Sissy Pantie Boy

by Peter (Cleveland, Ohio)

This is a true story, though I would share.

I was going to live with my father in Houston. I was 19 very much into porn and smoking weed. This is back in the early 80s when every big city had that their own little smutty area filled with porn stores and strip joints.

Well practically every night I would wait for my father to fall asleep and take is car down to the smutty area. I liked the back booth areas or the converted old movie theaters that ran porn 24/7. I was a submissive panty wearer and still am. Well I did get very lucky one night. Or unlucky lol.

Wearing my panties and thigh highs under my sweatpants to the theater one night. I sat down in the second row of a smelly old movie house. I pulled out a joint and got high. Had to pee so I walked up the ramp to the bathroom.

At the urinal an older guy walked up to the urinal next to me. He pulled out is cock I was sneaking a peak at it. He wasn't peeing he was jacking himself off looking at me.

Then he said "you’re wearing panties" I nodded my head. He pulled my pants downs to my knees and chuckled at my thigh highs.

He said "get down on your knees", I did. He thrusted his cock down my throat. I started bobbing up and down on it.

A black man came in the bathroom and watched me get face fucked. I am on my knees with my pants down to my knees wearing thigh highs and panties and being oh, such a slut. I am blowing him for I guess for five minutes.

Then he says "open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue" I complied. He grabbed the back of my head and jammed his cock down my throat. I gagged. He came. I spit it out. He left.

I cleaned up but still had cum stains on my shirt. Walking back to my seat in the theater I saw him again and he asked me if the black guy got me off, I said no.

I sat back down in my seat and all of a sudden there are there are five guys waking in my row and sitting down. I saw the guy I blew on the end seat.

I am thinking oh oh this is not good or is it? The man who sat next to me had is cock out and was rubbing my leg with his knee. He was giving me a cold hard stare. Well I got up to leave, walking around the row.

The man I blew yelled out "boy go back there and suck him off". Well being a young submissive I did. I sat back down and discreetly slumped down on his cock. He grabbed my head and pushed down I was using my tongue and kicking his balls. He came, he got up and left.

Another guy the same thing. But I had to crawl between the rows of seats. I blew him knelling on the cement floor. Licking balls him slapping his cock on my face in my eyes and fucking my ears. He came on the side of my face. He left.

I crawled to the other cock. He came in my hair as I was licking his balls. He left, I crawled to the other cock. It took a while for this guy to cum. He came on my face. Then wiped his cum on my glasses that kept falling off my face from giving head. He laughed about it.

Walking up the aisle to leave I felt totally humiliated. People in the theater knew what I was up to if not all they had to see me with cum all over my face, glasses and shirt, it took awhile to get over that one!

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