I Told Mom "No"

by Mama's Boy (Clovis, Ca, USA)

Mother relentlessly used every trick in the book to try and seduce me. She insisted on giving me bubble baths. Soaping my peter up good and hard. I scolded her telling her no! mommy, don't!

Often later on her walking around in her slutty attire was supposed to entice me. I already had lots of what I needed and wanted....Long smooth cock to suck and get fucked with.

Daddy already trained me how to suck and fuck saying your mother’s pussy isn't as tight as my ass and anyway she's a whorish bitch. Just then mom walked in as I was getting my ass fucked real good by daddy.

What the hell she said.... You've turned my baby into a sissy faggot! Mother, it's not like that, I love daddy and he loves me! Well mom said, we will see about that.

Son, come to your mommy, mommy needs you right now! "Son, you aren't a faggot... Mommy will prove it.

"NO MOMMY" I want daddy's cock! Nonsense, come to mommy this instant, don't be a faggot, be a real man and show mommy how much you love her.

Here, just place that nice boner right here, inside your mommy's pussy. She screamed at me to obey and I was afraid she might tell about me and dad.

"That's mommy's good boy, just-yes like that...slide it inside of mommy-show me what a real man you are.... " Just like that I was committing the act of incest with my own mom.

Not sissy faggot incest, but mommy-son incest. I liked it...Mom's pussy felt like butter, my cock all the way in her fucking cunt.

"NO MOM we can't," I told her it's so wrong! I took it out of mom's pussy and retreated to daddy, who kissed me and held me close.

Dad started stroking my cock keeping it nice and hard so I could eventually delve into his tight man cunt.

"Mother, he's mine" Dad said. I was used to daddy’s compliments and how pretty he always said I was AND what a nice hard cock I had.

Dad started licking my cock, flicking the tip of it saying I was such a good little sissy faggot cock sucker and I loved the compliments. Mom's pussy and titties were nice but not like daddies cock in my sissy cunt.

Daddy reminded me that I was obligated to suck his cock and mother was just trying to talk me out of my natural born talents as a sissy cocksucker albeit an incestuous one.

Uncle Dick's cock was bigger but he liked to be ass fucked like daddy. Mother was outraged and livid.

"You are not going to make my son a sissy and a homo, Son, get your hard cock back inside mommy where it belongs. If you don't do as mother tells you I will have to tell the authorities your father is molesting you and will go to prison!"

"DAD, I better do as mom says....You might get in trouble, we can work something out. Perhaps Mommy will let us do our thing if I pleasure Mom with my hard incestuous mother fucking cock."

"Mom, Here...let me put it back inside your pussy, it’s so damn wet anyway...."

"YES! Put it back in mommy, fuck mommy good like you know you want to." I did want to fuck mommy, in fact I sniffed her panties and then ate her pussy until she climaxed again and again saving my cum for daddy. Mother was spent and fell asleep.

I Immediately went back to daddy who was wearing a silk robe, makeup, wig high heels as I was. I was just a sissy faggot incest loving tranny and daddy needed comforting.

I took off my hot pink panties and rubbed daddies cock with them. Oh Daddy, you are so pretty, so beautiful, your cock looks like it needs attention.....

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