Derailed By Mother In Law

by Janae (San Antonio)

I am on the short side for a 40 year old man. 5'5" and barely 135#. I was always made fun of and people told my wife I looked more like her son. My wife had no idea I crossdressed.

I was self employed and her work caused her to travel. I easily hid my dressing from her. That was until my big mistake. My wife was gone and I was dressed in my maid outfit cleaning house. Next thing I know my mother in law is standing in front of me.

Well that was the beginning of my new life. My wife divorced me immediately and I lost everything. I had no where to go and was penniless. Mother in law said she felt bad and I could stay with her until I could get a job.

When we got to her house we drank some tea and I passed out. When I woke I was tied to a chair. Mother in law told me I was going to live with her as a girl for the time being. She said this was payback for what I had done to her daughter.

My wife had given her my maid outfit and I was forced into putting it on. Even mother in law was bigger and stronger than me. I then was told to clean the house while she took pics of me.

She said if I did not do as she said the pics would be plastered on social media. So I became mother in laws maid. Then she met a man. She fell head over heels. She brought me into the living room one night and again rocked my world.

Her new man had an 18 year old boy. He was gay and had no friends. She was now going to have me become a teen age girl. I was going to be introduced as my ex wifes daughter! Living with her mother due to her heavy traveling.

I found myself dressed in teen girl clothes and being treated like I was 18 years old. Mother in law had a talk with her man. She showed them pics of me and told them of my past. I could not believe when I was told they had both agreed I could become his sons girlfriend.

It began with all 4 of us going out together. Mother in law and her man followed by me and my new boyfriend. I was always in little skirts and cute princess tops. Nice tights and open toe wedge pumps. Lots of make up and long curly hair.

After a couple double dates he began taking me out on our own. I was forced to go to concerts and the movies with my new boyfriend. After a movie one night he took me parking. He told me he would beat me senseless or I could enjoy myself. He then started kissing me. His tongue exploring my mouth.

We were making out like two horny teenagers and I could do nothing about it. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. He unzipped his pants and told me to take it out. He forced my head into his crotch and I felt his cock pass my lips.

I was sucking cock like a teenage girl! He came in my mouth that night. He also had me verbally tell him I willfully accept that we will be viewed as a dating couple. It took some getting use to.

Being a 40 year old man now seen as an 18 year old teen girl being led around by my 18 year old boyfriend. Letting him always be in control and having him kiss me in public. Mother in law loved seeing me in this predicament and made sure I could not escape.

One night my wife came over and visited mother in law. She got to see me in my new life. She laughed and told me we made such a sweet couple. My boyfriends daddy stays at mother in laws most of the time now.

That leaves his house empty for my boyfriend and I to stay there. We now sleep in the same bed and he makes me have sex with him everyday. Last night he took me and I lost my virginity. He is taking complete control of me.

Tomorrow night we have been invited to double date with my wife and her boyfriend. I was told she just wants to make me feel humiliated being out with her as a teen girl on a date. I do not know where this will all end. I am now trapped.

If anyone would discover this cute teenage girl dating an 18 year old boy is really a 40 year old man would probably lead to an awful end. So for the time being This is my life. Next week I am told we are going to the beach and I will be wearing a bikini. WOW!

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