My Sister's Husband's Mom

by Steve (Ohio)

My sister had an accident and was in hospital so I went with her husband to see her, she was not badly injured but needed an operation to repair her injury , his mom also visited my sister but in her own car. After we visited her his mom turned her ankle and fell over in the hospital a doctor had a look and said it was a sprain and to rest her foot. It was her driving foot so she could not drive home so I said I could drive her home and she was happy with that as we knew each other for years as her son was my pal, she said to take her car home with me and bring it back in a few days if I liked so I agreed.

I took her home and helped her in and she said would you like a coffee and biscuits so I said yes please but I had to sort it. I asked her if she wanted to bathe her foot in some warm water she replied that would be lovely and went to the utility room and fetched the water and a towel. In the utility her laundry was airing hung on a rack, all sorts of clothing and a nice array of underwear, nightdress , slips, bras, big voluminous panties, suspender belt and stockings.

All looked pretty and expensive I touched her lovely nightdress it was semi sheer, multi layered and so dreamy soft her full slip and lovely panties were so soft also. She is 60 yrs of age quite a robust woman very attractive well kept and make up and hair always lovely. She called me into her bed room, she was sat on the bed and as it was getting late in the evening said I think I will change for bed so I went and made the coffees she said can you bring it in here please so I did.

She had changed into her nightdress the to a similar one as the one in the utility room and she looked stunning with her hair pin a silky scarf in a turban, we have seen each other many times in various states of undress when I have stayed at her house so it was no shock or problem. The water had cooled enough for her to put her foot in and I asked her if she would like me to bathe her foot she said that would be lovely.

I carefully bathed her foot for a while. Her discarded underwear was draped out on the bed beside her and her slip and panties fell to the floor beside me. I dried my hands and picked them up , they were so soft a little mmmm escaped from my lips, soft aren't they Stevie she said and my face reddened, she said don't be embarrassed you liked the feel of them didn't you, I nodded and she ran her fingers through my long wavy hair.

My husband loved the softness and feel of my lingerie in fact I used to share them with him sometimes as a lot of men love the feeling of wearing women's lingerie as it is so soothing and comfortable and relaxes them. My face reddened and she picked up the top layer of her nightdress and smoothed it around my face she saw my eyes close and said there that is soothing isn't it.

My eyes still closed I felt a fabulous feeling as she put something down over my head. It was her beautiful slippery soft semi sheer pastel blue panties, oooh I cried I could not help it and believe she had done that as she smoothed them over my face. Then she twisted them around until the big gusset was over my face and mouth, the panties smelt like a peach but now I could smell the scent of her pussy mmmmmmm, put your tongue out and taste me she said so I did as she pushed the gusset with her finger into my lips as I licked it.

She said you have always been a lovely lad my favorite, then I got up she noticed my cock was rock hard then she put her hand down and unzipped my shorts pulled my pants down and my cock sprang up and hit her under the chin. Wow she said that's huge and what a fabulous great mushroom head and felt my cock as it began leaking profusely.

She puled my foreskin up squeezed my cock and drew the foreskin back again and the mushroom head was fully coated glistening mmmmm beautiful she said then put her lips around it and slowly lovingly eased it through her lips until her lips made a popping sound as it slipped past the glans. Then she slowly bobbed her head as she took it in and out with her lips popping every time her lips went over the glans as she wanked me in her mouth. The noises she was making slurping sucking and wanking my cock was very heady she was getting more and more excited.

Oooooh I love your huge cock never sucked such a fabulous great co ck in my life I could do this every day she said. I put my hands on her head smoothing the lovely silky scarf as I gently pulled her head so my cock went in and out further. Then she stopped and said lets slow down and make this last longer took her panties of my head.

She said take all your clothes off then she said raise your foot and then the other as I stepped into her big panties as she drew them up and my cock made a huge tent in her big panties, then she put her suspender belt on me then moved around and took her stockings and carefully rolled them up my hairless legs, it felt electric. The lovely feeling of the big silky welt at the top of the stockings caressing my legs.

Then she said raise your arms and slid her dreamy full slip down over my head. She said you look like you are in heaven I just nodded almost crying with emotion then she laid back on the bed opened her legs wide and said would you like to taste my pussy properly and pulled my head towards her juicy pussy, her lips were full engorged and oozing as she rubbed it on my face my tongue devouring her big wet juicy pussy for what seemed like an eternity then she gripped my head tight into her pussy and shook as she came.

I want to suck your lovely cock again Stevie and laid back with her head over the edge of the bed I lifted her legs back over her head put my big cock in her mouth and buried my face in her pussy again as my cock slipped further and further down her throat as she gurgled and sucked it.

After a few minutes she had managed to suck it all the way in as my huge balls draped over her nose and cheeks then I could not hold it any longer and shot my first splurge of my lovely spunk in her mouth spurt after spurt as she gobbled it all with it overflowing down her cheeks she came again.

She then got up and we kissed passionately as we shared my lovely spunk , there was lots of mmmmmm, wow she said that was so exciting then we embraced each other. She said you loved being dressed like that don't you, Yes I beamed so relaxing and soft, is there any thing else would you like to wear I said yes a bra, a lovely flouncy dress and my hair up like yours.

She said you know Stevie when you were young I thought you could easy have passed as a girl so lets do it properly. Do you have to go home or do you want to stay the night as my girlfriend I nodded then she picked a lovely flouncy dress heels and a fabulous scarf as she put it on my head, then sat me on her stool took out some make up and gave me a make over. Wow she said you look gorgeous and kissed me passionately put her hand up the dress and stroked my cock which was throbbing again with all of the excitement.

She said how wonderful to have a girlfriend with a bonus , a fabulous 10 inch massive headed cock mmmmm Come Stevie I want you to fuck me quick I need it then laid back on the bed opened her big pussy as I put the head of my cock in and slowly sunk all the way in until my balls slapped her pussy lips as we got into a rhythm as she rose to meet my thrusts, wow Stevie you are such a wonderful fuck I never want you to go home. We both came fell into each others arms and fell asleep for an hour.

When we awoke she said you had better take of the clothes for bed, would you like a nightie I said oooh lovely please and gave me a fabulous flouncy pink one as I raised my arms she slipped it over my head more heaven I said as she cuddled her new girlfriend.

In the morning I got up took her in a cup of tea as I put her tea on the cabinet beside her she moved her head in up under the nightie and took my flaccid cock in her mouth and sucked on it until it was full erect again mmm I want to be awoken like this every morning my Stevie then she pulled me back in bed and fucked again.

We got up showered and sat at the breakfast table She had dressed me in in a fabulous penoir set with my hair up in a towel will you stay today as it is the weekend I will ring my son and say I am ok so he wont come around I said that would be fine with me. After breakfast we cleared up then she said right do you want to be my girlfriend all day mmmm I said heavenly she led me into her bedroom took the towel of then got out her hair rollers and said can I put these on you I just nodded.

She finished with the rollers and she put a lovely pink chiffon scarf on my head my cock began to rise again, my this really makes you horny doesn't it I nodded. I said I was always envious of women when they had there hair done up like this as I watched mom do her hairdressing at home for lots of ladies.

One thing I noticed you love the taste of your own cum don't you so have you ever had sex with a man , I admitted I did have a mutual sucking session with a friend and I loved it but unfortunately he moved away she said yours is big enough to suck it yourself.

My face reddened, you do don't you I nodded, I would like that its so sexy as my pengoir Tented and the head of my cock showed through the sheer material, lets do it now so she led me into the bedroom I sat on the bed as she knelt down and took my huge cock head in her mouth and sucked it and played with it until it was at its biggest then she said come put her hand on the back of my head and eased it down onto the head of my cock, suck it darling and share it with me.

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