The Power Of Cross Dressing

by Joanne Watters (Ft. Wayne Indiana)

I started being interested in women's clothes at a very young age, like most cross dressers, I started out slowly with just pantyhose, over time this progressed.

I remember I had a stash of my sister’s clothes, shoes & makeup that I kept hidden down in our basement. I used to wait until everyone went to bed then sneak down to the basement & get dressed up.

After I was dressed, I would sneak out of the house & walk around town for an hour or two, I loved having people seeing me & thinking I was a girl.

One night during my walk, a car pulled up alongside of me & asked me if I wanted a ride, I walked over to the open passenger window & asked the guy where he was going, he said where ever I wanted, that's when I told this guy that I was not really a girl, he told me that he didn't care, so I got into his car.

He asked me where I was going & I told him nowhere, I was just out walking around. He introduced himself as Ben then said he really was not going anywhere in particular so we just drove around.

While riding around, Ben asked me why I was dressed as a girl, I told him it was because I wanted to be a girl, then Ben asked me, do you just dress as a girl or do you do the things girls do?

I told him that I loved being a girl & I wanted to do everything a girl does, Ben looked over at me & asked me if I ever kissed a man, I said I didn't yet but I wanted too.

Ben reached over & put his arm around me, I slid over closer to him & asked, where are we going, he said, where do you want to go, I said how about we go to the park, then we could get out & sit at the picnic tables, he said that was a good idea, so we headed to the park.

We got there & got out of the car, Ben sat at one of the tables, I walked over to Ben & sat on his lap.

Ben started kissing me & I kissed him back, Ben started kissing my neck & the next thing I knew, he was putting his tongue in my ear, this really got me hot so I put my hand on his crotch & started rubbing his cock thru his pants. Ben whispered in my ear to take his cock out of his pants, I did then started to jerk him off.

After I was playing with his semi hard dick for a while, Ben told me to put it in my mouth, I told Ben I never did this before but I was willing to try, I got off of his lap & onto my knees between his legs, I took his dick & started kissing & licking it all over, once I had it all wet, I eased the head of his cock into my mouth.

Ben instructed me on how to give a guy a good blow job & in no time flat, I was sucking his dick like a pro. When I tasted his pre cum, I really started sucking him, Ben said he was going to cum then started shooting his load into my mouth, I swallowed every drop then told Ben that I really liked the taste of his cum.

Ben kissed me then said that I sucked his dick better than some real girls he knew, I asked Ben when we could see each other again that he still had to take my cherry & fuck me, he laughed then took my hand & walked me back to his car.

He drove me home & even walked me to the door, we kissed for a good 10 minutes before Ben said he had to go, we agreed to meet again in three days, Ben would pick me up in front of my house.

I went in the house & fell into a chair, I felt like the girl I should be, I was on such a high that I didn't even worry about sitting in the living room completely dressed as a girl, it all felt so normal & right. I finally got up & got changed & cleaned, I hated taking my skirt & heels off but I just kept thinking about Ben & our next date, God, I love men.

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