'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 14

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 14: ‘Bob’ Meets The ’Girls’ (Karen, Sandy, Louise & Kathy)

The next morning Brenda and I went to the kitchen for breakfast as usual in our nightgowns only to find Amelia fully dressed in a nice dress. I’ve been called into work, some kind of emergency, but I’ll be back before noon. Now you girls put your sissy dresses on and play nice. As we ate our Breakfast ‘Doggy Dongs’ (that’s what we decided they were) we talked about what we were going to this morning (without supervision (giggle).

We both agreed that ‘Brenda’ should meet my girlfriends (Karen, Sandy, Louise & Kathy) and I should introduce him as ‘the new girl in town’ (giggle). We rushed to Brenda’s room and in record time changed into our dresses. As we walked to Sandy’s (it was the closest of all the girls) we talked about how surprised the girls would be when they found out ‘Brenda’ was really ‘Bob’ (giggle).

Reaching Sandy’s we could hear ‘giggling’ coming from inside. So rather than ring the bell we decided to peak through a window to see what was happening. Just our luck all 4 girls were there and Sandy was holding up a ‘super sized’ bra and saying ‘I wonder if Patty’s this size yet’ (that was what all the laughing was about). I was getting bigger but hardly that size (I guessed it had to be at least a ‘EE’).

I didn’t see what was so funny but bob couldn’t stop laughing. In fact he was still giggling when I rang the bell, and Sandy opened the door. Oh! Hi Patty, please come in and join the party, and who’s your new friend honey. I introduced ‘Brenda’ to the girls explaining the she was a new girl in town. They all welcomed her into the group and immediately asked ‘what size dress do you wear’. Brenda replied ‘dress size 12’ and I guess you’ll also want to know my bra is a 34B+, and my panties are size 5. ‘Oh you’re our size, great’ the girls screamed in delight. Why don’t you girls take your ‘sissy dress’ off and you can try on some of ours, and Patty strip down to your panties, we have a special treat for you (giggle).

The girls were all watching us as we took off our clothes (I tried to look like a ‘stripper’ and give them a real ‘show’). But when I took my bra off they ‘gasped’ (my titties were now 34‘C+’) they ‘clapped’ and cheered. I curtsied and gave a deep bow (stretching my boobs almost to the floor) and again they all gasped at how much they had grown in only a week.

Sandy brought the ‘super sized’ bra over and handed it to me, I tried to refuse saying ‘I’m nowhere near that size’. Try it on Patty, it’s a ‘special’ bra. To indulge Sandy I put it on, making a fist I also put my hand in the cup, saying ‘see it’s not my size’. Now leave it on dear, remember it’s a ‘special’ bra. So I left it on, and my tits started to itch really bad, I was constantly scratching them (I didn’t realize it but they were growing).

Sandy walked over to her closet and took out pink jumper, a white blouse, and handed them to me. Then she took out a green, floor length, gown and gave it to Brenda. Put these on girls and let’s see what you look like. Sliding into the jumper I immediately felt like a high school senior but the top around the bust was a little loose (I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but there was a reason it was loose). Then looking over at ‘Bob’ I saw a beautiful young woman (and my ‘little soldier’ was standing at attention for him).

‘Oh aren’t they beautiful, Patty’s such a sissy, and Brenda’s just a living doll. The girls started chanting in unison ‘isn’t it about show time’, give us a show dolls, and they all laughed’ (show time?? What kind of show were they expecting? I would soon find out). ‘Kiss her Patty, play with her tits, eat her, she’s sweet’ the girls were encouraging me to act. Now I couldn’t disappoint my ‘fans’ could I. So putting my arms around Brenda’s neck (remember, he was a couple inches taller than me) I drew him to my lips.

We were both ‘moaning’ in ecstasy when my hand automatically reached out for her tit. Pulling the top of her gown down I caressed her nipple. Her nipple was so big and hard that I thought I could taste his ‘Milk’. Bob was melting in my arms and mumbling ‘oh, I love you Brian’ (I only hoped the girls didn’t hear that). I could do anything I wanted now that ‘Brenda’ was so ‘hot’ (oh he was ready alright), so I pulled up his gown revealing his ‘pink’ panties. I found his ‘hot’ mound and pulled his ‘Ding-Dong’ out for all to see (the room was deathly quiet except for some muffled ‘gasps’).

But when I put his ‘little soldier’ in my mouth, and slid it down my throat till his balls touched my nose, the girls went wild ‘take it all honey, you’re going to drown in ‘baby juice’ bitch, Patty you’re such a sweet whore’. And ‘drown’ I almost did. Bob had so much ‘juice’ he filled my throat, my mouth and shot some out my nose. The girls were by now cheering me on ‘don’t spill any dear, eat it all honey, what a ‘slut’ you are’. When he finished instead of his last shot going all over my face, he shot, but I didn’t see where it went (oh I’d find out later). So I made the best of it and turned, faced the girls with his juice’s running out my nose and out of the corners of my mouth, and gave them a big smile.

Sandy and Louise ran up and gave me a big kiss (I think all they wanted was the extra ‘juice’) and to feel me up. Oh what a good girl you are Patty and what a ‘rack’ you have now (seems ‘baby juice’ was the activator for my magic bra). I looked down and my little tits were now straining the ‘EE’ bra cups. Sandy pulled my jumper down, my blouse off, and stood back. Wonderful Patty, you look wonderful with your new tits, they bring out the girl in you (giggle). Karen said ‘look, their so big they even have ‘sag’ to them, and a ‘jiggle’ when she moves (giggle). I started turning my upper body from side to side (so I could see my tits move) and jumping up and down (gently) and I really liked the way they moved. And their all mine (tee-hee)!!!

‘Now let me tell you how the bra works’ Louise said ‘when you put the bra on it takes an hour before you get to maximum size, and when you take the bra off it also takes an hour to return to normal size. Then I thought to myself ‘OMG Amelia’s due home in half an hour and she’s sure to notice I’ve changed’. In a panic I called to Brenda and told her we’ve got to go NOW! As we left I heard Kathy say ‘What’s that in his hair? It looks like Brenda’s baby juice (giggle)’.

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