Joe Blow

by Daniel Nicks (London)

I used to work in a print shop in Eden Park Beckenham.

I was very pretty at the time, for a man, well I was 18, hardly a man but I looked girly, my eyes were a baby blue and my hair blond and quite long, I secretly wore silk knickers under my tight tracksuit bottoms and would often nip to the toilets where I'd wank off my big cock squirting spunk all over the walls and leaving it there.

One day I got a little careless and the manager Joe was waiting for me.

Joe was a huge man, about 55, very hairy with a thick, bushy beard, apart from his head which was bald apart from a thick clump above each ear, he had brown eyes, thick, stout legs and a massive arse which I must say I looked at quite a bit.

He was a bear, he sweated a lot at work as the factory was quite hot.

"now then young man, come with me"

I suddenly felt a pang of anxiety and gulped, I looked at him with my best wide eyed, innocent look, all girly submissive.

He led me to his office and made me stand whilst he sat down and looked at me sternly, I gulped...

"After you left the toilet I went in there and it smelt of sperm, I checked the toilet and spunk was everywhere! Was that you honey? When I was in there earlier it was clean!"

I nodded the affirmative and begged him not to tell anyone

"you can get back in there and clean the walls, dirty boy!"

"OK, yes sir I will"

I did as I was told and left the toilet, ashamed and terrified everyone would find out!

As I walked down the corridor his voice echoed behind me: "Come here Harriet! I haven't finished with you yet! "

I did as I was told, starting to cry as I walked.

Instead of going back to his office he led me to his car, where he ushered me in and closed the door. He got in and belted up and started the ignition. I stopped crying now because I wondered what the fuck was going on!

Before pulling away he eased himself up from his seat and pulled down his trousers and pants, revealing a big, dirty cock and thick pubic hair, when I say dirty I don't mean it in the cleanliness term, I mean dirty as in it looked like it had seen a lot of bedroom action, been up all manner of holes and mouths.

He groaned as he sat his big arse back down, the curve of his ample thighs looked wonderful! I could see he had on big white undies, it was my turn to groan now!

"play with my cock as we drive" he commanded.

I did what I was told, stroking and tugging at his thick, dark veiny dong! It felt wonderful, he drove and grunted the whole way.

"w - where are you taking me?" I stammered, he said something but his moans of ecstasy were intrusive, his cock was as hard as steel and eventually he pulled into a drive.

We got out of his car and instead of pulling up his pants and trousers he left them the way they were, his cock and balls swinging and jiggling, I now also got a good look at his hairy arse, it had a massive long crack and was covered in thick fuzz, I felt myself becoming so aroused as I knew what was happening! This was his house and he was taking me there for a fuck! He took my hand and led me to the front door and unlocked it. Once inside he began frantically French kissing me and undressing me, I fondled his arse and balls and when he'd ripped off all my clothes picked me up like a husband carries his bride over the thresh hold! Kissing me all the way upstairs.

I reached down wanking at his tool at the same time, in his bedroom he threw me across the room onto his big double bed, I watched as he tore off the rest of his clothes, his big, bulky, hairy frame completely nude, it was a glorious sight and he went weak at the knees, shuffling to the bed where he placed himself knees down, squatting, the shapes of his legs and thighs drove me wild! I lurched forward and began sucking his cock, I took as much in as I could, he screamed in arousal. I then bent him right over so his big bum was sticking up and fucked his arse like a mad thing, his hole was very loose, he'd obviously had a lot of experience! I pulled out and stuck a couple of fingers inside his anus, I then put in a third and then my whole hand!

I shoved my forearm in and out of his big dirty bum, playing with his nutsack at the same time, the bed was shaking and bouncing, Knick knacks falling off the side cabinets, neighbours banging on the wall.... Then it happened, he howled and his cock erupted with the biggest load of cum I've ever seen, I've sucked lots of cocks and never seen so much spunk in all my life! He also let rip huge farts and started pissing after his massive cum, I pulled my arm out of his massive, dirty arse and began licking his bum crack and suckling his cock to clean him up, he collapsed on to the bed gasping, sweating and covered in spunk, piss and arse juice!

We both fell asleep and in the morning I got up to shower, it looked like Joe had already done so and was downstairs doing breakfast.

Feeling hungry I made some toast

"how are you baby?" he asked.

The toast popped up from the toaster

"what would you like on that?"

I reached over and pulled down his trousers and began wanking him off, as he came I placed the toast under his cock and let the spunk shoot all over the toast.

I then ate it while he looked on.

That was 6 months ago, I've been living here ever since and I dress up like a sissy slut around the house, I think my arse hole is as loose as his now!

Happy days!! X

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