Patty’ to meet her at the door. I’ll see you tonight Karen for the big party, right. Oh yes Patty, but tell me again who the party is for, ‘Brian’ or ‘Patty’, tee-hee. ‘It’s for me smarty, Brian’ I said as I just picked up my old clothes and walked to the door. Karen stopped me, gave me a big kiss and whispered ‘Happy Birthday Brian’. Thanks Karen I said as I left.

Entering my house through the back door I was surprised to see mom already home. ‘Happy birthday baby girl’ she said and ran to me and gave me a big, a tit piercing, hug. Mom had come home early from work to celebrate with me alone, later I would have another party with friends and family, but this one was ‘Special’ for me and mom.

Then she held me out by my shoulders so she could look me over ‘Oh Patty, you look gorgeous honey, just like the girl I always wanted! Mom I borrowed this dress from Karen just to surprise you (spinning around so she could get the full effect of the ‘full skirt’). Oh Honey, you are always a ‘sweet surprise’ to me. Let’s go sit on the sofa and talk for a minute dear then I’ll let you open your private gifts you pretty girl.

Sitting on the sofa mom stared right in (my little ding dong was ‘standing up’ in anticipation) Son your old enough now to understand that I love you and wouldn’t trade you for anything. But I’ve always wanted a little girl so I made a decision when you were 4 that you could be both, my little boy, and, my little girl. Well Patty I just want you to know how happy you’ve made me this week.

Oh mom if you only knew how happy I am right now being your daughter, then, I gave her a big kiss. We ended up both crying and laughing with tears running down our cheeks. Mom gave me another loving, tit piercing, hug and regaining her composure she reached behind the sofa and brought up a present. Handing it to me she said ‘Happy 14th Birthday’ Brian, err, Patty.

Taking it from her ‘Thanks Mom’ then without further ado I ripped the birthday paper off (the paper was pretty with pictures of a 50’s girl in a poodle skirt playing 45’s). Maybe If I had looked closer at the paper I would have had a clue what mom got me, as it was a total surprise. Opening the cover revealed a beautiful one-piece girls bathing suit. ‘Oh mom thank you’ I exclaimed ‘as I leaned over and gave her a kiss’. It is summer Patty, now you can go swimming with the other girls. Oh Wow mom!

Next was a smaller package containing a white ‘Clutch Purse’ to use on our shopping trip, every girl carries one dear. Looking inside there was a cosmetics pouch and a circular disc with pink pills. I looked at mom with a blank face. Seeing that I didn’t know what they were, mom offered, those are ‘girly’ vitamins Patty, take one every morning dear (if I only knew, they were actually Estrogen pills and soon I would have real ‘Boobs’).

Then mom handed me another large package. In it there was a beautiful ‘Red Day Dress’, to wear shopping tomorrow dear, mom added. Oh Mom!!! I love you, Thank You, Thank You. ‘Try it on son’, she said as she proceeded to unzip Karen’s dress and help my ‘out’ of it. Slipping my new dress over my head, down my shoulders, Mom pulled it down and straightened the hem.

Then finishing, she commanded me to ‘spin’ around (just knowing my shirt would fly up showing my pinkies) so I did as I was told (and gave mom a ‘show’). Oh son, you are my beautiful little girl, mom said to me as she gave me a big, tongue in mouth, kiss (my first French kiss).

Now let’s see how you look with make-up Dear. Bring your ‘clutch’ to my dressing table and let’s see what we can do. Sitting in front of her mirror she took the cosmetics pouch out of my clutch and opened it. Then handing the make-up pouch to me she said ‘take the eye liner out son and apply it’.

Now I had watched her put her make-up on a thousand times, but I had never done it before (this is going to be good sissy). After some time I finished my eyes and mom handed me my ‘come fuck me Red lipstick’. Then came the face powder to make my cheeks ‘Blushing Red’. Looking in the mirror a ‘Teenage Whore’ was looking back, ohhh mom I look like a ‘slut’, I started to cry.

Let me see son, ‘you need some more practice that’s all son. You’ll have it right for tomorrow’s shopping trip I promise.

‘Will you help me mom?’ I said through ‘sniffles’. Yes son, I won’t let you out in public looking like a street walker, you’re my girl remember. Oh yes mom, I am your little girl!

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