Carol Crossdresser: Part 2

by Malcolm (UK)

My reflection in the mirror showed my smooth legs encased in stockings and the pretty summer dress I wore. The long hair of my wig fell about my shoulders.

Moving my head from side to side I satisfied myself I had done a good job on my makeup.

My wife on the other end of the phone was totally unaware that she was chatting to her husband in drag. It was my naughty secret. I put down the phone. Now I free to do as I pleased. I put on one of her coats and chose a handbag to put all my girly things in.

A brush, makeup lipstick, tampons etc. Taking my keys I stepped outside. All was quiet as I got into the car and reversed out. My heart pounding in case I was spotted by a passerby. I drove off into the night wondering where to go first.

I found a quiet lane and took a stroll, enjoying the clip off my heels, my handbag over my shoulder, the coat open showing my pretty dress. I then went to a small town and parked up behind some shops.

It felt exciting to step out into the deserted street and walk along window shopping. When some people emerged further along I kept my calm and slowly headed back to the car. I was not yet passable enough to go unnoticed.

I went to a nearby housing estate for another stroll. I had only gone a few yards when a dog came trotting along and I decided to try something. I crouched down and called gently to it. The dog looked suspiciously at first then came to me.

I stroked to it talking gently. There was no sign of an owner, so i slippped my hand under it collar, and as i pulled it came along with me. I opened the passenger door as easy as anything it jumped in.

I made my way around the other side checking about that nobody was watching. I drove off with the dog beside me heading for home. As I drove I spoke to the animal beside me and stroked it to keep it calm.

There was one thing I hadn't checked. I felt along its belly and found its furry pouch covering a bony penis. I was delighted it was a male.

"your gorgeous aren't you boy" I spoke to him.

The dog just looked at me panting occasionally.

"I bey you out hunting for a bitch to stick your dick in, well this is your lucky night boy. You found one"

Pulling up at the house it was quite late and just as quiet as when i left. I took the dog by the collar and led him into the house. As he wandered around sniffing everywhere I look of my coat.

As the dog watched I stripped of my dress down to my lingerie and heels. I was doing a kind of striptease as I took of my panties. I removed tbe bindings which I had used the tuck my cock and balls away.

Now unfettered my cock sprung into an erection. The dog came forward to have a sniff. I knelt down and held it out and without my bidding he licked it.

"Good boy, good boy" I told him stroking him and pulling back my foreskin.

It felt so good as his long tongue ran over my knob. I reached under its belly and felt his penis, rubbing it between my fingers.

"Its your turn now, lie down. lie down"

I got him on his back and stroked his chest with one hand, and his furry pouch with the other. I saw the bright pink tip emerge and bent my head to lick it, pulling back his pouch and putting my mouth around it.

I was now sucking on a dogs cock. I felt so horny and dirty. The dog was now getting the idea and was trying to get up. I had to use one arm to persuade him to stay on his back.

I turned to face him "you like that don't you, getting sucked off by your 'girlfriend', shall I kiss you?"

I kissed its mouth and he licked my face. I opened my mouth and let him lick inside. I put my tongue into his mouth and french kissed not caring about his doggy breath.

As I stood up he leap to his feet an jumped at me wanting to get me down. I did as he wanted and got on all fours. He attempted to mount me a few times but was only humping my thigh. stepping away he started licking my bum hole.

As I looked back I saw his tail wagging in excitement. I reached for him and put my face under his tail. I was never so so sexually aroused as I was now. never so sexually perverted.

I was going beyond my normal repulsion. I was looking at the puckered button before me. I placed my lips to it and used my tongue to lick it, feeling every wrinkle leading to the center and even poking the tip into it.

The dog wanted another try he got behind me again. I helped to push him into the right position and then he found his mark.

I gasped as his bony cock shot right up inside me.

To be continued.

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