A Dream Realized

by Ronnie (Australia)

I was always a skinny kid in my pre teen years with no real interest in the games and sports played by other boys.

I heard that a lot of the neighborhood kids reckoned I was a wimp and a fairy but as I id not interact with them so it never bothered me.

Born into a deeply religious family I rebelled against having religion force fed at each meal I became quite introverted enjoying the company of animals to people.

With an aggressive brother 8 years my senior and two older sisters one of which could not stand me.

My other sister was however completely different, compassionate almost beyond belief with a passion for fashion design she would draw the most incredible dresses along with their models all which had incredible figures.

I was instantly attracted to the figures of the girls that she drew and began to dream of looking like them. I would lay in bed of a night teasing my super sensitive nipples as I stroked my hard cock reaming that I had their beautiful tits.

It was at this time a girl from her class from a country town came to live with us, Diana was almost 15 and had long shoulder length blonde hair with a stunning figure with wonderful full firm boobs to which I was drawn like a magnet I was insanely jealous of her figure and would have killed to have her tits and waistline.

She had been with us for about three months, when one afternoon I saw her putting some of her panties and bra into a laundry hamper. Waiting until she went out I grabbed her things and went to my room and tried them on.

The effect of her lingerie on my skin was intoxicating. Teasing my aching nipples I was moaning and dry humping the bed when the door opened and Diana came in. I was terrified at being caught but she just laughed saying, Oh love I knew I got you worked up and I wanted to have some fun but knew that your parents would throw me out.

She reached out and took me into her arms and kissed me using her tongue to probe my mouth.

Nothing I had ever imagined any sensations could be so overwhelming pulling her scarlet lips from mine she pushed me back onto the bed and stripped off her blouse and skirt leaving only her panties, suspenders, sheer nylons and high heels.

Now I will teach you what it’s like to be a girl who loves cocks she smiled let’s get you ready.

Stripping off her lingerie that I was wearing she began gently teasing my aching nipples with her lips and tongue, whilst her right hand began teasing my ass. I was writhing and pushing back against her probing right hand, shuddering and forcing my madly aching boy boobs hard into her mouth and her response was to open her mouth sucking and nibbling them.

She then moved to draw me tight against her wonderful body kissing me as her right middle finger began pushing into my wildly spasming ass. The feelings she generated were so incredible my ass became the center on my being as she broke her kiss and whispered in my ear. Darling you are totally wasted being a boy cos you are more of a girl that you will ever be a boy.

You were born to be loved like a real girl she stated as she eased a second finger into me reducing me to a moaning begging slut. Oh please Diana make me a girl I heard myself beg as she pushed her incredible tits into my face I wish I had a huge cock she said for then I could really fuck you like my lover. Your fingers are just making the itch inside me worse I moaned.

What say we fuck each other she said and reaching beside the bed produced a huge double ended flexible dildo. Suck it baby she said brushing it against my lips get it wet and slippery so that it will get deep into my pussy.

For the first time I looked at the 16” of thick ribbed latex with a cock head shape on either end. It was about 2.5” thick and I stared at it saying That will never fit inside my ass.. Darling you will beg for it within 5 minutes I can guarantee you on that Watch me as I show you what a girl pussy can take. She lay back across the bed and raising her hips slipped a pillow under the small of her back. She then took one end of the dildo and the spit coated head against her beautiful pussy lips and told me lease baby push it into me as you suck my tits.

I felt her hump up into the huge shaped latex cock as it slid deep inside her. I was so hot and turned on as I kissed her and groped her incredible tits.

As our lips parted she murmured it’s your turn now baby lay back and put a pillow under your back and I will do my best to make you a real girl. Rolling off her I did as she directed and she got off the bed looking so hot with about 12” of latex cock hanging out of her.

She moved between my legs and began gently sucking my steel hard cock and aching balls. Pulling off my throbbing meat she moved down lifting my legs to rest on her shoulders. I felt her hot breath on my ass cheeks and her hands began to, spread my cheeks apart. I almost went into orbit as her tongue began flicking across my rosebud.

Oh Di I heard myself beg fuck me please fuck me you are driving me mad I need you inside me. Driving her tongue as far up me as humanly possible she rimmed me for almost 5 minutes.

She them straightened and moved to push the latex cock against my hungry boy pussy and leaned back and humped forward driving it deep into me. The sensation was out of this world and I humped into her every thrust as I pinched my nipples moaning like a cheap slut.

That was my introduction to anal sex and I was instantly hooked I had to wait another 38 years before I took a real cock and that finished me for ever fucking a woman again. For that cock belonged to a stunning Asian pre op Ts who finally convinced me of my feminine side and a constant need for more of her heavenly cock and her scalding feminizing load of cum pumping into me.

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