Mom's Drawer of Seductive Undies

by Mama's Boy

All boys started with their mommy's panties and pantyhose, the mom's learning quickly would allow this behavior knowing full well it would lead to a nice little learning experience that would benefit each other.

The mom's silky undies worn by the horny son would develop quickly, catching her son in her pantyhose and sniffing her panties would lead to blackmailing her son into submission.

Already her son's fetish was getting outrageous and finally he didn't even care. All he wanted was his mom's panties and pantyhose to wear and occasionally sniff while masturbating.

At age 18 he hadn't ever even smelled pussy before. He had smelled and even tasted sperm before. He would lick and smell his mom's and sister's damp panties and nylons. He developed a strong fetish for silky acetate tricot panties and especially shiny pretty pantyhose.

His friend had a younger sister who stockpiled frilly lingerie in an area in a storage room outside the main house. The friend had a similar "enjoyment" for items including: panties, pantyhose, panty girdles, bras, foundation garments, and feminine accessories like hairpieces, jewelry, makeup,(especially lip gloss), and of course sexy high heels.

The two of them had "experimented" by trying on a few of his sister's panties and pantyhose. "Boys will be girls" as they say. The silky panties and the shimmering pantyhose created an aura of nervous excitement when they secretly both giggled and grew erect while slipping into the panties and pantyhose.

"Your sister has really pretty silky panties and pantyhose" I told my friend. "Yeah, she does huh?"he said "Feels nice on my stiff cock". I replied."Let's see who can cum first" my buddy asked. "I'm not gay" I told him. I'm not either he explained. "It's just that the panties feel so good".

He started rubbing his cock through the nylon and lace purple panties. I got excited and imitated his movements. Our panties grew slightly wet with pre-cum.

"Let's try the pantyhose" I said with a nervousness in my voice. "Great idea" he agreed with me that we should put on his sister's nylons. His sister was a large girl so the pantyhose fit us pretty well. We were alone in the back house where his sister's feminine items were stored.

I was spending the night there and we had lots of privacy. With only one double bed though we had to bunk together. We had taken some Xanax, Viagra and 6 or 7 amphetamines to get high earlier and they were beginning to take effect.

My buddy wasn't gay but he started making remarks about my legs and ass looking good. My cock was poking against the nylons and panties-I was hard and needed some relief. I smoothed the sheer nylons on my legs and the panties felt so silky on my hard cock. He did the same.

"Let me feel your nylons" he asked. I nodded in facet agreement. "So smooth against your legs". He said with a smile. I told him I'm not gay. He smiled and said he wasn't either but to feel his pantyhose. I ran my hand over his panties and pantyhose. He murmured "Oh God".

We sat down on the bed to put on the high heels. Luckily they fit perfectly. He found some cosmetics and we used some lip gloss and foundation. Two blonde wigs finished the look. Looking in the mirror we both were amazed how feminine we looked. Suddenly our lips met. Our nylon clad legs and panties touched.

"I'm not gay" I replied again. "Me neither" he repeated. He was pretty and I thought his nylons felt erotic on mine. The uppers increased my horniness. The Viagra was also making me hard. The Xanax was affecting my judgment. He finally grunted as he used the silky panties to masturbate. I felt his mouth on my cock. He sucked and used his tongue well.

"Ever suck cock before"? I denied it. I lied. I had before years ago. I licked my lips and took him in my sissy mouth. He was acting like a bitch in heat. Eventually we ended up taking turns ass fucking each other's well lubricated butt holes.

We only fucked for a few minutes at a time. His boi pussy was nice and tight. We used condoms because it was more sanitary. We removed them as we were in a "69" position. I wanted his cum in my mouth. He savored it.

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