Showing The Others About "Circle Jerking"

By Mama's Boy (Clovis, Ca, USA)

Yeah, I found these bitchin panties all nice and wet. I got several pair of satin panties from my mom and sister and was wearing them, my cock all nice and hard.

"Put them on and let's jerk off!" The other's were already hard and soon they were wearing the panties too.

"Nice huh? don't they feel good?" Yeah, the younger guy said.

Sweet! they smell good too... some were full of sperm....I took control of the situation and soon I was going down on the young guy.

"How's that feel?"

Fucking good, like before...he liked it....You do me....The guy took my cock in his mouth and licked....After a time, the gang got together regularly for some serious sucking and later they got off on ass fucking, I knew it was going to be a hot summer.

Nice, Timmy was just 18 but very much into the idea of being a true little faggot sissy who loves getting off while my slim, smooth hard cock is massaging his ass.

"Timmy, how's it feeling in there"?

"Feeling good" he obviously loved getting his young ass bung holed as I jerked him off with a pair of silk panties.

"Timmy, cum, cum Timmy, shoot your cum in your mommies panties". Timmy squealed as I fucked his sissy pussy.

EHGGGGGAHHHH....Timmy smiled as gob after gob of cum shot in the baby blue panties. I grabbed his hips as I called Timmy a little sissy bitch and filled his tight sissy ass with lots of hot sperm.....

Neighbor Watching Me Wanking
Horny Irishman (Ireland)

I am a 52 yr old male. I was at home one day feeling horny I decided to go and have a wank, I went up to the landing.

I could see my neighbors bedroom window from the landing as I began to wank hoping my female would come to her window.

After a couple of minutes wanking I looked up, my neighbour was looking at me wanking I knew she saw me because the sunlight was on me from the other room.

I moved closer to the window so she could see me wanking my hard clock.

I was turned on by her looking at me wanking she just kept starring at me I knew I had to cum as we stared at each other I blew my load, as I finished she just smiled and walked away. I don't know her that well but she just smiles at me, knowing she saw me wanking.

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